Manage on-call schedule in your industry

Discover how to automate the management of your company with on-call schedule for an optimal performance of all your services through your telephone support and attend to your customers’ incidents in a very simple way !

We all know that technology has entered our lives to stay, but not only in our personal lives, but also in our professional lives. Companies increasingly have more powerful tools to make the work of their employees or technicians as productive as possible, but without losing the quality of service and attention provided.

These technical teams can be made up of human beings or machines, as in the case of virtual assistants. The main task of these technicians is to attend incoming calls from customers (incidents, requesting an appointment, doubts, consultation, …).

When this call is received outside working hours, it is attended by the on-call technical service. All companies in the Industrial sector (maintenance, construction, flooring, security, repair, industrial machinery, industries, …) have this on-call team that comes to the call at any time.

As you will see, this group of professional technicians on call must come to solve the problem even if it happens outside their working hours. That is, as soon as they receive the call, they must answer the call as soon as possible.

For this reason, the vast majority of industrial companies want to implement a flexible and dynamic on-call time management system. This tool will be linked to the telephone number receiving the call during their off-hours.

But, before we get into it, what is meant by… technical service and on-call service?  


Technical service or helpdesk or contact center or call center: It is a set of actions carried out by specialists in order to avoid and/or solve possible problems that arise in companies in order to promote communication with customers.
On-call Technical Service: This is the team of workers that form the technical service that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This function can be implemented by any public or private company in any sector, although we are going to focus in this article on the Industry sector. Next, we are going to go deeper into it, studying what it consists of and analyzing all the advantages they offer to companies.  


What does the on-call schedule management system consist of?

This service allows technicians to answer incoming calls to the company’s call center immediately. When the customer calls to be attended about an incident, doubt, query, … the call will ring in the switchboard and will be answered by one of the technicians who is in working hours.

But, in order to continue offering a quality service and attend to customer emergencies, the company may have an on-call technical service consisting of one or more people, who will be responsible for handling calls outside their working shift.  


How does the on-call service work?

Very simple, in the Calendar tool with which the company works, the schedule of the different technicians will be registered. In this way, the manager will automatically forward the calls to the on-call technician’s telephone numbers, according to the days and time slots. In addition, thanks to this tool, technicians can become available and connect dynamically and autonomously, as agents.

They only need to have on their cell phone an application through which they would manage their availability or not to attend on-call calls. Or, simply with a phone call through a secure IVR (interactive voice response) connection/disconnection.

So, for its implementation, it is only necessary to have a call center with an interactive voice response system or advanced IVR that allows you to automate the reception of incoming calls. In addition, it allows the incorporation of a virtual assistant with artificial intelligence, capable of answering automatically and without waiting for the most frequently asked questions. These can be answered, for example, in the option of doubts in the DTMF of the switchboard.  


What advantages does on-call technician schedule management offer?

As you can see, it is a very flexible call management mechanism for companies with call center or contact center, especially for Industries, which allows them to attend all calls from their customers, reducing missed calls and increasing their profitability.

In addition, the integration of a virtual assistant is a competitive advantage for the company, because it is active 7×24 hours and can be connected with the CRM and the company’s calendar.

Although there are many advantages offered to the Industry sector, and to the rest of the sectors, the main ones are:

  • It provides unlimited information on the fly.
  • On-call schedules can be managed in real time and from anywhere, thanks to a web interface dedicated to technician absences, unforeseen events or schedule changes.
  • The management of the agenda with schedules can be done with third-party tools, for example Google Calendar, through the web services already available.
  • Optimizes on-call technical staff time.
  • Increases customer satisfaction and confidence and generates a positive customer experience.
  • Flexibility.
  • Reduces response time.
  • Increases business productivity.
  • Ease of use.
  • Makes your brand more competitive.
  • Reduces the number of missed calls.
  • Improves performance and productivity.
  • Information available 24 hours a day in a personalized and human way.
  • Multi-language DTMF function.
  • Offers convenient system management from the cloud.

  on-call schedule


If your company belongs to the industrial sector and you want to make changes to avoid missed calls and offer at all times a quality service to your customers, in Gesditel we have what you need and we want to help you increase your profitability and productivity.

And if, in addition, you are interested in having a virtual assistant in your company that is responsible for providing information to your customers and enjoy all the benefits it provides, do not hesitate and contact us.

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