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In today’s article we tell you all about our success story with the company Tu Jamón Directo.com: what problems we detected when we started working with them and how was the process of optimizing their resources until they achieved success . Read on to learn more!

Tu Jamón Directo.com, leader in telephone sales of Iberian products nationally and internationally, strengthens its telecommunications by signing an agreement with GESDITEL to manage its telephone and telesales system for Guijuelo hams over the Internet.

Thanks to this agreement, GESDITEL will become its operator and will provide a 900 number to which its customers will call to place orders free of charge, as well as a voice trunk with sufficient channels to manage all incoming and outgoing calls without any type of restriction.  


Why did Tu Jamón Directo contact GESDITEL?

The company is carrying out campaigns for the sale of Guijeulo Hams and other Iberian products through the Internet. They capture their customers through the web, but they need to increase the ratio of calls from the same website.

To achieve the expected goal, the following are needed:

1- To have 900 numbering. Calls to 900 numbers are free for the person making the call, and are paid for by the company receiving the call.

Tu Jamón Directo decides to take care of these costs so that customers can call free of charge and place orders for their products easily and quickly.

2- Adapt your telephony system to be able to work in the cloud and absorb all the simultaneous calls that the sales demand requires at any given moment.  


How used Tu Jamón Directo do the Customer Service work?

The company has structured a customer service team to receive your orders, both telephone and online.

Tu Jamón Directo receives calls from a national telephone number (landline or mobile), using a virtual switchboard of Másmovil, which suffers constant voice micro-cuts, which causes enormous dissatisfaction on the part of the customer.

The customer does not have statistical information on the times at which the highest number of orders are received, and Másmovil cannot offer them a 900 number to undertake this service.  


Which needs did we detect?

  • Substitution of the current optical fiber for one that guarantees the quality of VoIP calls.
  • Sufficient capacity to simultaneously receive at least 8 calls.
  • Necessity of having a 900 number to increase the percentage of calls received.
  • Virtual PBX in the cloud that can be managed from their private homes during periods of confinement.
  • Statistics on schedules, peaks of incoming calls to reinforce staffing and percentage of calls attended/sales success.


Which Solutions Did We Implement?

  • Virtual PBX in the cloud

From GESDITEL we propose virtual IP PBX to manage all incoming and outgoing calls made, with Yealink terminals that can be taken to your private homes to be used during possible confinements.

  • Number 900

Tu Jamón Directo is provided with 900 numbering so that customers can call without fear of additional charges on their bill.

  • Statistical reports

On our virtual switchboard we set up a powerful statistical module that will allow Tu Jamón Directo to obtain customized reports that they will use to be more effective in customer service over the phone.

  • Click to Call

The virtual PBX system is prepared for the click2call function, whereby the customer is automatically called by the company by simply clicking on a button on your website.

  • Maintenance and support PRO

We include a PRO maintenance and support service, which assures our client that their modifications or incidents will be handled with a 10-minute SLA.  


What is the result?




  • Tu Jamón Directo used a national landline number to handle their incoming calls.
  • It suffered from constant Internet disconnections and countless IP telephony outages, which caused enormous discomfort among its customers, since they could not finish an order in a single call.
  • It did not have statistical information to reinforce its sales department at peak times, nor was it possible to have the “We’ll call you back” function on its website.



panel online  

  • Tu Jamón Directo has taken control of all your communications. It now has a 900 phone number, which allows its customers to place orders free of charge.
  • You can now configure a button on your website so that the call to the customer is automatic, with the system itself taking care of the automatic and equitable distribution of calls.
  • Their virtual switchboard allows them to keep control of their sales department from anywhere and at any time.

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Por: Nati CaballeroPublicado el: 18 de abril de 2022