NuSIM: what it is, what it is used for

Do you know what a NuSIM is? In today’s article we explain you the advantages of this type of SIM card for companies such as those dedicated to the manufacture of IoT devices. Don’t miss it!

Thanks to rapid technological advances, we can enjoy tools with better and better professional features, but these advances are not only in the professional and business world. We can also see them in cell phones and the different versions of SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module) on the market (microSIM, nanoSIM, eSIM, nuSIM, …).

This can cause great confusion among cell phone users when it comes to identifying which type of SIM to insert in their cell phone.

For this reason, we thought it would be useful to explain what this new version of card integrated in the phones called nuSIM is and what it is for, and how it differs from the previous versions.


What is nuSIM and what is it for?

As we have introduced before, nuSIM (“new SIM”) is the new SIM embedded in the modem of devices designed to be used in IoT (the Internet of Things) environments, i.e. to digitally interconnect everyday objects with the Internet. Specifically, this chip is intended for integration in trackers, health monitors, security systems, city sensors and smart meters without the need to insert the SIM card through a slot, because it will already be built in.

This revolutionary SIM has been created and launched to the market by the company G+D Mobile Security as the most secure service for integrating SIM data into the chip of devices (cell phones, robots, …).

In short, it is a chip that comes directly integrated in all models of everyday devices with Internet access, but with simpler functions than the eSIM. Therefore, the SIM will only have those functions that are essential for the proper functioning of IoT devices, which also means a significant saving in energy consumption (battery) offering a durability of up to 10 years. In this way, you will lose basic functions of SIM cards such as:

  • Making and/or receiving calls
  • Sending and/or receiving SMS.
  • Access to SIM Toolkit.
  • Automatic software updates.

Requiring low power consumption during operation, it has managed to meet the needs of companies engaged in the manufacture of IoT devices that want to manufacture low-cost products whose consumption is the minimum. It has been presented as an alternative to the use of narrowband NB (NarrowBand) or LTE-M communications protocols for these companies.


What are the previous versions of SIM cards?

The main difference between all of them is their size and thickness, these being (length x width x thickness):

  • SIM Card: it is the original and had a size like credit cards (85.6 x 53.98 x 0.76 mm). They are no longer used, because of its small capacity, it only allowed to have 20 contacts and 6 messages.
  • miniSIM: this is what we know as SIM card. It was created to be integrated into cell phones. It measures 25 × 15 × 0.76 mm.
  • microSIM: it has a higher capacity and security and a smaller size (15 × 12 × 0.76 mm).
  • nanoSIM: is even smaller (12.3 × 8.8 × 0.7 mm) and was created in order to optimize cell phone space for hardware.
  • eSIM: is a virtual SIM integrated in all mobile devices and measures 6 x 5 x 5 x <1 mm
  • nuSIM: is the new embedded SIM card (iSIM) designed for the Internet of Things (IoT). It is not used to make calls or send SMS.




What are the Advantages of nuSIM?

If we analyze in depth the operation of this new SIM called nuSIM we can discover great advantages that will be useful in important sectors such as health and security. But, according to the operator Deutsche Telekom, the advantages of the nuSIM in the world of the Internet of Things are:

  • It withstands shock and temperature variations.
  • It does not need a SIM slot, it is integrated.
  • It is water resistant.
  • Offers high durability, up to 10 years without being recharged.
  • Low production cost.
  • Delivered from factory with operator profiles.
  • Nearly impossible to tamper with.
  • It has encrypted credentials stored on the device.
  • Allows for the creation of smaller IoT devices.
  • It has a very low power consumption.


As you may have noticed, thanks to rapid advances in technology and artificial intelligence we have nuSIM cards that are incorporated into everyday objects to make things easier for us. More and more companies are going to introduce these SIM cards in their electronic equipment to enjoy their advantages.

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