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“Forget about answering the phone, our Virtual Business Assistant will do it for you”

✅ 7×24 telephone support
✅ Automatic Appointment
✅ Automatic collection system
✅ Translation and transcription
✅ To-do notification
✅ WhatsApp and/or SMS


Discover all that our Virtual Assistant service for companies can do to boost your business. The same system that automates telephone answering in multinationals and Public Administrations NOW at the reach of any SME or Startup From ONLY 39$

Appointment management

Our virtual assistant service for companies is very useful for the management of appointments in Public Administration and Companies of all sectors.

GESDITEL’s virtual assistant answers the phone 7X24 and automates the telephone service in your company.
It identifies the user through their DNI, NIE, CIF or passport and then confirms the veracity of the identity document entered.

It is also possible to automatically identify the user according to his telephone number or even ask the user for other parameters of interest to your company (member number, history number, invoice code…).

Then, the virtual assistant for companies will connect with the appointment system of your business and offer the available appointments according to the criteria chosen by your company.

Once the user chooses his appointment, the wizard finalizes the appointment management by entering it in your company’s appointment system, informing the user of the place and time of his appointment and/or sending a confirmation sms or whatsapp.

The appointment management will be completed in a minute and a half (on average) and then the virtual assistant for companies will return to answer the next call.

As you can see, this is an automatic appointment management system that will increase your call hours, reduce your costs and increase the satisfaction of your customers and users.

Automatic payment system

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The operation of the automatic charging system is simple: the virtual assistant attends all calls made to your company, or only some departments, as you decide. It identifies the user by their ID, CIF, NIE, telephone number.
You could even do it through the invoice or receipt number or any other parameter that may be of interest to your company.

Once the user is identified, the virtual assistant with automatic collection system contacts your company’s billing software, providing the user or customer with information about outstanding invoices or bills, total amount owed, invoices to be paid, etc..

The customer or user is then transferred to a secure payment gateway where they enter their credit or debit card.
The bank communicates the payment to your automatic payment system and sends a proof of payment to the user via email, SMS or Whatsapp.

Finally, the automatic collection system records the payment in the billing system used in your company and reactivates the suspended service automatically, if necessary.

In this way it is possible to automate the automatic collection system without human intervention and with many benefits: compliance with the new RGPD, security in the payment and processing of personal data, extension of collection hours, reduction of costs and customer waiting times, etc….

Virtual Secretary Service

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We have for your company the best virtual secretary service you can imagine.

The service consists of a virtual assistant for companies that can perform many functions depending on the sector you work in:

Virtual receptionist: she will solve your clients’ doubts in multiple languages, take room service orders and send them to the person in charge of solving them, answer the phone, open or close phone lines when doing chek-in and check-out….

Virtual agent: the virtual agent will answer your company’s calls to solve incidents, open procedures or provide your customers with automated information.

Virtual operator service: with this virtual operator service you can automate the sale of tickets and tickets, the opening of incidents and many other tasks.

Our virtual secretary service is used by dozens of companies and public administrations. Do not hesitate to hire virtual secretaries for your company.

And other functions such as

Customer service
Verify identity
Automated information
Order Tracking
Technical Support

“We customize the Virtual Assistant Service so that your company’s services are attended 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Our Virtual Assistant Service for companies will increase the profitability of your business.”

Top Tier Organizations employ our Virtual Assistants for enterprise since 2019

Our clients’ satisfaction endorses us

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And the press recommends

Virtual Assistant pricing for businesses

The prices of the virtual assistant for companies vary according to the selected version.
Our service has 3 different versions and prices for Virtual Assistants. The price of your virtual assistant starts at 39$ and goes up to 680$ per month. Obviously, the higher the price of the virtual assistant, the more jobs it is able to perform. Choose the one that best suits the needs of your business.

✅ 7X24 Operation
✅ Scheduled programming
✅ Collection of voice prompts
✅ Telephone and time pickup
✅ E-mail notifications
❌ API connection to software
❌ Automatic appointment scheduling
❌ Payment gateway
❌ Send SMS confirmation
❌ Verify identity document
❌ Text To Speech (reads texts)
❌ Keypad activation
❌ Voice activation
❌ Transcribe conversations
❌ Translates 50 languages


✅ 7X24 Operation
✅ Scheduled programming
✅ Collection of voice prompts
✅ Telephone and time pickup
✅ E-mail notifications
✅ API connection to software
✅ Automatic appointment scheduling
✅ Payment gateway
✅ Send SMS confirmation
✅ Verify ID document
✅ Text To Speech (reads texts)
✅ Keypad activation
✅ Voice activation
✅ Transcribe conversations
✅ Translates 50 languages

“Empower your virtual assistant by adding advanced features from any of our services to it.”

Virtual assistant for companies


What is a Virtual Business Assistant?
] A Business Virtual Assistant is a software that performs the functions of one or more people.

