What is Cloud Accounting Software

With this article, you will learn about the advantages of working with cloud accounting software and all the benefits it can achieve for your business!

When we talk about a company’s accounting, the first thing that comes to mind is financial information, that is, data that requires extreme security. To help companies with this management, accounting software was created. With traditional software there could be traces of sensitive information on the computer from which we manipulated it, but now, with cloud accounting software, access to information is encrypted and protected without leaving a trace.

Therefore, it is a tool widely used by companies by allowing them a proper and secure management of finances from any device, place and time. That is thanks to the fact that all the information is hosted in the cloud.

But, … just so we all understand, what exactly is cloud accounting software?


It is a tool that facilitates and automates company accounting (financial information) without leaving a trace and has encrypted, password-protected access to the cloud.From the definition we deduce that it is an online platform, i.e. software, which allows:


From the definition we deduce that it is an online platform, i.e. software, which allows:


  • To elaborate invoices, budgets and projects
  • Storing accounting information
  • Generate financial and economic reports
  • Manage accounting
  • Controlling costs
  • Manage the customer portfolio
  • Connecting with banking entities
  • File taxes and digitize tickets with the approval of the Tax Agency
  • Receive notifications
  • Establish customer orders, delivery notes and payment orders


As we can see from the outset, it allows SMEs, freelancers and large companies a very broad management of accounting, economic and financial activities of the company. For this reason, we are going to study in depth what it consists of and analyze all its advantages.


How does an accounting software in the cloud work?

To explain how it works and what a cloud accounting software consists of, we are going to do it assuming a real situation that can happen to any company. For example, let’s assume that we have a customer who is an accounting software publisher and wants to direct their customers or contacts directly to their specific interlocutor, that is, the customer wants that in each call that is received, the caller’s number is recognized by linking a database of contacts of the company (for example, 20,000 contacts), and that the call is automatically directed to the right person (to a specific interlocutor). The caller’s number is recognized by linking a database of contacts of the company (for example, of 20,000 contacts), and the call is automatically directed to the appropriate person (to a specific interlocutor).

For its implementation, the customer only needs to have a software in your call center with an interactive voice response or advanced IVR system that allows you to automate and virtualize calls. And, also, an intelligent network numbering service, i.e., a forwarding of all incoming calls from customers to the number of the caller or account manager who has that customer’s information.

In addition, you can incorporate a virtual assistant so that 100% of the calls are attended, and as the assistant has artificial intelligence, it is able to respond automatically and without waiting for the most common requests for information.

  accounting software  

What are the advantages of using cloud accounting software?

Thanks to this software, the main and most outstanding advantage is that it prevents callers from having to go through several operators, who have to transfer calls until they reach the right person. In addition, it also saves the customer from having to explain his problem several times before finding the person he wants/needs to talk to.

But the advantages and benefits are not only for the customers, they are also for the companies that implement it, such as:

  • Improves accessibility to information by allowing access from any location.
  • Offers greater security by not being hosted on local servers.
  • It allows knowing in real time what is happening in the business.
  • Facilitates the management and planning of financial and accounting resources.
  • It allows the recording of income, expenses, customers and suppliers data.
  • It is very intuitive and easy to use.
  • Management of collections, payments, purchases, sales, returns, payroll and taxes.
  • Automatically generates reports: balance sheets, taxes, profit and loss accounts, …
  • Provides economic savings to the company by not needing hardware or other accounting tools.
  • No need for manual updates, they are generated automatically.
  • Time saving by having everything in the cloud and only needing one application.
  • Avoid backing up.


If your company belongs to the information technology sector, this accounting system in the cloud will solve most of your incidents, facilitating your work and the communication of your customers with the interlocutor. But, if your company belongs to another sector, this accounting software can also benefit you, since you have an accounting and financial department.

For that reason, in Gesditel we put it at your disposal with the idea of making your work tasks more bearable and increase the productivity of all the staff that make up your company. Therefore, if you are interested in having in your company’s software intelligent network numbering are IVR system for better call management, and also want to complete it with a virtual assistant who is responsible for providing information, we have what you need.

We are known for offering fully customized services according to the needs of companies. Do not hesitate, contact us, we will assist you without obligation. We hope this article has been useful for you.

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Por: Nati CaballeroPublicado el: 21 de abril de 2022