How to set up a call center in Spain?

In today’s article, we will share relevant information on how to set up a call center in Spain 鈽庯笍 and other alternatives to create a call center. If you dedicate yourself to teleshopping, 馃殌 be sure to read this article!


What is a call center?

A call center is a call center through which the telemarketers, or as they are called, customer service “agents” or “operators”, receive and make calls to current customers and potential leads of the company.

A call center must have operators or agents trained to sell, provide support, assistance, conduct surveys and interact with present and future clients of the company.

Operators make and receive calls from clients or potential leads through call centers or call centers and their objective is to offer quality service, positive experiences for the users with whom they interact and generate sales for the company.


What is a call center for?

A call center system is a powerful communication tool, very useful for those companies dedicated to telemarketing or that make or receive large volumes of calls to carry out customer surveys, technical support, customer service or offer your products or services.


how to set up a call center in spain


How to set up a call center in Spain and optimize sales?

Setting up a call center is relatively simple: you need customer service professionals to make and answer phone calls, some phone, and internet lines, computers, and sometimes a physical location.

Pay close attention to the following sections of this article “How to set up a call center in Spain” to learn in depth all the options and requirements for setting up a call center.


What are the requirements to set up a call center?

Since one of the main objectives of a call center is to establish and manage communications with clients and potential clients of a company to promote loyalty, improve customer service and increase sales, a call center, in practice, must :

– Have the right staff to provide assistance and support to the company’s customers.
– Have professionals trained to sell the products and services of the company.
– Carry out satisfaction surveys, polls鈥
– Interact both with current clients of the company and with potential ones.
– Offer quality care at all times by telephone and, in other cases, virtually (social networks, chatbots, etc.).
– Manage a higher volume of incoming and outgoing calls.
– Resolve and document incidents, requests, claims, and customer queries.
– Offer effective and agile solutions to the needs and problems of customers.
– Generate positive experiences for current customers, directly impacting their level of satisfaction and loyalty.

There may be a call center that only performs customer service and support tasks (or only sales), but everyone should focus on the most essential: maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction, while the company’s profitability is increased.


What do I need to set up a call center?

First of all, the essential element we require is a good Internet connection, preferably from optical fiber, since it is the most stable and reliable. Once this is resolved, the elements I need to set up a call center are:

– Virtual number
– Virtual Switchboard or PBX

Having a CRM is optional, although highly recommended, since it will allow us to keep track of incidents from the outset while managing the client agenda and the work of the operators, all automatically.

Obviously, terminals are also necessary to make and receive calls. But, once again, IP telephony offers us the flexibility of not having to depend on landlines.

Any computer, mobile, or tablet with a softphone application will become a suitable terminal for establishing communications.


how to set up a call center


How to set up a call center in Spain 1 week?

If you want to know how to create a call center, pay close attention to the following steps below:

– Hire a good internet connection:

A quality ADSL or fiber optic internet connection will allow us to establish communications with our clients through the internet using the VoIP system.

A quality connection will avoid interruptions, cuts or poor quality due to connection latency. If you want to know a little more about this topic, you can find more information in our article “What is latency and how it affects the IP Voice”.

– Install call center software:

The simplest thing will be to hire a software call center like GESDITEL’s, which, being a cloud system, allows us to It will avoid, among other things, having extra hardware in the company, such as servers.

– Assign a corporate number:

Once we have access to the call center system, we will select the virtual reference number in the company. Sometimes we even have the opportunity to establish international corporate numbers.

Establishing a single number for telephone communications, customizable according to the region or country, will provide a close vision of the company.

Although the company is in Spain, customers can contact us through a local number, from which they will be attended in their language. And the best thing is that everything will be managed from a single call center platform.

– Configure extensions:

The next step to create a call center will be to configure the virtual switchboard and the extensions that it will have.

How many extensions should we add to our switchboard? As many as operators or agents, we are going to dedicate to the call center.

Each extension can be associated with one of the virtual numbers mentioned above and that this is also the one that the client sees, regardless of where the employee is located, whether they are in the company, teleworking or on a business trip.

– Customer service settings:

Other parameters can be configured, such as:

  • the welcome message that customers will hear,
  • the options’ menu to forward the call to the correct agent,
  • opening hours,
  • call recording,
  • the voicemail
  • and everything related to this system.

– Hire qualified personnel:

Another of the great advantages of working with a “virtual call center” is that we can hire qualified people anywhere in the world without having to physically meet them in one place. It is something that also allows greater labor flexibility and increases the team according to the needs of the business.


How to set up a call center in 1 minute?

The fastest, easiest and safest alternative to create a call center is to contract the GESDITEL call center software. For a fixed monthly price, we will have a call center platform that includes calls, monitoring, and support for a fixed monthly price with no surprises.

GESDITEL’s call center software is a program in the cloud, customizable and scalable that has multiple communication channels with your clients: calls, email, WhatsApp business, SMS, telegram, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, chatbot鈥 all integrated in for management from the platform.

Since it is a cloud system, GESDITEL’s call center software does not require installations, cables, servers or powered equipment. Neither will it be necessary to have specialized technical personnel to carry out updates, improvements or to solve possible errors.

GESDITEL’s call center platform will allow agents to work from home or anywhere in the world. Simply, they must have a device with an internet connection and access the platform using the credentials.

Among many other features of this system that you can find on our website, we highlight that it is a multi-language channel, integrable with the company’s CRM (which will allow everything to be centralized), with different types of automatic dialing available and a virtual assistant.

GESDITEL’s call center software also allows external loading of customer databases verified with the official Robinson List.

GESDITEL’s call center software is a turnkey system. Once you decide to contract, we will take care of its customization, installation, and integration.

At GESDITEL we will also take care of the necessary updates and optimizations as the company grows.

Therefore, if you are looking for how to set up a call center in Spain, we definitely recommend this option over all. Contracting the GESDITEL call center software will take you 1 minute.


How to organize a call center?

Depending on the type of company, it may have slight variations or optimizations, but in general a call center can be organized as follows:


how much does it cost to set up a call center


All telephone numbers point to a virtual switchboard, where after the welcome message and based on the key that the customer has pressed, the switchboard will forward the call to the corresponding department.


How much does it cost to set up a call center?

When calculating how much it costs to set up a call center, we must know that there are elements that can influence a reduction in or increase in costs, such as: the number of lines that we need to hire, the functions that we need to activate or the necessary personnel.

On the part of GESDITEL, the basic price for our call center software is 鈧45 / month as a single closed price that includes a flat rate for calls and all the functionalities of the platform. In addition, it is a system that is both customizable and scalable.




So far everything you need to know about how to set up a call center in Spain, how much it costs to set up a call center or what requirements are necessary to set up a call center.

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