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The case we explained in the introduction can occur for different reasons, although the most common is to have been satisfied from the beginning with the “standard” configuration of our telephone providers.

To adjust these changes in our fixed telephony, we have no other alternative but to request it to our telephone operator; or to make them from the online self-management panel, in case we have it (Gesditel has the most advanced online panels to make configurations and modifications of our telephone system).

However, in the case of mobile telephony, it is possible to do it directly from our terminals, without the need to contact our provider, thanks to the USSD codes, called “service codes”.

That is, USSD is a protocol that sends information via GSM, 3G or 4G that is used to trigger remote actions by sending a specific code.

If we are using these codes we can automatically execute a change in the configuration on our mobile lines.

So, to execute the code, we simply dial them from the call screen, and end the action with the “call” key.

To know all the codes you should consult the phone support of your operator although there are some that have already been standardized and here are some examples.  

What are the Generic Codes on Mobile Lines?

  • Disable voicemail: ##002#
  • Divert calls to voicemail: **21*242#
  • Call forwarding to another number: **21*number#
  • Modify PIN: **04*old PIN*new PIN*new PIN*new PIN#
  • Call with hidden number: #31#number
  • Show IMEI: *#06#


Next, we are going to detail which are the USSD Service Codes of Vodafone, Orange and Movistar companies so you can improve the performance of your phone support.  

What are the Vodafone USSD Service Codes?

Details Vodafone USSD codes
Balance transfer *101# Modification 0.20€
Collect Callback *110#FREE Modification
“Never again no balance” Customers Prepaid card *111# Modification 0,20€
Points query *114# FREE Consultation
SMS Invoice Upgrade *116# Modification 0,15€ Downgrade *116*0#Modification 0,15€
Consult Postpaid Consumption *131# Consult 0.15€
Consult contracted price plan *135# FREE consultation
Standard Activate Answering Machine (Off or out of Coverage / Busy / No answer in 15 sec) *147# FREE Modification
Answer Activate if Off or out of Coverage / Busy / No answer within 30 sec *147*30 FREE Modification
Answer Activate if Off or out of Coverage / No answer within 15 sec *147*1 FREE Modification
Contestor Activate Unconditional *147*2 FREE modification
Counter Disable #147# FREE modification
Mobile-to-mobile forwarding. Unconditional forwarding to NUMBER **21* NUMBER# FREE modification
Mobile to mobile forwarding. Diversion if busy **67* NUMBER# FREE modification
Mobile to mobile forwarding. Diversion if switched off or out of coverage **62* NUMBER# FREE modification
Mobile to mobile forwarding. Forwarding if no answer **61* NUMBER# FREE modification
Mobile-to-mobile forwarding. Disable all diverts ##002# FREE modification
Promos activation *161# FREE modification
Consumption Control *167# Modification 0.6€ the service
Video call answering. Activate standard (Off or out of Coverage / Busy / No answer in 15 sec) *177# FREE Modification
Video call responder. Disable #177# FREE modification
My Country. Consult balance *189# FREE consultation
My Country. Baja #189# FREE modification
Dicta SMS. Activation *203*1# FREE Modification
Dicta SMS. Deactivation *#203*1# FREE modification
Dicta SMS. Query *203*2# FREE Consultation
Missed calls. High alerts if unavailable and busy *204# FREE Modification
Missed calls. High warnings if not available *204*1# FREE modification
Missed calls. Low *204# FREE modification
Points Catalog *441# FREE Consultation
Interactive Guides *442# FREE Modification


What are the Call Block Codes at Orange?

They serve to restrict certain outgoing calls from the line. Remember that we are talking about activating and deactivating blocks. An activated block is a restriction to the service indicated in the table.


Block Activate Disable
National outliers *33*KEY# #33*KEY#
International outgoing *331*KEY# #331* KEY#
Entries *35*KEY# #35*KEY#
Override all locks #330* KEY#
Key change **03* 330* Standard KEY * New Code * New Code #


What are the Voicemail Codes at Orange?

To configure the voicemail to your liking. From configuring under what circumstances it pops up to the timeout time.

