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In today’s article we will explain you how to make calls to any national, international and mobile number totally free of charge. Are you interested?Keep reading!

There are more and more IP telephony tools that can be used from the cell phone. This allows employees to telecommute with all the conveniences and supports needed to properly perform their duties.

For that reason, today we are going to talk about free software, specifically about the CSipSimple softphone for Android phones.

But let’s start by explaining what is free software, what is a softphone and what is CSipSimple.

A free software is software that allows users to make modifications, copy, distribute, run and study it. Free software is software that allows users to modify, copy, distribute, run and study it.
A softphone is a software (computer program) used to make calls over the Internet with other softphones or other conventional telephones using an IP, VOIP or TOIP.
The CSipSimple is an application that uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) for phones running Android OS, where Google uses Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

Once we have explained the 3 terms we are going to discuss, let’s delve into the CSipSimple software. We’ll explain what it’s for and how to download, install and configure it correctly.

Although it may seem something very complicated to do, in reality, you only have to perform a few simple steps that we will explain below.

With this we will get our active account on our own phone using a VOIP. With this we will get our active account on our own phone using a VOIP.

The only essential thing is to have a connection to a WIFI network or have mobile data on the phone. AND ….¡ready!

These steps that we are going to explain are valid for Gesditel customers as well as for any company that has an IP phone system.  


What is CSipSimple?

Before we start, let’s explain what CSipSimple softphone is and what it is used for.  Specifically, it is a totally free application that allows users to make calls to any national, international and mobile number.

Currently, this application is only available for phones with Android operating system and can only be downloaded from Google, not from Google Play.

In addition, only a virtual number or a number from a PBX and Internet connection are required for its operation. In addition, this software can also be installed on PCs (desktop and laptop) and Tablets, so the communication possibilities are very broad. 

To enjoy its features, we just need to download the software and install it correctly. Then we will configure it with the data of our account and entering the password and we will be able to use it. WATCH OUT!

Do not forget that we must ask our provider for the credentials (user, server and password) for each of the accounts that we are going to incorporate.

To download it correctly we must go to the Google search engine and enter the following URL: https://apkpure.com/es/csipsimple/com.csipsimple

Remember that it is not available on Google Play. Once the download is done we will proceed to install it.

But, previously, we must check the “unknown origins” option in Google for our phone. How?

  1. Go to SETTINGS of our terminal and access the SECURITY option.
  2. There we will get the option UNKNOWN ORIGINS disabled, we click on it and activate it.

This way we allow the installation of mobile applications on our phone that are not downloaded from Google Play.

Once we have configured the settings on the phone, we will install the application. And when this is finished, we will access it to configure it.  


How to configure CSipSimple on the phone?

1. We access the application from the phone and select ADD ACCOUNT.  


  2. Using the directional buttons, search for GENERIC ASSISTS and click on the BASIC option.  


  3. Once inside we will get the EDIT option and when accessing it will show us this screen.  


  4. We enter the data provided by our operator as he has given it to us, respecting upper and lower case, and press the SAVE button.  


  5. If all the data has been entered correctly, we will get that the account has been REGISTERED.  


  6. Next, we go to PHONE and press the 3 vertical dots to access SETTINGS.  


  7. We will get this screen and access the SIMPLE CONFIGURATION option.  


  8. We check the options integrate with Android, always available and my operator allows VOIP calls, and then press the SAVE button.  


  9. We go back to the SETTINGS options and access NETWORK.  


  10. Inside the network, with the directional buttons, we search FOR INCOMING CALLS and check all the options.


  11. And then, we search FOR OUTGOING CALLS and check, also, all the options.  



What are the Advantages of the CSipSimple Softphone?

There are a wide variety of softphones and SIP clients for Android, with which users can make and receive calls.

Moreover, they share many similarities, but the most prominent one is CSipSimple because of its advantages which are:

  • More flexibility by having IP protocols.
  • It allows calls to be made using software.
  • It has high performance.
  • The software can be installed on any device.
  • It is free of charge.
  • It has rewrite or filtering rules for proper integration with Android.
  • It does not require a license to connect or hardware.
  • It works with Bluetooth.
  • It allows video calls.
  • It records calls.
  • It is very easy to set up.
  • No dropped calls.
  • It supports up to 10 different accounts.
  • Allows the use of native audio.
  • Supports call forwarding.
  • High audio quality.
  • Messaging is available.

From the Gesditel team, we hope you have found it useful and that you have had no complications when installing and configuring the software on your phone.

If you have any questions or queries, we are at your disposal. Just contact us through any of the means of communication that we have enabled.

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