Telephone sales script examples and telesales tips

In today’s article 鈽庯笍 “Telephone sales script examples and practical tips for telesales” we will present some real examples of sales scripts to make our telemarketing campaigns successful. 馃 Don’t stop reading it!


Telephone sales script, what can’t be missing?

If you already read our article from a few weeks ago “How to write a sales script by phone ?“, you know that in companies dedicated to telemarketing, having a script for telephone sales is essential to make it easier for the team of agents to close sales.

When writing a sales script over the phone, it is very important to take into account the structure that we discussed extensively in that article and which briefly consists of the following:

– Customer survey: this is the section where the agent, before beginning to explain the product in detail, tries to acquire customer information focused on knowing if they already have a similar product, if they would need to acquire it…etc.

– Detailed description of the product, service or offer: with positivity and clear language, the agent explains all the virtues of the product and why the potential customer should purchase it.

– Prepare a response to refute objections: here the agent must be prepared to defend the qualities of the product over that of the competition, prepare a list of disadvantages in the face of non-purchase, add value to their product and In short, reduce the doubt of acquisition.

Once you are clear about the previous headings, continue reading the section “Telephone sales script examples” to see real examples of phone sales scripts and how to approach each situation according to the type of company.

They will surely give you good ideas to make your own script for telephone sales!

script for telephone sales


Telephone sales script examples

The following examples of telephone sales will help us complete the necessary phone sales script to address each situation in the process of selling a product, service or offer in telesales.

Regardless of the type of business that we have, the examples that will be shown are quite concise, and encompass the necessary characteristics so that customers are willing to continue the conversation.

I am sure that each section of this section will provide good ideas when it comes to building your own phone sales script depending on the situation:


Call by shared contact


“Hello! My name is …….. of the company / company …………. .

They shared their contact with me and we thought that our product / service / offer would be excellent for you, since we [briefly explain the characteristics of the product].

Would you have a moment to continue talking about [name of product / service / offer]? It will only be 2 minutes.鈥


Call to offer alternative options


“Hello! My name is …….. of the company / company …………. .

We had already contacted you before to talk about our products / services. We wanted to tell you that this time we have a [promotion / discount / offer] for [product name].

But if you’re not convinced, we also have the option of [new product name]. Would you have time for me to continue explaining? It will only take 1 minute.鈥


Call to generate interest


“Hello! My name is …….. of the company / company …………. .

The reason I’m calling is that we’re offering a product/service that we think would improve your [specific activity], in fact, we think it would be the best change you could make.

Do you want me to continue explaining our product? I will take just 1 more minute of your time.鈥


Call for new product / service


“Hello! My name is …….. of the company / company …………. .

We are contacting you because we believe that you have the ideal profile for our new product / service, since [product name] has [product characteristics].

Do you want us to continue explaining about [product name]? I’ll be done in 1 minute.”

telephone sales script


Insistence call


“Hello! My name is …….. of the company / company …………. .

We had already spoken before and I wanted to know if you have thought about acquiring [name of the product / service]. I know that last time you may have had some doubts, if you wish, I could solve them.

Do you have time to continue talking? It will only take us 2 minutes.鈥


Voicemail Message


“Hello! My name is …….. of the company / company …………. .

We are calling to talk to you about [name of product / service], we are confident that it would be a good purchase for you.

If you want to contact us, you can do so at [phone number] or [email]. We will be attentive to your response.”


>> After adapting these examples from the section telephone sales script examples to make your own telephone sales script, it will be a good idea to follow the teleselling tips that we indicate below to complete sales successfully >. Read on!


Script for telephone sales, telesales tips

After reading about “tele sales script examples”, it’s time to launch into writing our own tele sales script.

The first thing will be to adapt the previous examples to your company and follow the advice that we indicate below to make telesales successful:


Tips for opening communication in telesales

For an agent who has a telesales script to follow when initiating a telesales communication, it will be much easier.

A phone sales script gives the operator efficiency, reduces stress, improves its sound, its tone, its credibility.

But for all this to be resolved in a successful sale, the agent must also take into account other factors that we indicate below:

– Know the product well:
Knowing in depth the product, service or offer that we sell is an essential requirement to be able to explain it concisely.

We only have to put ourselves in the customer’s position and look for the benefits of the product, instead of simply exposing the characteristics of the product / service that we are trying to sell.

A clear example is analyzing the current promotion we have and how it can be useful to our client.

– Choose the contact time carefully:

It is also advisable to choose the moment to make the call well.

No hotel employee will be able to assist us during a high service peak, nor will they be available to us just before lunch or at the end of the day in a company office.

With this aspect, we must also be especially careful if we dedicate ourselves to telemarketing of telephone services, since our company could face a sanction for failing to comply with the hours established by law and which state that half-day hours must be respected. and night.


>> You can read more about the above in the section “Robnson Spain list and the code of ethics of the operators” of our blog article: “Lista Robinson Spain, how to do telemarketing and comply with the law“.


We may need more than a day to prepare our telemarketing script.

We must take the time necessary to refine and perfect the draft based on the type of customers, the products and what promotion we offer.

These are the main keys to successfully face any sales by phone and improve our sales techniques.

– Get them to listen to you:

You must establish a sales script by phone that establishes credibility, we cannot allow ourselves to seem like just another salesperson.

