Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX

We turn any device into an extension of your virtual PBX

✅ Artificial Intelligence
Virtual Assistant
✅ Statistical reports
✅ Queues and Groups
✳️ Call FREE (+50 countries).
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The most reliable Virtual PBX in demanding environments

Don't leave the direction of your business in the hands of the operator with the lowest offer or the best free cell phone. Meet the virtual PBX that will transform your company's telephony into a money-making machine. We have the most stable virtual pbx for companies in the market, and these are the reasons:.

At GESDITEL we differentiate ourselves from other operators by offering our customers services with the highest quality guaranteed. Therefore, our virtual PBX service has voice connectivity with 4 top level international operators.

In this way and unlike other operators, we assure our customers their voice connectivity in incoming and outgoing calls even if there are failures or incidents with any of the providers.

High Availability
Our virtual PBX service for businesses is hosted in the cloud in a high availability environment with automatic replication in 4 different data centers in the European Community.

This means that we can guarantee that your virtual PBX will continue to work even in scenarios where all servers in Spain are down.

Cyber secure
Our virtual ip PBX service includes a security system that prevents fraud using your IP account. Consumption limits are set with several security profiles, you can limit calls to multiple destinations from each of the extensions of your Virtual PBX.

We also secure the telephone terminals of your virtual PBX with the appropriate security measures so that it is not possible to access your PBX from outside the network.
As if that were not enough we can encrypt all incoming and outgoing calls with the most advanced security protocols in IP telephony.

English Support
And so that you don’t have to worry about modifying your virtual PBX we will assign you a English support technician to deal with any questions, requests or requests that may arise about your virtual PBX or its operation.

Our technical support is offered from Spain with national staff and will assist you by phone, mail or whatsapp to turn your virtual PBX into a money making machine.

+30 features to customize your virtual pbx

We could bore you as the rest of the operators do: telling you about the 70 basic functions that all virtual PBXs have (call recording, auto attendant, groups or queues, music and personalized voiceovers, integration with your CRM...) but we are going to focus only on explaining you some of the ones that our competitors can NOT offer you and make us the best virtual PBX

Artificial Intelligence
Thanks to the artificial intelligence of our virtual PBX you will be able to detect needs that you did not appreciate until now and you will obtain statistical information and recommendations to make your business more productive.

GESDITEL’s system will create the virtual PBX you need to generate more revenue and reduce costs using our more than 100 advanced features and 30 exclusive functionalities.

Virtual Assistant 7x24
The Virtual Assistant will work 7×24 hours in over 70 different languages) automating sales, managing collections and assigning appointments. More information about the Virtual Assistant.
Call Prioritization
It is a Personalized Automated Telephone Answering service. Your virtual PBX will react differently depending on the category that the user has in your computer system or your CRM.

This service gets your virtual PBX to prioritize those calls with greater urgency or value in a transparent way for the user.

Advanced statistics
This feature turns your Virtual PBX into a powerful statistical system that allows you to store information about your sales channels, generate reports on the performance of your work teams and reliably measure all the telephone activity of your company, providing solutions to the problems detected.
Hospital software
We empower your virtual pbx with our virtual assistant for companies and integrate it with your CRM. In this way we can automate the telephone service, assigning appointments and collecting invoices reducing costs by extending customer service to 24 hours a day.
Hotel Software
Automate through check-in/out the opening and closing of phone lines, keep your staff in communication and charge guests for the calls they make.

By combining your virtual pbx with the virtual business assistant you will be able to offer 7×24 multi-language telephone answering. This hotel assistant takes care of receiving your guests’ requests, transcribing them and sending them to the appropriate department in the selected language.

The excellence achieved in our projects is a guarantee of quality

"Hundreds of multinationals, Public Administrations and Companies trust in our ip virtual PBX to achieve superior results and recommend our services

The satisfaction of our customers endorses us

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We don't need to convince you of this, we simply compare data from the 3 big operators so that you can decide for yourself which is the best virtual PBX for your business.

"It's not that the big guys can't do better than us; they're just not interested in contributing anything to your business."

