How to transfer Android contacts

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If you are an Android user, with this article we will teach you how to transfer your contact list without losing a single one when switching SIM. Follow our directions to learn how to transfer Android contacts!🤓.

Nowadays, the offer of cell phone services is becoming more and more competitive. Therefore, users are always looking for a good quality service at the best price. Therefore, it is not surprising to change operators frequently, which entails changing SIM cards and thus transferring Android contacts from our device.

To avoid losing contacts when changing SIM, it is best to transfer all contacts to the memory of our Android. Although, the best option is to save them in the cloud of our Google account so that we never lose them even if we change phones.

For this we are going to explain step by step what you should do to keep your contacts safe with Android, if you want you also have at your disposal the steps with iPhone.


How can I transfer Android contacts?

To transfer Android contacts, we need to follow the following steps:

  1. We go to CONTACTS.
  2. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right margin.
  3. Click on IMPORT/EXPORT.


transfer android contacts


Next we get another menu.




5. Select the Google account that we have associated with the phone in which we want to save the contacts or select Phone if we want to save them on the mobile device.

6. Finally, we give SELECT ALL so that we do not leave any contact without passing.


What is the Android cloud storage?

For Android OS phones, Google’s cloud storage consists of Google Drive, One Drive and Dropbox.

Google Drive is the main storage platform and allows you to store safely and free of charge: documents, spreadsheets, photos, videos, presentations, forms… and you can consult them from your computer and from mobile.

If in addition to learning how to transfer Android contacts you want to learn how to transfer them from WhatsApp or from an iPhone we also have them at your disposal.

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