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From the beginning of 2019, GESDITEL becomes the main telecommunications provider of Beiman Clinic Group, through which advanced services for the telephone management of its Call Center and Customer Service will be provided.

Beiman Clinic Group was founded in 2010 with the aim of providing personalized treatments for injuries of the locomotor system. In a short time they managed to position themselves as the most prestigious group of clinics at regional level in Andalusia and one of the most promising in Spain.

In their eagerness to be a national reference, and in just 10 years, they become the main center of Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy in Andalusia increasing their medical staff with the best specialists in the areas of pediatrics, psychology, urology, internal medicine … in addition to increasing its presence with the opening of new centers in 6 different locations in Andalusia.  


Why did Beiman Clinic Group contact GESDITEL?

As happens to many companies that have a rapid growth, there comes a point where the Beiman Clinic Group exponentially increases its demand for services that can not ensure that its Customer Service continues to be optimal.

They have a strong suspicion that their rapid growth is undermining their client/patient responsiveness and they need to be able to handle a higher volume of clients without driving up staffing costs. Beiman Clinic Group cares about patient satisfaction and we know us at a time when they are looking for more advanced solutions than they can find with the “usual” large operators.  


How did Beiman Clinic Group used to do Customer Service work?

Like most companies, Beiman Clinic Group worked with the “packaged” services offered by one of the big 3 operators. In this case they used the “Oficina Plus” service of the operator Orange.

This service is based on mobile lines whose SIM cards are inserted into phones that have the appearance of “fixed” phones, but which in reality are not.

These phones, a priori, gave them the option of being able to take the terminals from one clinic to another without losing their configuration, but they soon discovered that they had many shortcomings and the service was inappropriate for their vision of growth and improvement of corporate image….  


Which needs did we detect?

  • Your telephone operators have to open in their computer, manually, the patient’s file of the calling patient.
  • The service contracted with Orange has only 8 simultaneous calls, the rest are in limbo.
  • The customer has no way to make simultaneous calls.
  • The customer has no way of knowing how many calls he misses or is attended by his staff.
  • No statistics are available to reflect peak and off-peak customer service hours.
  • No records of which agent was using a telephone terminal at any given time.
  • It is not possible to make call recordings.
  • It is also not possible to “spy” on customer service agents for ongoing training.
  • The phones do not display the landline number of each clinic when calling a patient.
  • It is not possible to determine the volume of calls that each clinic has.
  • They do not have access to a platform where they can easily view and modify the configuration of their virtual PBX.
  • Orange’s technical support is ineffective for the customer’s needs.


What Solutions Did We Implement?

After detecting the client’s needs, we proceed to implement an IP telephony system in the cloud (virtual PBX) with the following advanced features:

  • Software for Contact Center and SAC (Customer Care Service).

This system consists of an online panel for the real-time control and management of all the telephone activity of our client. Thanks to this we were able to record and study ALL incoming calls, the reasons for unanswered calls, waiting times and much more… And with this, we made decisions about other services that would make profitable and improve sales ratios and customer service for Beiman Clinics.

  • Automatic opening of the patient’s record on the screen of the operator receiving the call.

We automate the process of opening patient records on the screen of the operator who takes a call. To achieve this, we integrated with your current IT provider and developed a system that detects the patient’s phone number, looks up their chart and opens it on the screen of the operator who handled the call. Thanks to this service, Beiman Clinic Group saves time in the opening of records and eliminates human error.

  • Statistical performance reports by agents.

We record in your online dashboard the performance of each of your telephone agents (calls received, percentage of calls attended, waiting times, activity and inactivity schedules, etc.)

  • Advanced call queues.

We record all the telephone activity of each of the departments in order to analyze the periods with the highest volume of unanswered calls. GESDITEL’s software generates reports that the client can consult when required. In addition, we assign a personalized behavior for each Center or department, thanks to this we improve the ratio of calls attended, sending calls only to the staff that is in real disposition to answer them.

  • Prioritization of productive calls.

Our system detects urgent and profitable calls for our customer, which are assigned higher priority to be attended in the shortest possible time by customer service agents.

  • Automatic call recording.

All calls are recorded in the system, thanks to which our client has been able to resolve several complaints and improve customer service procedures.

  • Multi-Agent Positions.

This feature allows each of the telephone agents to use any of the terminals in any center, retaining their own statistics and settings. For example, a telephone agent working in Córdoba can go to Seville and use any handset to receive calls from Córdoba customers and with his assigned extension from Córdoba.

  • Call labeling.

We add to the terminal screen, next to the caller’s phone number, a label indicating the reason why a patient is calling us. Thanks to this, our customer’s staff will be able to apply telephone care protocols to improve response times and patient satisfaction.

  • Teleworking.

All the solutions we have provided are in the cloud, so now you can telework Beiman Clinic Group staff can work from their homes without any additional configuration, either taking the terminals from the office, or attending / making calls from their PC’s. It’s that simple.  

What is the result?


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  • Beiman was attempting to monitor the performance of its Customer Service department by reviewing invoices and call records manually. Once the month was over, and even then, they were still not getting enough information to improve the main department involved in the growth demanded by the company’s management.



  • Beiman has, from a real-time online panel, all the information it needs to ensure the proper functioning of its Customer Service department, reinforce schedules at specific times due to workload, control the volume of calls handled and the return on investment in each of its departments. In addition, it has managed to adapt its clinics to teleworking and increase the profitability of its work team.

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