We are looking for experts in Grants

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Experts in grants: We are looking for freelance professionals who are grant experts and want to be part of the team of a 🚀 Telecommunications company.

Gesditel is an expanding telecommunications company looking for experts in Public Subsidies focused on the Telecommunications and ICT sector.

We are a serious company, with demonstrable economic and financial solvency, which has the latest technology on the market in computer systems. We offer a quality Telecommunication service.

If you want to know us more in depth or want to work with us as expert in Tenders, do not hesitate to contact us without obligation.

We need the expert to find the grants that best suit our company, and then:

  • Manage the process
  • Gather the necessary requirements
  • Justify all processes and requests that are requested to cover the grants and subsidies received

In summary, the objective is to obtain the grant to be able to continue growing in the development of digital telecommunications solutions that improve competitiveness, technological investment, …

To all those freelance professionals, especially grant experts who want to be part of our team, we offer large percentages of benefits according to the success obtained.

Those interested in knowing more information without obligation can fill out this CONTACT FORM. Or, if you wish, you can contact us from any of our communication channels.

We will be happy to inform you of everything you wish, to dissuade you of all the doubts that may have arisen.

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