From 70$
❌ FREE International Calls
❌ Multi operator
✅ Show landline when calling
✅ Voice over IP
✅ Call queuing
✅ Statistical reports
❌Virtual Assistants
30$ +49$ queue
❌ FREE International Calls
❌ Multi operator
❌ Show the landline when calling
❌ Voice over IP
✅ Call queuing
✅ Statistical reports
❌Virtual Assistants
From 41$
❌ FREE International Calls
❌ Multi operator
❌ Show the landline when calling
❌ Voice over IP
❌ Call queuing
❌ Statistical reports
❌Virtual Assistants
Movistar: The best virtual PBX that Movistar can provide is not multicarrier, so if the Telefonica line fails you will be cut off. It does not give you the possibility to complete it with virtual assistants or other software. It is also one of the most expensive ones.....
GESDITEL: The best virtual PBX we can provide is multicarrier.  This means that it will continue to work even if Vodafone, Movistar and Orange do not. It is compatible with virtual assistants and any kind of software and includes free calls to 70 international destinations.
Vodafone: The best virtual PBX that Vodafone can provide is not multicarrier either, it is not even VoIP. It works with SIM cards and when you call someone a mobile number appears on the screen. The statistics are very poor or null and it is not compatible with virtual assistants or other software.
Orange: The best virtual PBX Orange can provide you with is very similar to Vodafone's, but it doesn't even have call queues or statistics.

“further strengthen your virtual PBX with features from any of our services”

Virtual PBX Ip


What is a Virtual PBX?
A virtual PBX, also known as virtual ip PBX, PBX or pbx, is a telephone communication system generally used by companies and hosted in the cloud that allows you to make and receive calls from the telephone network and distribute them among different devices (also called extensions) anywhere in the world.

Thanks to the virtual PBX, short numbering is assigned and communication and call transfer between users is facilitated. It also allows many users to call using the same telephone number.

The word virtual indicates that it is hosted in the cloud. There is no device that interconnects the phones and devices, the communication is between the device and the ip virtual PBX directly.

This allows to easily interconnect any device or phone located anywhere in the world every day of the year, 24 hours a day.

What is an extension?
An extension is the short numbered voice channel associated with a virtual PBX.
Each user uses a different extension.
Each extension has a dedicated voice channel + 0.5 voice channels for calls on hold.

For example, a PBX with 10 extensions will have 15 voice channels. All 10 extensions will be able to call at the same time and, in turn, will continue to receive 5 more calls that will remain waiting for an extension to become free.

What is a Virtual PBX used for?
A virtual PBX is used so that several people can use the same phone number simultaneously, both to make and receive calls, and also so that they can all talk at the same time.

A few years ago it was necessary to hire several telephone lines and purchase very expensive equipment to make more than one call simultaneously.

Thanks to the virtual IP PBX for companies, it is easy to professionalize and automate the telephone service with customers, unify fixed and mobile communications, assign short numbers to each user and, above all, provide any phone or device with advanced communications features such as call queues, statistical reports, artificial intelligence, etc…

GESDITEL’s virtual IP PBX provides your company with advanced features at a really low cost and superior profitability.

How does the GESDITEL Virtual PBX work?
The virtual ip PBX or PBX is a system hosted in the cloud. It is compatible with any landline or mobile phone, and with any device with Internet connection.

In the case of sending calls to a landline or mobile, the ip virtual PBX is responsible for picking up calls from the general telephone network and send them to the landline or mobile you want.

In the case of internet connected devices or IP phones these connect directly to the virtual PBX and acquire powerful communications features such as call recording, transfers, multi-conferencing, call pause, etc..

Either way your devices will connect directly to the virtual IP PBX over the Internet to send and receive calls, and all business telephone activity will be recorded in the online panel from where you can manage it.