We must be able to quickly communicate who we are and why we are someone with credibility.

We can do this by differentiating ourselves from our competition and giving enough arguments to convince our potential client that it is worth listening to us for a few minutes.


script for telesales


– Avoid improvisations during the call:

We can only prevent our plan from failing when we actually have a plan.

Before making the first call, we must try to fully understand who we are going to address using the data we already have.

Understanding what they urgently need and with which of the products or services they can feel better, since it is basic to transmit the benefit that we offer.

– Use simple arguments:

There is no doubt that having a script for telephone sales ensures more sales. However, an overly complex telesales script can be very inefficient.

Imagine the feeling of an operator who has to be thinking about the next line of the script or the tone to use, instead of listening to the customer and trying to figure out what his needs are.

The key is to not give the prospect any reason to hang up. If we ask him if he has time to talk, he may say no. Instead, we can say that we’ll only take three minutes away, and when they’re up, we can ask if it’s possible to continue.

With this, the potential lead must understand that we respect his time and he will normally be willing to answer our questions, which will make it more difficult for him to want to stop talking to us.

– Get to the point:

When we make a telemarketing call, the most important thing is to establish a first connection with the person on the other end. To achieve this it is necessary that we do not beat around the bush.

The best option is to create a brief and goal-oriented script for telephone sales. We can make it even easier by making a list of key points and features that generate interest.

Keep in mind that pitches that sound dry and rehearsed are often quite ineffective in convincing a purchase. Instead, using metaphors and descriptions in our telemarketing script will help us draw what we describe with an interesting tone.

Using the trick of providing the same emphasis and the same facial expressions as when we address someone face to face will help us a lot. For example, standing up during a phone call will increase our energy and that will be perceived by the interlocutor.

We must also give the impression that we are actively listening and understanding the other person by repeating some of their arguments and answering their questions.

– State with a confident tone:

The tone of our voice is the bridge to gain the trust of our clients.

Our voice plays the most important role when negotiating or closing a sale.

A deep voice indicates authority, while if our voice is too high, if we speak too fast or our volume is too high or low, we could be transmitting little professionalism when pronouncing our script for telephone sales.

You need to rehearse how your voice sounds on the phone to avoid sounding nervous or unprepared.

Speaking a little faster than normal can be seen as persuasive and competent, we must sound confident and self-assured. It is also necessary to avoid tag lines such as: 鈥渆mmm鈥︹, 鈥渁hhh鈥︹ so as not to generate uncertainty.

One idea is to call ourselves and leave a voice message to see how we sound and what we could improve. Simply, we must listen to our audio and ask ourselves if our voice really conveys confidence.


Cold Calling Tips

In this section of the article “Telephone sales script, examples and practical advice for telesales”, we will address how to deal with cold calls, those that we make to clients for the first time and that we do not know if they need the product that we sell.

In this case, to keep the call for more than 3 seconds and for our potential client not to hang up on us, we will try to follow the following advice:

– Create curiosity about our product and contextualize it.

– Ask permission to continue and ask questions. Find out the needs of the users and define if they fit us as clients.

– Test the closing: discover sensitivity to price, decision time, etc…

– Schedule the next steps.

guion televenta


Tips for ending the telesales call

By the time the call is about to end, we may have already closed the deal or received a “no” or “maybe.”

No matter what happens, we should always remember to thank customers for their time. This small courtesy action closes the call on good terms and opens the door for possible future sales calls.

If the potential client requested more information, we must schedule a return call or a face-to-face meeting, confirm date and time, along with contact information.

We may also ask if you would like to speak with someone else in the company or if you would like someone else to join in making decisions.

In the same way, before hanging up, remember to tell the potential client what to do next, what is the next step: receive an email with all the information, visit the web for more information , etc.

Finally, after the sales call, be sure to send a quick email or message with brief information about the call and follow up.

This email will not be sent only as a reminder of the conversation held, but if the call is to talk again in the future, read the information or think about what to do, this email will also serve so that the client is committed not to cancel.


Final advice, not to forget

1) Structure and clarify our message.

2) Polish the sales process.

3) Develop a sales process that is scalable.

4) Make changes and optimizations quickly.

5) Listen more effectively to users.

6) Create an objection management document to always be ready to deal with any reply from the user. We will very frequently hear objections such as the following:

I don’t have time right now: to refute this objection, we must provide value at the beginning and if we use this telephone sales speech, we must already be doing it in the opening lines as explained.

Send me an email: the way to rebut this question would be something like 鈥渟ure I will, but just so I know exactly what to include in the email, can you tell me鈥???鈥. At this point, we’ll just move on to our first customer qualification question.

7) At the end of the call, we must send a follow-up email specifying everything that has been discussed and specifying the steps to follow from then on.

After reading everything discussed in this article on telephone sales script examples, we should take 10 minutes to create or improve our own telephone sales script.

A winning script for telephone sales is one of the most important resources that influences the success of our sales in the long term, so without a doubt we must apply what we have learned here.

Remember: creating a successful sales pitch is an ongoing task. By regularly reviewing our phone sales script, we will continue to find new ways to close sales.




So far, everything you need to know on the topic “Telesales script examples and telesales tips”. You can get more information about telesales by reading other articles in the telemarketing section of our blog.

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