Telemarketing Software

Telemarketing Software

Telemarketing software

Everything you need for the success of your campaigns in a one-time fee

✅ White label software
✅ Auto dialer
✅ Database
✅ Phone calls
✅ Recording +CRM+ Spy
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Everything your campaign needs is just a click away

GESDITEL telemarketing software includes everything your sales or loyalty campaign needs. This telemarketing software is customized with the corporate identity of your business (logo, colors, subdomain) and is delivered in one of our cloud servers so you can use it from anywhere where you have Internet connection without having to install anything.


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The most important part of a campaign is the database. If it’s not good, you can waste a lot of time and money making meaningless calls. To make your campaigns a success we collect, filter, clean and organize as many contacts as our telemarketing software clients need.

We also segment them by location or sector and upload them to the telemarketing software so you only have to worry about managing your call center.

The telemarketing software includes the collection and uploading of all the contacts that you deplete on a monthly basis.

In principle we upload about 2000 contacts per user and we replenish them as you deplete them.

The contacts have an approximate percentage of 70% with mobile numbers and 30% with landline numbers (these amounts may vary a little depending on the sector or area).

In short, telemarketing software allows you to forget about all the work involved in call center management in terms of database collection and uploading.

Likewise, it allows you to use your own database or to complete the contacts we get you with the database of your choice.


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The telemarketing software includes a phone dialer that can be configured in two modes:

– Automatic telephone dialer:By selecting this option, the call center software automates the dialing of calls to telephone operators and forces to record the result of the call (interested, redialed, not interested, contract accepted…).

When the call ends. The atuomatic calls will be repeated during the telemarketer’s day with the cadence in seconds that you wish and the telemarketing software will register the pause times that your team performs.

– Semi-automatic telephone dialer: By selecting this option the telemarketing software automates the opening of the contacts’ cards, but the call is made when the operator presses a button.

It is an option widely used when the telemarketer needs to perform data queries before or during the conversation with the contact, as it allows copying and pasting data into the web to perform these queries.

Similarly, all calls made by operators are recorded in your call center software.


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So that you don’t have to worry about the price of the calls you make, our telemarketing software includes a flat rate for calls to national landlines and mobiles. With this flat rate you can call as much as you need without fear of getting a surprise on your next bill.


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Our technical support team is located in Spain and is composed of 100% Spanish staff.
We will deliver your telemarketing software fully customized and adapted to the corporate image of your company, we will provide the initial training and we can provide you with the best in the network.

From then on we will attend you through any of the available channels: Phone, Web or Whatsapp to solve your doubts or technical problems as quickly as possible.


All calls will be automatically recorded by the telemarketing software and will be available in your control panel for further auditing or processing.


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So you don’t have to worry about the price of the calls you make, our telemarketing software includes a flat rate for calls to national landlines and mobiles. With this flat rate you can call as much as you need without fear of getting a surprise on your next bill.


“Our comprehensive Telemarketing Software service includes all the updated Spanish databases that your telesales campaigns need. We make your life easier in everything that surrounds your call center so that you only have to worry about the results.”

Company database
We have a database of certified and continuously updated companies. We can compile companies by sector or professional activity, locality and province.

These company databases include fixed and/or mobile numbers. Sometimes they include information of the administrators, contact e-mails, fax, web and other data of interest. It is proven that using updated company databases and combining it with telemarketing software improves campaign results.

Private database
You will never have to worry again if you need a company or private database. We will take care of collecting from public sources, clean these databases of companies or individuals and sort them according to their locality.

In your telemarketing software you will have a database of companies and / or individuals with all the contacts you need to run your campaign.

Zip code database
We segment your company or individual databases according to their zip code. This way you will be able to focus your commercial campaigns in a specific area and change the area when your database of companies or individuals is running out.

As we take care of compiling your database of companies or individuals and sort them by zip code you will not have to worry about that. If you are running out of contacts, just ask us for more.



✅ Cloud Software.
✅ Wiretaps.
✅ Support and maintenance.
❌ Customization.
❌ Call recording.
❌ Upgrades.
❌ Flat rate.
❌ Databases.
Starting at 99$
✅ Cloud Software.
✅ Wiretaps.
✅ Support and maintenance.
✅ Customization.
✅ Call recording.
✅ Upgrades.
✅ Flat rate.
❌ Databases.

