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Improve your customer communication with the best tools.
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✅ Call Queuing
✅ Call prioritization
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✅ Statistical reporting
✅ Omnichannel CRM
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“GESDITEL’s call center software gives you the stability you need in your call center.”

“We could tell you about the features they all offer: automatic call recording, integration with your CRM, multi-agent workstations, clocking-in system… But we will only tell you about those that our competitors can NOT offer you and will greatly increase the profitability of your call center.”

The system will automatically notify the call center software user that he has a pending task with the advance notice you prefer and will send an email, sms, whatsapp or a phone call to remind him.
We empower your call center software with our virtual assistant for companies. This way you can offer an automatic appointment service 7X24 with a super reduced cost.
Automatically manages the payment by credit or debit card ensuring a secure, confidential and in accordance with the new Data Protection Act.
GESDITEL’s call center software gives priorities for sending calls to an operator. This way you will offer the best telephone attention when the call is more urgent or of greater value.
With GESDITEL’s customer care software, give your supervisors listening, whispering, whispering, and other tools for auditing and continuous training. The call center software generates detailed statistical reports of the telephone activity of each of your operators and communication channels and has online dashboards to facilitate the supervision of your work team.
We add one or more letters next to the call identifier so that your operators know the reason for the call before answering it. This way you can apply telephone answering protocols that will improve response times and customer satisfaction.
Our call center software allows your operators to perform their functions from anywhere with just an Internet connection.
“Automatic Call Distributor” or “Automatic Call Distributor” is a system that manages the distribution of incoming calls in one or more queues as efficiently as possible. This distribution is done automatically by your call center software according to advanced algorithms that take into account the availability and occupation of your call center agents.
We program these algorithms according to the needs and way of working of your business.

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Call Center Software


What is a Call Center Software?
A Call Center Software is a program installed in the cloud that you can access from any device with Internet connection and will help you manage your call center in a comprehensive way. You will get an increase in the volume of calls handled thanks to the intelligent delivery system and you can control the performance of your Call Center from your chair.
What is a Call Center Software for?
Call Center Software will allow you to professionalize and automate your company’s customer service over the phone. It will take care of the intelligent distribution of calls and record the statistics of your team on a cloud platform accessible from anywhere. We use more than 70 modules to customize your call center software. In this way the call center software will work for you increasing the percentage of calls handled and automating processes that until now you were managing manually.
How does the Call Center Software work?
GESDITEL’s call center software is installed in a cloud environment. Thanks to that you can use it from any device anywhere in the world, as long as you have an Internet connection. The devices you use to connect will access your software and all the work done will be saved in your call center software without you having to make any local backup.

What are the advantages of Call Center Software?
The advantages of using our Call Center Software are many:

Our call center software allows you to work from anywhere using any device, keeping you in control of your call center at all times.
You can turn any landline phone, computer or smartphone into a powerful telecommunications system.
The call center software will generate statistical reports with which you will make profitable decisions.
Save on costs, infrastructure and equipment.
Control all communications from a panel accessible from the Internet.

How can I hire a Call Center Software?
Once you contact us to contract a call center service, we will assign a technician who will design the necessary functionalities for your company and configure them to adapt them to your sector and way of working. Also, we will offer an initial training so that both administrator and teleoperators are able to manage all their tasks and functionalities of the system 100%.
How much does it cost to implement a Call Center Software?
The basic price at GESDITEL is 45€ per month, but it will depend on the number of users and the functions you need to activate.

We also guarantee that you can TEST IT FREE for one month.

If what you want is to have a call center system with a PBX like the others, simple and economical, try this page of cheap virtual PBXs.

Which Call Center Software is better?
For its features, price and attention, we consider that GESDITEL has the best and most complete call center software on the market today. Discover all the advantages of our call center software by requesting a free demo.
What is the difference between a Call Center Software and a Contact Center Software
. The difference between one and the other is omnichannel.

Contact center software tends to offer multiple channels of communication with your customer and / or user, so you can serve them by phone, mail, whatsapp and other channels in an integrated way.

What goals can I achieve by implementing a call center software?
Attend a greater number of calls, customers or potential customers in your company at a lower cost.
Make the highest number of calls at the lowest cost.
Answer more calls in less time, thus optimizing the time of your telephone agents.
Answer calls the first time they are made.
Optimize the duration of each call.
Reduce the time lines are busy for callers.
Eliminate missed calls that can lead to a lost sale or disgruntled customer.
What resources do I need to get my call center software up and running?
To implement the call center system in your company you only need a device with an Internet connection or an old landline or cell phone. We will configure your call center software in a cloud environment with your colors, logo and corporate image and we will prepare it so that you only have to worry about working.
What are the advantages of a cloud call center software?
In addition to not having to have a dedicated server, this system requires no installations, is used from any device, and can also turn any landline phone, smartphone or computer into an ip voice telecommunications system. It is easy to reduce or expand in terms of number of lines or users and we take care of maintaining it, updating it and giving you support when you need it.
Will I be cut off during the call center software implementation?
During the call center software implementation process you will be able to continue working normally. GESDITEL will be in charge of processing the telephone lines. To do this, a temporary virtual number will be associated to you, which will forward incoming calls to your phone number.
What happens if you have doubts about the operation after the call center software has been set up?
The call center software has the best omnicala technical service that will solve all your doubts by phone, mail, whatsapp or web. Once the call center software is implemented, a technician will contact the company to arrange a training with the staff. After this, both administrators and agents will be able to manage their work panels without any difficulty.