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GESDITEL Foundation

Gesditel was born in  2016  as a response to a need for business telecommunications services that the main operators cover with technologies designed for a residential sector.

Business Telecommunications

 2017 : Our High Availability Business Telecommunications services boost more than 200 companies and win the award for the best National virtual switchboard.

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 2018 :Our Business Telecommunications services have become a fundamental pillar for our clients to achieve their objectives. We identified two recurring goals for which we decided to develop solutions:

Sales Increase

Impruved Customer Service

Customer service

Between  2018 and 2019  we developed multi-device Cloud services, accessible at any time, device and location, which allow us to measure and improve customer service.

Digital Marketing

Continuing with the philosophy of Multi-Device Cloud services, we launched between  2019 and 2020  the digital marketing portfolio, designed to accelerate the exponential growth of sales.


 2021 : Our experience in Telecommunications, Customer Service and Digital Marketing departments in hundreds of companies pushes us to design technological solutions for the following SECTORS:

Current paradigm

 2024 : Large Operators continue to sell Gigs and Smartphones with long commitments that hinder companies that request Business Telecommunications services. Meanwhile, GESDITEL promotes hundreds of Public and Private companies with CUSTOM SOLUTIONS.

We improve the relationship with your clients through Business Telecommunications

«There is only one boss: THE CUSTOMER.
And he can fire everyone in a company simply by spending his money elsewhere»
Sam Walton, Fundador de Wallmart
Sam Walton

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