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? In today’s article we tell you all about our success story with Real Club Valderrama: why they contacted GESDITEL ☎, what problems we detected and how we helped them optimize their resources to achieve success ?. Very interesting, read it!

GESDITEL becomes technology provider of the Real Club Valderrama, providing unified communications solutions in the cloud and international multiconferencing to the best Golf Club in Spain and one of the best in the world.

Real Club Valderrama is located in the town of Sotogrande (Cadiz). It was founded in 1985 as Real Club Valderama by D. Jaime Ortiz Patiño, becoming since then a world reference in golf clubs, being the official venue for tournaments such as: Volvo Masters, Ryder Cup, Open de España, Andalucía Masters, AMEX and many others….

Per its greens have enjoyed great celebrities like Severiano Ballesteros, Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia, Seve Ballesteros, Justin Rose…..  


Why did Real Club Valderrama contact GESDITEL?

As in all areas, the Real Club Valderrama remains at the forefront of the services available to its members, and telecommunications were not going to be less. In the middle of 2021, it is preparing to carry out a global restructuring of the telecommunications systems to adapt them to the new existing technologies.  


How did your Customer Service work in Real Club Valderrama?

The Real Club Valderrama has several telephone numbers for the attention of its members. A voice primary with 30 simultaneous channels and a physical switchboard are available. The incoming calls are handled by qualified personnel and transferred to the different departments in charge of providing support.  


What needs do we detect?

  • Upgrade voice services: replacement of the current physical PBX with a redundant IP PBX on several servers and in different locations.
  • Unification of fixed and mobile communications.
  • Possibility of teleworking if required.
  • Need for a stable international conference call system.
  • The customer prefers different ring tones depending on whether the call is internal or external.
  • Automation of winter and summer schedules.
  • Customization of the system.
  • Statistical control of incoming and outgoing calls.


Which solutions do we implement?

We agreed to implement a virtual PBX service in the cloud that unifies your corporate communications:

  • Virtual IP PBX

We eliminate your old physical PBX to avoid wiring problems.  This is replaced by an IP solution in the cloud that interconnects your fixed and mobile terminals.

  • Multi-conference room

Administrators can create conference call rooms, open or close them with secure, encrypted passwords, set phone numbers to activate them, invite participants via links or add them via a phone call.

  • Audio conferencing system

A Yealink IP audio conferencing system is deployed with the possibility of adding up to 32 participants.

  • Automation of schedules.

The programming of our system allows you to automate schedule changes between winter and summer. Your telephone system will change its operation in automatic mode. The programming of our system allows you to automate the time changes between winter and summer.

  • Programming of different ring tones.

The system is prepared to receive calls from outside on certain extensions. In addition, the customer requests that the ring tones be different depending on whether the call is coming from the outside or from an internal extension.

  • Virtual Assistant LITE:

Picks up member requests when there is call saturation and emails them to the staff in charge of handling them, adding a tag that determines the language in which the member is communicating.

  • Fixed-mobile integration:

We assign short numbering to corporate mobiles to integrate them into the telephone system regardless of the operator providing the line.

  • Online Agendas.

Synchronization with terminals, fixed and mobile, of all contacts automatically.

  • Online control panel.

Allows system administrators to monitor all telephone activity globally through an online panel.

  • Statistical reporting.

We record all the telephone activity of the Real Club Valderrama in a web environment from which you can analyze the calls made and received, times with more and less influx of calls, occupation of telephone virtual assistants, etc ….  This information helps them to continue developing solutions for the continuous optimization of their resources and the improvement of their customer service system.  


Which is the result?




  • Lack of control over telephone calls and their costs
  • “Local” telephone system that does not allow teleworking.
  • No integration between fixed and cell phones.
  • Multi-conference rooms are not available.
  • High costs.





  • Cloud IP phone system that allows you to telecommute.
  • Integrates fixed and mobile lines.
  • Telephone line capacity is doubled (from 30 to 60 simultaneous calls)
  • Customizable conference rooms.
  • Automation of schedules and improved user experience.
  • Structural and maintenance cost savings.

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