GESDITEL’s Virtual Assistant for Companies works by automating tasks and processes without the need for human intervention, connecting the companies’ computer and telephone systems and performing customer service functions, telephone appointment management, virtual secretary service, automatic billing system and technical support 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

What is a Virtual Assistant for?
A Virtual Assistant For Companies serves to automate tasks and processes, especially the management of telephone appointments, virtual secretarial services, automatic collection of invoices and receipts, automated care, etc..

– The virtual assistant for companies offers a 24×7 telephone answering service.
– It recognizes natural language, is able to hold conversations in more than 50 languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Chinese, Japanese, German, etc..
– It can translate and transcribe the conversations held with your interlocutor.
– Verifies identity documents: DNI, CIF and NIE.
– It has a secure payment gateway.
– Analyzes conversations in real time and can determine if it is missing any information needed to complete a task and if so, it will ask the interlocutor before continuing with its functions.
– It connects via Web Services to any computer system.

How does a Virtual Assistant For Business work?
Virtual Assistant for Business is hosted in the cloud.
For its use, it does not require the installation of any physical device.
We can connect the virtual assistant with your CRM, with the phone number of your company and also with the Appointment system of your website.

The assistant will be in charge of answering the phone and perform your virtual secretary services, automatic appointment management, it will become your automatic billing system and will manage to automate the telephone tasks and work on your computer systems and web pages.

What are the advantages of hiring a Virtual Assistant For Companies?
The advantages of hiring a virtual assistant for companies are many, we highlight the following:

– You will be able to offer your customers and users a 7X24 telephone customer service.
– You will save on structural costs.
– You will improve and you will be able to measure the satisfaction of your customers.
– You will relieve your staff of repetitive tasks and you will be able to use them for more productive tasks.
– You will have a secure payment gateway.
– You will automate the priority attention of VIP calls.
– You will have your own virtual secretary service.

How can I hire a Virtual Assistant For Companies?
If you want to hire a virtual assistant for companies just contact us.

Our technicians will contact your company’s systems manager to gather all the necessary information.

They will connect the virtual assistant for companies with the phone and your computer systems without interrupting your services at any time. They will also customize the functions of the virtual assistant to suit the specific needs of your business.

From the first moment you will have your own virtual assistant service for companies that will work for you 7×24.

How much does a Virtual Assistant for Businesses cost?
The price of your virtual assistant for companies starts at 39$/month, and varies depending on the version of the virtual assistant you need for your company.

We have three standard versions with predefined prices (You have more information about the prices of implementing a virtual assistant above).
You can customize your own virtual assistant for companies to meet all the needs you detect in your business.

Our experience with companies and public administrations is a guarantee of success. We assure you that you will get at least a 500% return on your monthly investment.

What can a Virtual Assistant for Companies do?
Since the virtual assistant system for companies is adaptable, it can be implemented in any sector.

GESDITEL’s Virtual Assistant for companies will allow you to professionalize and automate the telephone customer service. The tasks that a virtual assistant can perform are as follows:

– Management of telephone appointments in public administrations, medical centers and offices.
– System of automatic collection of receipts and invoices.
– Sale of tickets for events.
– Automated information.
– Meter reading.
– Sale of tickets for public and private transport.
– Management of lodging reservations for vacation periods.
– Incident reception.
– Virtual secretary service.
– Periodic programmable sending of results reports.

Which is the best Virtual Assistant for companies?
The best virtual assistant is the one that is able to meet all the needs of your business, and do it at a lower cost than a person.
Our virtual assistant for companies automates the 24×7 comprehensive telephone service in any language and is also able to perform other important functions such as: appointment management, automatic billing system, telephone surveys, mailing follow-ups, virtual secretary service… and many more.

Our customers recommend us and the press echoes it.

What problems can a Virtual Assistant for Companies solve?
A virtual assistant for companies will increase the profitability of your company and reduce response times to your customers. it will also be able to solve many other problems such as:

– Missed calls: calls will be answered at any time of the day. With this we will avoid losing sales opportunities or angry customers due to poor incident management.
– Bad image: a public or private company that has assistance 365 days a year will project at all times a careful and professional image to its customers or citizens.
– Personnel costs: it will not be necessary to employ a dedicated person to answer and redirect your company’s calls, as they will be answered automatically. Each professional in your company will be focused on the management of your services.
– Time control: we will avoid that customers who contact our company, are waiting to be served, as calls will be automatically managed and redirected to the appropriate professional or service requested.

Can I keep my numbering with Virtual Assistant for Companies?
Of course.
We can connect the Virtual Assistant for Business with your business phone number, keeping your current number, either landline or mobile.
We can also connect it by assigning you a new one and providing you with a call forwarding from your current phone number to the virtual assistant’s number.
If you prefer that the virtual assistant for companies only attends certain calls, we can complete it with our virtual switchboard service. This way you can continue to personally attend certain calls, and send the rest to your virtual assistant for companies.
Is the Virtual Business Assistant compatible with my systems?
Of course it is.
The Virtual Assistant for Business connects to your business through your business phone number,
It also connects to your website if it is open to the public, and it can connect to your computer systems if they are in the cloud, or if it has an API (almost all current software does).
You don’t require additional installations or new equipment.