Avoid missed calls in hotels

Discover how a virtual switchboard can help you improve telephone service and sales in your hotel business.  To avoid missed calls in hotels is essential. Here are all the keys to stop losing potential customers from today!

Hotel chains have suffered great economic losses and cannot afford to have poor management of incoming calls in their switchboards, because that would mean the loss of a sales opportunity.

Remember that, the telephone attention that customers receive, whether from hotels, telecommunications companies, restaurants, … is the first image we give them and, therefore, it must be of quality. To avoid economic losses caused by lost and unattended calls we must correctly configure the telephone switchboard of the hotels and avoid, as far as possible, things such as:

  • Having a customer in a queue waiting to be attended for a long time.
  • Playing customers an annoying music while they wait to be served.
  • Performing a bad call redistribution.
  • Having a heterogeneous and badly dimensioned infrastructure.

If all these factors are taking place, it is normal that you are losing customers and that their calls are not being attended, as this causes the rate of calls handled by the hotel chain’s switchboard agents to be less than 100%.

In short, those are just some of the factors that cause hotels to have frustrated customers and loss of business. But, to avoid this, below, we are going to help you improve your hotel chains so that sales increase and customers are always satisfied with the quality of the service provided.  


How to avoid missed calls in hotels?

To avoid missed calls in hotels and provide proper customer service, the first thing is to properly configure the call center of the hotels, so that it meets the needs of the company to provide the desired service with the desired quality.

Remember, customers expect a higher quality of service in a hotel than in a fast food restaurant. In other words, everything must always be tailored to the needs and service offered by the company. Therefore, the measures that the hotel chain must carry out for the optimization of its SAC (Customer Service Department) are:

  • Create a customized scenario for each of the hotels that make up the chain.
  • Availability of a centralized telephone reception with call waiting within the network.
  • Configure a controlled overflow of calls to an external provider.
  • Install an automatic alerting mechanism that recognizes repeat customers to offer them personalized attention.
  • Availability of daily statistical reports on the quality of the service provided to be evaluated and to take action for possible future improvements.

In addition, for further optimization of the PBX and, thus, to reduce waiting queues and, consequently, lost calls, you can also have the help of a virtual assistant.

This works around the clock 7×24 hours and can solve the most frequent doubts or queries of customers, and is even able to manage reservations and sell room tickets.

For a correct implementation of all these measures, it is only necessary to have a software in your call center with interactive voice response or advanced IVR that will allow hotels to automate and virtualize the calls that customers will make to manage calls.  


What are the benefits of having a virtual assistant in hotels?

As with any tool that is used in an appropriate and personalized way to achieve the desired objectives, it brings great benefits to the companies that use them. In this case, the hotels would see:

  • A drastic improvement in the rate of calls handled.
  • Improvements in sales, business volume, image and service quality.
  • Optimized reception equipment in line with telephone activity.
  • Statistics with a real and quantifiable view of the activity and the quality of the service provided.
  • Increased customer satisfaction with the telephone service.
  • Increased productivity of human resources.
  • Uninterrupted telephone service thanks to the virtual assistant who is able to:
    • Resolve the most frequent doubts of customers.
    • Manage reservations.
    • Securely make telephone collections.
    • Smartly distribute calls.
    • Provide real-time information.
    • Reduce the response time.
    • Improves your reactivity.
    • Make your hotel more competitive.
  • Significant reduction in the number of missed calls.
  • Optimized time spent by agents on calls thanks to a correct redistribution.
  • A saving in cost and time.

  avoid missed calls in hotels


If your company belongs to the hotel sector and you have a high number of missed calls from customers in your hotels, in Gesditel we are aware of what it means to lose customers.

We are aware of what it means to lose customers. That is why, if you are interested in optimizing the call center of your hotel chain and enjoy a virtual assistant to take care of your customers when your agents are not operational, we have what you need.

When you want to optimize the call center of your hotel chain and enjoy a virtual assistant to take care of your customers when your agents are not operational, we have what you need.

If you want to implement the system to avoid missed calls in hotels, just contact us and we will attend you without obligation. Our services are fully customized according to your needs.

We hope you found this article useful and if so, please share!

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