What are the requirements for a Virtual PBX?
For the virtual PBX to work, it is necessary that some of the “extensions” can connect to the virtual PBX.
It is only necessary that the client has a stable Internet connection in the place from where he/she works.
It is recommended that the connection be fiber optic to avoid voice quality problems.
It is NOT necessary that all extensions are within the same network, nor that they have a static ip (fixed ip).
It is also advisable to avoid extensions with WIFI terminals, since their audio quality depends on the WIFI function of the router.
What are the advantages of having a Virtual PBX?
A virtual pbx for companies will undoubtedly offer you countless advantages, we summarize some of them below:

– Satisfied customers: the customer service of your sales department and technical support will be covered all hours of the day. In this way you will avoid losing potential customers and you will be able to address the problems and needs of your current customers since their demands will be registered for processing at any time of the day and any day of the year.
– Profitability: the automation of calls through the ip virtual PBX will allow you to save time and investment in the call management of your company.
– Cloud system: it will not be necessary to invest in a physical system as it was traditionally done. No installation is required and it can be used from any device (you can convert any landline phone, smartphone or outdated computer into a powerful telecommunications system with ip voice).
– Easy to use: you will not need to have professionals specialized in the management of the virtual PBX or a technical service to make changes in the system.ip virtual PBX for companies of GESDITEL is so simple that you can make changes in the configuration of the same without the need for technical or computer knowledge. You will have a very functional and easy to use panel where you will be able to make the specific changes you need.
– It favors the international business: the calls to more than 70 international destinations will be free making them from the virtual PBX. Another strong point is that by being able to buy virtual numbers in any country in the world, your customers will be able to contact the local number contracted without any extra cost for them.
– Teleworking: the ip virtual PBX will allow any person in the company to work from home or from anywhere in the world since the system has tools such as: cloud telephony, videoconferencing, call recording, time recording or telemarketing.

Can I keep my phone numbers?
When you activate your virtual PBX, yes you will continue to keep your company’s phone numbers, both landline and mobile.

Our technical department will be in charge of processing the portability of the phone numbers and will keep you informed throughout the process.

How many different telephone numbers can I have in the same PBX?
It is possible to include hundreds of different numbers in the same virtual PBX. The virtual PBX service already includes a telephone number, so additional numbers should be added as needed when quoting.
What happens if the included minutes fall short?
It is possible to contract additional call bonuses. Each bonus adds additional minutes for international calls (see destinations).
In case you do not want to contract bonuses, the surplus of calls will be charged additionally.
Do I have to buy new phones for my Virtual PBX?
Buying new phones for your virtual PBX will not be necessary. Once you have started the GESDITEL Virtual PBX service for companies, we offer you two options:

– Remain with your usual equipment: if you already have a telephone equipment and you wish to keep it, our technical service will contact you remotely to configure the system in them.
– Receive new equipment: if you need to receive new virtual PBX telephone equipment, our technicians will send them to your company previously configured and customized with the agreed specifications.

What is Virtual PBX ip?
Professionalize your business telecommunications and call FREE to more than 70 countries, ☛TEST FREE☚ the virtual PBX used by large corporations from only 35$ per month. A virtual PBX is a telephone system hosted in the cloud that works over the Internet. As there is no apparatus or wiring interconnecting the phones or devices managed by the PBX, communications are direct and allow devices to be connected anywhere.
How to create a Virtual PBX?
It is possible to set up your own virtual phone system using software such as asterisk or Issabel. These are two open source systems that anyone can use for free. The problem is the technical complexity of a correct configuration and above all finding the stability of the service and the network.

Not to mention that, even if you set up your own virtual PBX, you will still need a provider of IP phone lines or SIP trunks, i.e. you will still pay monthly fees.

With our virtual PBX service for business we aim to facilitate all that by offering directly a service that works in the most demanding environments along with the best technical support in English for a small monthly fee.

What is the best Virtual PBX?
It is difficult to answer this question because there are many services and prices with different qualities. If by best we mean the most stable and versatile, undoubtedly the best virtual PBX is the one from GESDITEL. On this website we have prepared a comparison of the quality-price of the virtual PBX of the main operators.
What features does the Virtual PBX include by default?
Our advanced ip virtual PBX system for companies or pbx already includes by default what for other operators are “extras”.

