Selling more with a Call Center in your business

Selling more with a Call Center: ✍ This time, we will explain what a ☎ call center or in-house sales department can bring to your company. This article is of interest to you! 🚀

We can classify businesses according to the way they sell to get their profits with their Call Center.

All businesses, even Public Organizations, require the correct execution of one of these two tasks to maintain their source of income. Even some businesses require the correct performance of both simultaneously:

1- The sale or supply of any product or the performance of a service; whether on a periodic or occasional basis.

2- The support that keeps us in touch with our customers. By support we mean telephone or telematic channels. And, also, the human resources that allow us to exchange information and provide services to customers, employees, suppliers and strategic partners.

If your business is in the first group, i.e. dependent on sales, new customer acquisition or business expansion, you require solutions that allow:

  • Automate the sales process
  • Optimize the daily performance of employees
  • Expand the sales action radius.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Monitor what’s happening in your business and be able to audit it anytime, anywhere.

Large multinationals, after many studies to that effect, came up with the solution: create their own sales departments, also called Call Centers.


What is a call center?

According to Wikipedia: “A call center (call center) is an area where specially trained agents, consultants, supervisors or executives place calls (outbound calls) or receive calls (inbound calls) from or to: customers (external or internal), business partners, associated companies or others.”


What are the benefits of call centers for business?

In the first tests, they managed to increase their sales in an unexpected way. To do this, they conducted campaigns to issue calls to leads (potential customers) that they took out of telephone directories.

They then determined that customer acquisition costs were much lower, generating millions of daily sales opportunities, reducing travel time and costs to zero.

The dynamics have only continued to optimize this productive source of revenue, developing ever more complex and innovative systems that have succeeded:

  • Reduce customer acquisition costs
  • Suppress the costs (in time and money) of travel.
  • Increase the number of daily calls made by each operator by automating them.
  • Give mobility to administrators, allowing them to audit tasks remotely, and from any device.
  • Centralize tasks by unifying databases at a single point.
  • Reduce management times to the maximum, applying solutions to automate processes.

Setting up a call center seems like a complicated task, but nothing could be further from the truth. Many companies do the first “tests” with in-house staff during “idle” periods calling a list of contacts to “sell” a product, usually by manually dialing the phone and noting the results in a spreadsheet (Excel).

These techniques hardly have a return. This is because although it is possible that these personnel know our product or service perfectly, they know it from another perspective. They are not SPECIALIZED in sales techniques.

Finally, to this, we add the performance of different tasks during your “sales campaign” that will allow us to understand what prevents them from carrying out an optimal follow-up of the same.


How to improve the return on sales of my business?

To set up a call center, it is necessary to have tools that allow us to automate sales and keep track of the results of the same, allowing us to pivot our sales strategy and not take up too much time or effort.

Gesditel offers turnkey solutions for your call center. Our customizable software will be at your disposal to start your working days, when, where and how you want, from any device with Internet connection.


selling more with a call canter


We will assume the cost of the calls and make sure that the system works perfectly at all times. We do the “dirty” work while our clients take care of perfecting and defining the sales strategy.

If you would like more information about our call center and contact center phone systems to help your business selling more with a call center, please contact us through our contact form.

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