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GESDITEL collaborates with Be-Lingual, language academies, providing advanced communications solutions that facilitate the growth and provincial expansion of this group.

Be-Lingual is a group of language academies and examining center specialized in APTIS certifications, created by the British Council and officially recognized by numerous Public Institutions for the certification of different levels of English. In other words, Be-Lingual is a specialist in providing courses, online and face-to-face, for obtaining official certificates.

In its beginnings, Be-Lingual shares a teaching center with other companies. His passion for technology and its innovative training system gets that their academies are filled with students. In a few months it opens 6 centers spread throughout the province of Cadiz, all of them with cutting-edge technology for training: digital whiteboards, interactive classes, on-line content, etc.  


Why did Be-Lingual contact GESDITEL?

Due to this rapid growth, our client is at a point where it is crucial to maintain the quality of telephone support and on-line courses for its students.

The client is beginning to worry about ensuring that their student care remains optimal and, in addition, having the tools to ensure that they can continue to enroll new students and improve the profitability and management of their staff.  


How did Be-Lingual used to do Customer Service work?

Be-Lingual had a rapid growth that led it to contract different Internet connections, FTTH technology, with the operator that had better coverage and lower latency at each location.

Because of this, it has Internet connections with 3 different operators. Each operator was assigning a different telephone number and with a single voice channel in each of the locations.

The disadvantage of this is that, when you only have one voice channel (any fixed line of any operator), you can only answer one call, as the following calls will not be received. Be-Lingual handled incoming calls with only one person receiving at each of the sites.

Each site had its own number and only received calls one at a time. In addition, they could not communicate internally with each other to transfer calls, etc.  


Which needs did we detect?

  • A single voice channel at each of the sites.
  • Each site has a different telephone number.
  • It is not possible to obtain information about their different sites and the schedules of each of the sites to be reinforced (they only receive calls one at a time, do not know when they have more affluence)
  • Impossibility of transferring calls between the different sites
  • No possibility of making conference calls between the sites and their students.
  • No call recordings can be made.
  • In some sites they hardly receive any calls; and in others they receive complaints from their students when they are not attended.
  • They have to carry out several marketing campaigns, since each site has a different telephone number.
  • The videoconferencing platform used to deliver some classes does not always work properly.
  • They do not have access to the Internet.
  • They do not have access to a platform where they can easily view and modify the configuration of their virtual PBX.
  • They do not know which operator they should call when they have an incident….


Which solutions did we implement?

Once the client’s needs were analyzed, we agreed to implement a cloud-based videoconferencing and remote desktop sharing system, as well as a cloud-based IP telephony system (virtual PBX) with the following advanced features:

  • Videochat

We provide video conferencing and chat solution in the cloud. This solution allows you to create multiple videochat rooms. An employee, student or guest to the session can access this room with any device without the need to install or configure anything, just by running the web address and entering their access code.

  • Screenshare

Teachers can share the screen of their devices and digital whiteboards with their students during a class with the push of a button.

  • Check in at work

Each employee clocks in and out in the online panel of your virtual switchboard. The system generates reports with the hours worked and employee data to comply with current labor regulations.

  • Unification of numbering.

We unify all locations with a single telephone number. Through the interactive menu in which the user chooses the center he/she wants to talk to we send the call to the indicated center.

  • Statistical reports.

We record all Be-Lingual’s telephone activity in its online panel, from which administrators have at their disposal all the necessary data to reinforce schedules and control their activity.

  • Concurrency in calls.

We guarantee our client enough voice channels to be able to hold all the conversations their business needs at the same time and, in addition, to be able to absorb theoretical peaks of calls in a parking lot.  


What’s the result?




  • Be-Lingual used different platforms to connect with its students.
  • It had no control over its clients’ and students’ calls, generating a real CHAOS with phone numbers for each location, internal connectivity, etc.



analiza tus datos  

  • Be-Lingual has an online platform from which you can make videoconferences, share your desktop and access tools with which you can measure the profitability of your advertising and marketing campaigns, as well as telephone statistics, the schedules of your staff and, above all, have a virtual switchboard in the cloud with which you can telework and with which they have managed to answer 97% of calls from their customers.


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