Options Activate Disable
If not responding **61*242** TIME# ##61#
If off or out of coverage **62*242# ##62#
If busy **67*242# ##67#
All calls **21*242# ##21#
Total deactivation ##002#

Where it appears, we replace TIME with the number of seconds to wait. The options are 5, 10, 15, 15, 20, 25 and 30.  

What are the Call Forwarding Codes at Orange?


Divert Activate Disable
No answer **61*NUMBER** TIME# ##61#
If off or out of range **62*NUMBER# ##62#
If busy **67*NUMBER# ##67#
All calls **21*NUMBER# ##21#
Totally disable ##002#

As in the Voicemail codes, where TIME appears we replace it with the number of seconds to wait. The options are 5, 10, 15, 15, 20, 25, and 30.

Where NUMBER appears, we put the number to which to forward the calls. NUMBER.  

What are the PIN and PUK Modification Codesat Orange?

It is possible to modify the PIN using codes of this type. They are:

PIN unlock **05*PUK*PIN NEW*PIN NEW#  
PIN2 unlocking **052*PUK2*PIN2 NEW*PIN2 NEW#


Other Phone Support Codes at Orange

Hide number #31#Number called
Show number *31#Number called
Call me I have no balance *140*Number we want the SMS#Call me
Balance inquiry *111#Call
Know if a number is Orange *133*Phone number#Call
Know IMEI of the terminal *#06#
Networks available for connection (roaming) *120#
Recharge scratch card *122*secret#


What are the Movistar USSD Service Codes?

In this section of the phone support article, we will show you the useful tricks and utility numbers that every user of Movistar can use:

Customer service 609 Movistar customer service
Balance *133# Check remaining balance for prepaid customers
Province *#111# See which Province you are in. Free call. For Activa Próxima only.
e-mail send Send an email with an SMS send a message to 213 and in the message type the email address first (look for the at sign in the zero key), leave a blank space and then your message. Send it and that’s it. Note: the phone does not need to be WAP or GPRS.
receive Receive emails on your mobile, they have to send emails to the address: [email protected] For example: 6012345[email protected]  
SMS *N# Put this at the top of your messages and then the server will send you a message, free of charge, telling you if the mobile was on, if the message arrived.
*O*N# It sends it to you anonymously and gives you delivery notification
*Px# This will serve to delay the sending of your message. x are the hours you want it to be delayed.
*O*N*Px# Sends it anonymously, notifies you of the delivery and delays it by x hours.
Locate me 424 To use the service, all you have to do is call 424 and register the people you want to know where you are. From that moment on those people will be able to know your location by calling 424 or sending a text message to 424 with the text “SEARCH phone number”. More information at
Call restriction *33*0000#NUMBER Enable incoming call barring to block annoying users. They will get a voicemail message with this phone number does not exist.
  ##21# Remove any detours
  #31# Hide our number from a cell phone. It is entered before the destination phone.
Voicemail (Answering Machine 123 Check messages and set up voicemail
609 123 123 123 Check messages by calling from any phone at 609 123 123 123.
537 Remove voicemail (answering machine). It extends to more than five ring tones for your caller, but they will not be able to leave you a voice message. The phone support will ask you in which cases you want to deactivate the mailbox: 1. when you call, 2. when you cannot answer or 3. when the phone is switched off or out of coverage.
500 Set voicemail. Disables the above settings.
Reverse chargeback 1409 National reverse charge prefix (Spain) as of May 11, 2008. Previously it was 1009.
1408 International reverse charge prefix (Spain) as of May 11, 2008. Previously it was 1005 and 1008.
  *#102# Know ICC or SIM card serial number. Useful when you have erased digits printed on top of it

The use of these codes, although they perform very basic modifications and only on mobile lines, can serve us as a starting point to customize the configuration of our phone support system, achieving improvements in our immediate results without impacting the cost structure, such as:

  • Activate and deactivate call waiting
  • Send calls to another department when we are busy
  • Disable voice mailboxes.
  • Send calls to the voicemail box of our PBX.

At Gesditel, we are sure that playing with these settings will improve your phone support service, and will reflect an economic return that will push you to further optimize your systems and processes.


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