The success of our customers is our guarantee

Hundreds of companies and distributors of large European multinationals use our telemarketing software service to streamline and improve their sales and customer loyalty campaigns

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“Customize your telemarketing software by applying modules from any of our services”



What is Telemarketing Software
ᐅTelemarketingᐊ Telesales Software: ✅Database + Calls + Support in Spanish ☛TEST IT FREE☚. A Telemarketing Software is a system that will help you automate calls and manage your telemarketing campaigns in a comprehensive way and in the cloud.
Thanks to the telemarketing software you will get a more efficient communication with the customer, increasing the volume of daily calls by more than 30%. In addition, you will have everything you need in a single provider.
What is a Telemarketing Software for?
A Telemarketing Software will allow several people to use the same phone number at the same time to make commercial calls.

The implementation of a telemarketing software in your company will allow you to professionalize and automate the commercial calls and reduce the time spent by your agents to qualify the calls, needing only a couple of mouse clicks.

How does Telemarketing Software work?
Once you indicate that you are interested in contracting our telemarketing software, our technicians will contact you to gather all the necessary information. They will create and configure your software and customize it according to the corporate image of your brand or company.

We will integrate databases with your potential customers. These databases will be certified in Robinson list. We will take care of preparing them to optimize your campaigns without you having to invest time in it.

The telemarketing software is hosted in the cloud, so you can access it from any device with internet connection.

With this telemarketing software you will have the opportunity to professionalize your telesales team and optimize your company’s resources.

What are the advantages of hiring a Telemarketing Software
] The advantages of hiring and using our Telemarketing Software in your company are many:

Everything you need for telemarketing software to do telesales in Spain, with the GESDITEL telemarketing system you will have it integrated in a single provider.

-You will have the option to perform telemarketing work from the company, teleworking or whatever you want, since our telemarketing program allows you to work from anywhere using any device.

-This telemarketing system is able to convert any landline phone, computer or smartphone into a powerful telecommunications system with ip voice.

– The GESDITEL telemarketing system includes all the calls to landlines and mobiles in Spain that you need to make during your online telemarketing campaigns.

– With this telemarketing software, save on costs, infrastructure, equipment and gain control of your company’s information, sales and profitability.

– You will have access to all call recordings from an interface from which you can manage your campaign, as well as listen in real time.

How can I hire a Telemarketing Software?
Once you decide to hire GESDITEL’s telemarketing software, contact us. We will design together the strategy and utilities of the telemarketing software you want to optimize the tasks and services offered by your company.

We will configure the telemarketing program for you and give you the credentials of your users and administrators.

Finally, we will assign you a personal consultant to whom you will be able to ask directly for the modifications you need during the implementation process of your telemarketing system.

Our Telemarketing System is a complete turnkey service. We deliver the telemarketing software already working and without you having to do any extra configuration.

How much does the Telemarketing Software cost?
The basic implementation price of this Telemarketing Software for a Call Center is from 59$/month.

GESDITEL’s telemarketing software will become your main tool to increase performance and profitability of your telesales company in Spain. Thanks to this telesales software you will be able to have: certified databases in Spain of all types (companies, freelancers, hotels, by zip code, for landlines or cell phones), automatic dialing, call scheduling, call recording, monitoring, statistical reports and much more.

You are just one step away from making a difference in your telesales company in Spain, contact us and schedule your DEMO!

What are the uses of a telemarketing software?
] GESDITEL’s telemarketing software will allow several people to use the same phone number at the same time to make commercial calls.

This telemarketing software will allow you to professionalize and automate commercial calls and will reduce the time spent by your agents to qualify calls, requiring only a couple of mouse clicks.

Do I need a database to start a campaign?
Without a doubt. To make your telesales program a success, GESDITEL will provide you with a database filtered by zip code and profile of your potential customer: company, self-employed or individual.
What equipment do I need to run GESDITEL's telemarketing software?
You’ll simply need to have a device connected to the internet, we’ll take care of the rest!
How many contacts does the database include?
telemarketing full software customers will enjoy the best databases of companies and individuals you can find. GESDITEL will take care of collecting, cleaning and uploading to your platform all the contacts you need each month to run your campaigns. On average we do an initial upload of about 2000 contacts per user.
We then replenish these contacts as you use them up.
Which countries are included in the flat rates?
The service includes all calls to landlines and mobiles in:
Spain, France, USA and Canada

And calls to landlines in:
Azores, South Africa, Algeria, Germany, Andorra, United Kingdom, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Cyprus, South Korea, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Morocco, Mexico, Monaco, Norway, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Holland, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Sweden, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States and Canada.
Singapore, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Vatican, Venezuela, Vietnam.