What are the advantages of having a call blacklist?

⭐ Call blacklist 👉 Are you tired of receiving annoying calls on your phone? In today’s article, we show you how to block these numbers and create a blacklist of incoming and outgoing calls so that this stops happening to you. 🤓 Keep reading!

Have you ever received annoying or unwanted calls? Surely it has happened to you sometime, and you have not known how to solve it.

It’s very simple, you just have to create a blacklist of calls, ie, a list of all blocked numbers so that when they call you do not receive the call. These lists can be for both incoming and outgoing calls.

Let’s start by first defining what we mean by:

Call blacklist.

“It is a directory of silently blocked phone numbers that can be accessed to delete or change them.”

Blacklist of incoming calls.

“It is a device responsible for blocking incoming calls to the phone. It is capable of blocking specific phone numbers, prefixes, entire area codes, anonymous calls (private and/or unknown numbers) and calls with caller ID blocker.”

Blacklisting of outgoing calls

“It is a device responsible for blocking outgoing calls from the phone. On personal telephones, calls made to 800 and 900 numbers are restricted.”

Therefore, calls from blocked numbers on the blacklist will never know that they have been blocked, and you will never see the entry of the call to answer it.

This time, we are going to focus on explaining the multiple functions and filters offered by virtual PBXs to companies, how we can create them in Yealink terminals and the advantages of having a blacklist of calls in the company.


What filters can be placed on PBXs?

When it comes to creating a blacklist of calls in PBXs, we are talking about a type of filter widely used by companies. They are established according to the priority criteria established by the company in order to control the volume of incoming calls.

In this way, with virtual PBXs we can automatically redirect calls to the appropriate departments or services for greater efficiency. In addition, it allows us to identify the origin of the incoming number and restrict it in case it is an unwanted number.

At Gesditel, we have a virtual PBX with a wide variety of filters and functions that allow companies to filter and identify each call to give it a personalized treatment.

For example, we can apply different outgoing call blacklists to each PBX customer, so that some can make calls that generate extra costs and others cannot, depending on the list applied. Apart from the blacklist filter, we have other filters that are in great demand:

  • Selection by keypad. Redirect calls according to the keystroke (DTMF) made by the customer.
  • Rerouting by origins (province, zip code, etc.). Identifies the origin of the call and redirects it to the geographic origin of the caller.
  • Code routing. An Excel file is created that contains a list of codes, and each one corresponds to the destination where the call will be answered.
  • Hyperactivity filter. Restrict calls temporarily (according to the set time) for certain callers who have made a certain number of calls to specific lines in the company.
  • Whisper Speech. Identifies the line to which the customer has called when there are several telephone lines in the company.
  • Caller progress. Allows you to select the option to see on the terminal screen: the number from which the caller is calling, the number called by the caller, or no number at all.
  • Time penalty. Penalizes all extensions that receive calls and do not answer them. Prevents a call waiting to be answered, we penalize the extension that does not answer and performs a call jump to the next extension.


How do I create a call blacklist on my phone?

The Yealink terminals allow you to incorporate a blacklist (with names and numbers) of up to 30 contacts in the phone book. Offering the possibility to add, edit, delete, search and mark a contact from the blacklist. The blacklist can be generated in different ways:

  • How to create a call blacklist manually?
  1. Press Menu.
  2. Access Directory.
  3. Enter Blacklist.
  4. Press Add.
  5. Enter name and number.
  6. Press Add to accept or Back to cancel.
  • How to create a call blacklist from the local directory contact book? .
    1. Click Favorites.
    2. Enter the desired group.
    3. Select the desired contact.
    4. Click Option.
    5. Select Add to blacklist.
    6. Click OK to confirm.

If you want to know all the functions that provide Yealink terminals to companies and their codes for further optimization of the resources available to you, we leave the manuals of the terminals SIP- T21 P E2 and SIP- T27 G, both are explained in a very concise and brief way so that there is no difficulty in its compression.


call blacklist


What are the advantages of having a call blacklist in my PBX?

In the case of corporate PBXs, the volume of phone numbers they handle is very large and, therefore, it is very cumbersome to have to perform these tasks manually one by one.

For this, our virtual PBXs have a telephone management system that allows you to import numbers to both lists directly from a file. It consists of exporting the numbers from your management program to a CSV file (or in Excel format) directly to the blacklist. In addition, the PBX software will filter out the duplicates.

Furthermore, with outgoing call blacklists in PBXs, the probability of being hacked is greatly reduced, as well as the costs of unwanted calls are greatly reduced.

This reduction in the cost of unwanted calls avoids unnecessary costs for the company, allowing its use in telemarketing campaigns to increase the company’s customers.

At Gesditel, we have the most advanced software for business PBXs and all of them have filters available to meet the needs of companies.

Many companies are already using our software with the most beneficial filters configured for them. Would you like to have a virtual PBX with software adapted to the needs of your company?

If you are interested in optimizing your virtual PBX and its terminals to the maximum to enjoy all its advantages, do not hesitate to contact us, we will assist you without obligation.

We hope we have been useful and that you know which are the filters that most benefit your company to offer customers a better quality of services in order to satisfy them and achieve an increase in the profitability of the company at a low cost.

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