In relation to the features included in the virtual PBX service, some of them are: automatic scheduling, automatic operators, interactive menus via keypad dialing, music on hold, call parking, voicemail with email notification, call forwarding and call transfers, group calls, custom locutions, etc….

What advanced features do I have access to?
Our virtual PBX service has more than 30 exclusive features that other operators cannot offer you and that we can activate according to the type of business and the particularities of your way of working. As it is compatible with all our services we can complete your virtual ip PBX with call center elements, telemarketing, virtual assistants, etc.
What are the advantages of a virtual IP PBX?
The advantages of a virtual PBX that is in the cloud are very numerous, but undoubtedly the most essential are: no installations required, savings in infrastructure and maintenance, improves communication with your customers and departments and is also able to convert any landline phone, smartphone or old computer into a powerful telecommunications system with ip voice.
Can I have a 900 phone number?
Of course you can. We can assign 900 numbers for your company for free in your virtual PBX. The call to the 900 phone number is free for the caller, but generates costs for the phone line company receiving the call. It is used to increase the ratio of telephone conversions.
Can I have a 902 number?
Of course you can. We can assign 902 numbers to your company for your IP PBX. The call to the 902 number generates costs to the person making the call, but that cost is remunerated to the ip voice telephone company that attends it. Therefore, it is a way to charge the user of a telephone support system. In contrast, the 900 phone number is free to the user.
Is it possible to get more numbers or get new phone numbers?
Without any doubt. With our virtual PBX you will be able to add more phone numbers from the PBX online customer panel, which you can access from any device with Internet access.
Will I be cut off during the switch?
Of course not. At GESDITEL we do things the way they should be done. We install our virtual IP PBX in parallel to the one you have now and fine tune the customization of your virtual PBX until you are satisfied.

We assign to your new virtual PBX a provisional phone number to which you will forward incoming calls while the porting process is completed, ensuring connectivity before, during and after this process.

What is a virtual number?
A virtual number is a telephone number that does not need to be directly associated with a telephone line. They are usually programmed for the purpose of forwarding incoming calls to a pre-configured voip, landline or cell phone.
Can I upgrade or downgrade the service?
Of course you can. It is one of the advantages of our virtual PBX service, you can reduce or extend the service when you need it without any technician having to travel and, above all, without having to reconfigure anything.
What is SIP?
SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is the system used by our virtual PBX.

It is a protocol for making and receiving voice calls and also allows videoconferencing over the Internet. It is the protocol used by virtual ip PBXs or voice ip PBXs.

What advantages does SIP offer over WebRTC?
SIP can integrate into the virtual PBX any telephone device of any operator, fixed or mobile, as well as work with any IP voice phone or any device that uses a softphone.

In addition, the main advantage is that with SIP, it is NOT NECESSARY TO HAVE THE BROWSER OPEN, while WebRTC only sends calls to devices with the internet browser open.

Is it suitable for a Call Center?
Of course, our virtual ip PBX can use modules that make it a powerful call center software.
Does the Virtual PBX for Companies include calls?
Yes. Each phone extension includes, in addition to a double voice channel, a bonus of 300 minutes per month with FREE calls to landlines and mobiles in Spain, France, USA and Canada, as well as to landlines in 70 other international destinations.
What is the price of the call surplus?
Once the monthly call bonuses included in the virtual PBX are exhausted, which depend on the number of extensions contracted, calls will be billed as follows:

0.014$ min to national landlines.
0.049$ min to national mobile.

It is also possible to contract bonds of 1000 minutes of calls from 32$ per month. Sometimes, our commercials have a “Special subscription” for only 15$. CONTACT us if you want one or if you have questions about prices of calls to an international destination.

Which countries are included in the flat rates?
The virtual PBX service includes calls to landlines and mobiles in: Spain, France, USA and Canada.
And calls to landlines in:
South Africa, Algeria, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azores, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Cyprus, South Korea, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Morocco, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Paraguay, Peru, Paraguay, Peru, Paraguay, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela.
Norway, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Vatican City, United States of America, United States of America, United States of America, United States of America, United States of America.
Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Vatican, Venezuela, Vietnam.