Phone agent registration

Phone agent registration: With this simple manual ✅ for telephone agents you will have no trouble 🚀 accessing the Gesditel PBX signing system. Find out how to operate it with ease!

For all those companies that have a work control system, GESDITEL offers you the solution: it is a clocking system in charge of controlling the entries and exits of the company’s personnel through its panels of telephone agents. If you wish, you can consult our manuals of the complete operation of the switchboard for agents.

Next, we are going to show you how you should correctly make the telephone agents booking of the working day from the panel of each agent.  


How to Login an agent in a PBX?

The first thing is to access the website from which we can enter our user by logging in by entering our username and password (both will be given to you by your administrator).  


How to sign up telephone agents in a PBX?

Once logged into the web, we go to sign in our entry in the working day. To do this we click on the top left menu and go to “Signing in.”

  access-spacer   Once inside the “Sign-in” option, we must press the green button to clock in and the red button to clock out of our workday.


signing   This is the end of this brief manual on phone agent registration. If you need more help on signing up your phone agents, you should contact your system administrator.

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Nuestra centralita virtual cloud permitirá a tus operadores obtener de inmediato el historial de comunicaciones con cada cliente. Los agentes serán capaces de realizar una gestión de incidencias mucho más óptima, veloz y personalizada. y podrás controlar y gestionar toda la actividad telefónica de tu negocio y sus trabajadores desde cualquier lugar del mundo.
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