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ūüöÄ In today’s article we tell you all about our successful case with the Jerez Hospitality School: why they contacted GESDITEL, what problems we detected and how we helped them optimize their resources to achieve success ‚úĆ. Very interesting, don’t miss it!

Jerez Hospitality School and GESDITEL sign an agreement that will turn this telecommunications operator for companies into the main service provider for its Contact Center.

Jerez Hospitality School was founded in the 90s and has more than 25 years of experience in high-level postgraduate training, especially in the hospitality sector. Its teaching methods are well known, as they perfectly combine theoretical training with contact with the business world.

Thousands of qualified professionals have emerged from its classrooms, some of whom have become a world reference in the hospitality sector, both nationally and internationally.  

Why did the Jerez Hospitality School contact GESDITEL?

The Jerez Hospitality School decided to give a boost to its customer service center and provide it with advanced tools to get the most out of its work team.  

How did Jerez Hospitality School manage Customer Service?

To date, the School worked with a physical Avaya PBX that managed the incoming and outgoing calls that were generated.

There was no software adapted to customer service and the work management was very basic: the Avaya switchboard made the phones ring in several groups when a call came in, and if the call was not answered, it generated a jump to send it to other groups.

The high maintenance costs of the system and the lack of functionality tipped the balance to replace this Avaya PBX and adapt to an IP system developed under Artificial Intelligence.  

What needs did we detect?

  • They do not have sufficient voice channels for all their telephone support agents, which causes collapse in incoming/outgoing calls.
  • No statistics are generated on answered, rejected or missed calls.
  • Outgoing calls to students are made by dialing manually, with the corresponding loss of time and profitability for the School.
  • Only one telephone number is available for receiving calls from students, teachers, etc…
  • Impossibility to visualize statistics reflecting the sections with the highest volume of incoming and outgoing calls.
  • No call recordings are generated.
  • No information on performance/profitability of each telephone operator.
  • They cannot separate the different student/faculty and customer service channels available.
  • Only a single geographic telephone number can be presented when making external calls.


Which Solutions Did We Implement?

After analyzing the client’s needs, we agreed to design a system that manages the following functions:

  • Virtual PBX in the cloud

It is agreed to implement a virtual PBX with IP technology in the cloud and developed under Artificial Intelligence, so that they can use their telephone terminals from anywhere, even teleworking when necessary.

  • Software for Call Centers

We provide Jerez Hospitality School with a powerful software for their Call Center and Contact Center, which allows them to automate quality control calls and problem solving for the students.

  • Presentation of different header numbers

Depending on the channel through which the student body, faculty or customer is contacted, the School of Hotel Management will be able to present different geographical telephone numbers to segment its channels and observe which are the most profitable and resolute, making the expenses destined to these campaigns economically profitable.

  • Call queue management software

This powerful software generates statistical reports separately for each of the telephone support channels and, in addition, allows you to provide these channels with certain special functionalities such as call prioritization and labeling in the call header, etc.

  • Virtual Assistant LITE.

We provide our client with their own virtual assistant who takes calls from their students outside of opening hours, manages incident tickets for subsequent resolution by the teaching staff and much more…

  • Automatic call recording.

All outgoing and incoming calls are automatically saved in the system, along with the call log to improve the quality control process and incident resolution.

  • Online Panel.

Administrators can consult, at any time and place, all the telephone activity generated in the School.  

What is the result?




  • Scarce technical capacity to manage the Call Center of a company as important as Jerez Hospitality School.
  • No control over the telephone activity and few tools to control and manage the correct operation of the telephone support.
  • Calls made “by hand” and no automation of the same, which causes failures and loss of profitability.



jerez hospitality school  

  • Jerez Hospitality School has a powerful software that automates outgoing calls to its students, tools for auditing and quality control in their support channels and their telephone agents, ability to telework when necessary, automatic call recording and statistical reports accessible from any device, time and place.

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