How to improve customer service in a call center

Improve customer service: In today’s article, we tell you about the best strategies to achieve optimal user service in a call center. 🤓 Fine your resources and get your company’s users to be 100% satisfied with your service!

As we already know, the service of the customer care center (UCC) offered by every company is essential for user satisfaction, and above all, to increase sales. For this reason, it is essential to improve and optimize the service provided by the company’s call center, so as not to generate dissatisfied users.

We have already talked about customer service and the tools that companies have at their disposal to improve it.

But … But aren’t customers and users the same thing, and how do they differ?


“Is a person who uses any type of third-party product or service on a regular basis with preset limitations.”


“It is that person who generates a commercial transaction with another company or customer. He/she is loyal to the brand, the product and/or the service and uses it on a regular basis.”

Just as it happens in companies with customer service (SAC), in a customer service center (CAU), it is also the agents who are responsible for interacting with users to provide them with the information and/or services requested.

So, … What is a user service center?

“They are centers in charge of resolving incidents arising from the use of the product and/or service, identifying users’ information needs and guiding them to achieve their satisfaction and compliance, thanks to the quality attention they receive from the agents.”

Given this definition, it is essential that user satisfaction is positive. In the case of being negative, we must find out the factors that have caused a negative experience on the part of the user in order to improve the attention provided to the user through the company’s virtual switchboard.

Therefore, below, we are going to provide you with some useful tips to improve your call center user service. And we will also talk about the tools you have available to improve it.

If you already have a call center, and you think that the attention your users receive cannot be improved any further, you may be interested in knowing what are the obligations you have regarding the new RGPD and LGPD regulations.


What can we do to improve customer service in a call center?

The first thing we have to keep in mind is that customers and users along with their experiences and satisfaction levels will determine the growth or decline of the company. That is to say, a good or bad user experience with your call center or switchboard will affect the reputation of your brand and your company. And, therefore, it will be decisive for the economic growth of the company.

But, do not worry, from Gesditel we are very aware of achieving the user loyalty of companies, and to achieve this we are going to provide you with some very valuable tips that will help you improve your call center’s customer service center (UCC). Therefore, to offer a good level of service in your call center, you must have:

  • Smart digital solutions that allow you to divert call traffic. This is achieved thanks to the chatbot or online self-service that allows to decongest the phone lines.
  • Optimized call routing. It is essential to maintain the quality of the service offered to the user. It is achieved thanks to the software designed for call centers.
  • Reporting on hold time during the call. It allows the user to be in control of their expectations.
  • Check the effectiveness of our IVR or Interactive Voice Response.
  • Periodically review the planning of each of your agents.  With our software you can easily control it in real time.

With them, you will achieve the success of your company, the satisfaction of your users and a good return on investment.


What are the advantages of a CAU?

Although the advantages enjoyed by companies that have a call center for their call center are many, we wanted to highlight the most important for companies. And they are:

  • Enjoy control of each agent’s statistics
  • Automatically prioritize calls according to their importance.
  • Establish call protocols for each queue.
  • The system can be used by multiple agents at the same time.
  • Provide occupancy reports for each call queue or support channel.
  • Set up call protocols for each queue.
  • Monitor the average waiting time for calls.
  • Statistics provided are real-time.
  • Make call recordings.
  • To know how many useful calls you receive on a daily, weekly, monthly, …
  • Perform audits in real time.
  • Make videoconferences.
  • Offer desktop sharing.

As you can see, these are actions of great relevance for every company, both at administrator and agent level. If you want to know, also, how to manage the administrator and agent profiles in a CAU and / or a SAC, we have some manuals that will be very useful.


What are the benefits of improving customer service in a CAU?

Whether your company is a micro SME, an SME or a large company, you must have specialized employees and diversify functions in order to offer quality service in your CAU. The main benefits obtained by companies that hire support services to improve the attention they offer to the user are:

  • Save on costs for the technology department (ICT).
  • Allows the technology department to focus on making sales processes more efficient.
  • More adaptable to the needs of users.
  • Increase of the added value provided during the user service.
  • Increases user satisfaction and user experience.
  • Reduces waiting times in telephone customer service.
  • Improves customer relations.
  • It offers an immediate return on investment if properly staffed and processes are streamlined.
  • It improves productivity.
  • Fewer complaints and claims are received.
  • Access to remote control of equipment.
  • Offers a personalized response to users.


improve customer service


Which tools will help me improve user care?

User care can be improved by using the right tools that allow us to improve service. What are those tools? We will discuss them below. The tools that are going to help us offer the user a satisfactory experience with our service are very different, and they must give us information. They are:

  • Chatbot (chat on the website): is an online service, available 24 hours a day, which provides the customer with an immediate response in the customer’s language.
  • Click to call (call me back button): allows the commercial advisor to connect via telephone with the customer during the purchase process to resolve any doubts about the service.
  • Voice assistants: help the customer to search for services and purchase them.
  • Integration with WhatsApp.
  • Web contact form: allows customers to request information from the contact page or by clicking on a “call to action” such as “more information”, “learn more” or “contact”.
  • CALL – CENTER: is a virtual IP PBX that allows making and receiving calls through VoIP technology, incorporating all the features of an advanced PBX.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management): allows you to track customers to improve their experience with the company.
  • Hybrid Chat: offers customers the ability to speak with a real or virtual agent.
  • Statistics: help companies to make an efficient call distribution, reduce waiting times through artificial intelligence, …

As you may have noticed, these are essential tools that every company must have to improve its user service center and thus offer them an optimal experience.

At Gesditel, we have all the necessary tools to improve and optimize your customer service center. More and more companies are seeing the importance of having a CAU that offers a good level of service. What about you, would you like to improve your customer service?

If you are interested in outsourcing this service of your company and require any of these tools to improve the customer service provided by your business, count on us, we have what you need. Optimize it to the maximum and enjoy all its benefits, do not hesitate to contact us, we will assist you without obligation.

We hope that this article has been very useful and that you manage to improve the service you provide to the user to offer the best quality in order to satisfy the customer, optimize processes and resources, and increase the profitability of the company with a low cost.

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