Increase your profitability with Artificial Intelligence

Increase profitability Artificial Intelligence: 🚀 Artificial Intelligence is a great ally to optimize your company’s resources and increase its profitability ⏫ This article will interest you! 🤓

As we know, the main objective of any company is to increase its sales and with its profitability. Because a company that is not profitable ends up closing. Therefore, they use Artificial Intelligence (AI) that increases their profitability and provides them with greater efficiency and more benefits than in the conventional way, among which stand out:

  • It speeds up searches. It allows you to search and locate large amounts of data quickly that you have previously organized, categorized and analyzed. Because there is too much structured and unstructured data within the company.
  • Automate processes. It automates and eliminates the need for manual intervention, with the only human input being that of supervision and maintenance.
  • Improves decision-making. It works quickly with large amounts of data from different sources in order to provide real-time decision support.
  • Automates customer service. Improves customer service, thanks to natural language processing and machine learning. Improve the user experience and deliver faster and more effective service.

Today, companies find themselves with increasingly limited budgets, smaller resources and higher profit expectations. For that reason, as we can see, Artificial Intelligence gives them innovative and profitable solutions thanks to its great capacity.

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How to increase profitability with Artificial Intelligence?

Already at the end of 2017, according to a study by Capgemini, “Around three out of four of the companies employing AI have increased their sales figures by 10% and generated new jobs. “The most technological companies use this technology to boost operational efficiency, increase sales, improve customer loyalty processes and generate information analysis (business intelligence)”.

On the other hand, Capgemini explains that employment is being created at the highest professional levels, with two out of three of the new positions at management and senior management levels, and that of the companies that have adopted AI across the board, 63% have not destroyed any jobs.


How much does it increase the profitability of companies using Artificial Intelligence?

According to a study by IDC (International Data Corporation): “companies’ investment in artificial intelligence will double in the coming years. And by 2020, 64% of organizations will have already adopted this technology.” And, “global investment in robotics for hardware, software and services will reach $215 billion by 2021, as its adaptability to different business models and needs increases.”.

It should be clarified that robotics encompasses three concepts: RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software, Cognitive Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Subsequently, in 2018, experts from the company Accenture Strategy determined that “if companies invest in Artificial Intelligence, at the same time as the most cutting-edge companies, they could increase revenue by 38% by 2022, and employment by 10%.” “This would raise their revenues by $4.8 trillion globally over the same period. For SMEs it would mean a $7.5 billion increase in revenue and an $880 million increase in profitability.”.

Currently, 72% of Spanish workers believe that AI will have a positive impact on the work environment. And, 71% of Spanish managers are thinking of undertaking a process automation plan in the next three years. A level similar to the world average (74%), but far from countries like the U.S. (92%) and Great Britain (84%).

Although, in our country, 31% of organizations are not implementing any development in this regard and 46% are still in pilot phase. Only 11.5% have a defined roadmap and are those that are making the most of it.


What can Gesditel do for your business?

At GESDITEL we have the latest technology in Artificial Intelligence and Process Automation capable of identifying your needs through a few simple questions. In addition, we will provide you with CUSTOMIZED solutions that will impact the commercial and support excellence of your business, increasing your sales, optimizing your support and reducing your cost structure.

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Is your company increasing its profitability through the use of Artificial Intelligence?

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