Buy private database for telemarketing, is it legal?

馃 In today’s article we will offer information on the legality of buying private databases and safe alternatives to get customer databases 鈽庯笍 for telephone sales. Buy private database, keep reading!

Having an up-to-date and legal customer database for telemarketing can seem complicated and expensive. We must pay close attention to what the law says about the use of customer records and look for good alternatives that help us launch our sales.

Follow this article carefully to learn about all the available options.


Telemarketing private database, what is it?

A particular database refers to a data record of natural persons who have purchased a product or potential customers who are part of the specific profile that could convert a purchase or hire a service.

The databases usually collect information on gender, age, customs, consumption habits, etc., in addition to the most basic information such as: name, surname, telephone number, address and email.

Customers are the most important asset for a company, and even more so if the company is dedicated to selling by phone.

A telemarketing company will convert potential customers into real leads more quickly if it has a well-researched and filtered database. A database can be filtered based on individuals, companies (for the sale of B2B services), Postal Code, etc.

The type of database we use for telesales does not matter, but if we are thinking of buying a database for telemarketing, we must know that it is essential that it be legal.

Purchasing private databases that are not legal could incur severe penalties for the telemarketing company.

>> To find out how to verify a database, read our blog article: “List Robinson Spain, how to do telemarketing and comply with the law“. In it we explain how the Robinson List for Companies works and clarifies many doubts that may arise when managing information.


Database for Telemarketing, advantages

Buying a customer database, creating your own database or using a system where data files of this type are uploaded, will provide us with many advantages at the time of telesales. strong>

Some of them are highlighted below:

– It will help us to identify the most important customer segments or profiles.

– It will make it easier for us to attract and maintain higher value customers.

– It will cause us to generate a closer relationship with our customers, since we will have enough data to contact them at key moments of the purchase.

– It will give us the opportunity to create brand affinity: today’s customers want to buy from companies they know. If we have a customer database, we can induce brand affinity by sending emails to share special offers, promotions, new products or news.

– It will facilitate the development of customer loyalty.

– It will allow us to personalize the shopping experience.

– Thanks to a database we can obtain a unified view of customer data to optimize our products and services.

– It will help us to know your customers.

– It will allow us to identify the most loyal and profitable customers.

– It will cause us to provide better customer service.

– It will allow us to adopt a consumer-centric approach.

– It will allow us to improve the launch of new products.

– It will provide us with a more objective vision when it comes to segmenting the audience.

– All of the above will help improve the company’s marketing strategies and carry out more successful actions.

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Buy private database, is it legal?

After analyzing the previous section, we have no doubt that a good database for telemarketing is one of the cornerstones for the success of sales campaigns in sales by phone.

But, how to get a good database? Is buying a database for telemarketing legal?

Yes, buying a telemarketing database is legal as long as they respect the corresponding regulations and meet a series of requirements, which we will explain later.

If you dedicate yourself to telemarketing, you should know that when buying a database for telemarketing it is essential that this data be of high quality, comply with the consent of part of the included contacts and all the requirements of privacy of the legal regulations that we highlight below:

Applicable regulations for purchasing telemarketing databases

When buying a database, we must keep in mind the following regulations and laws:

LSSI-CE (Law on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce):

This law regulates everything related to electronic communications, including commercial ones that are made to both individuals and legal entities. Therefore, we must take it into account to buy databases for companies and individuals alike.

– GDPR and LOPDGDD (General Data Protection Regulation and Organic Law on Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights):

They regulate the use and processing of personal data of natural persons. They refer especially to the way in which the data used in databases is obtained and the legality to use them in telesales and other commercial actions.

We must take these laws into account, for example, when purchasing email databases or when personal data has not been validated.

It is imperative to verify that the database is updated and validated by ADigital according to the records of the Robinson List for commercial companies.

>> There are systems, such as GESDITEL’s telemarketing software, that are capable of automatically reviewing these databases. In the next section, “Robinson List for Companies, how to validate a database for telemarketing?”, we will indicate how.


Robinson List for Companies, how to validate a database for Telemarketing?

In this section of the article, “Buy private database for telemarketing, is it legal?”, we will indicate the measures that must be taken when giving a database as good and legally approved.


Robinson’s List for Companies, what is it?

The Robinson List is the platform where users can sign up to avoid advertising from companies to which they have not given their consent to contact them.

This inscription, which is made on the web -> Robinson List, is free and irreversible if the user does not ask to be removed from it. With which, from the moment of registration of the data, no company will be able to make use of them if it is not with prior and express authorization.

To find out if the database we want to use for telemarketing is secure, we must verify the information and validate the data. In the next section we will indicate how to perform this data validation.


How to validate a database with the Robinson List?

Once we know what the Robinson List for companies is, it is important to know how to cross the information from our database with it to validate it and not incur sanctions.

As of February 14, 2020, the methodology for using the Robinson List managed by ADigital (Spanish Association of Digital Economy) was changed.

To date, the list could be acquired and crossed with the databases using different methods, but since then, the data crossing can only be carried out using the development carried out by ADigital.

ADigital’s data verification system allows data cross-checks for the following arguments:

Telephone number (for SMS / MMS campaigns or telephone campaigns)
Telephone number + Name (for SMS/MMS campaigns or telephone campaigns)
Address + Name

The ADigital platform has a series of requirements in terms of file format and query limits.

Another of the main differences with respect to the previous use of the Robinson List is the validity of the crossover. Before, the cross data was valid for three months, however, now it will only be valid for one month.

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Buying a Telemarketing Database, is it a good idea?

Most of the information that we handle on a daily basis in a company ends up being organized in a database with the aim of being able to access any data quickly when necessary.

For this reason, buying a quality database for our company will help us to have our clients’ information organized with the intention of saving time and money while guaranteeing the correct execution of marketing strategies.

Therefore, buying a customer database will be a good option for the following reasons:

– We can access the information from anywhere, because it can be stored in the cloud.

– We will have greater control of the data, preventing the existence of duplicate records.

– We can store a high volume of information and segment it the way we want.

– We may exchange the information in our database with other networks.

– We can access the data from the records immediately.

– We can use different programs to make reports and graphs according to any data we want.

– Information security levels will be safeguarded with backup copies.


Buy customer database, how much does it cost?

The cost of buying a database for telemarketing depends on the volume of records, type of data, the company that sells it, and its level of legality.

We can find databases with customer information from 30 euros, but there are also those of 500 euros, 1,000 and more than 20,000. It depends on each company and the investment you want to make to access the different data sources.

When we do not have to buy a customer database outside of the option of an integrated telesales platform, you should know that the price is higher the more information fields are needed, both to segment and to receive more information in the file.

The price of buying individual databases is usually irrelevant compared to the investment required to develop a business. Without quality data, the rest of the investment will be more difficult to recover.

When we decide to buy private databases for our telemarketing campaigns, we must bear in mind that success is not always in impacting as many people as possible, but rather in working in depth on the market segment related to our product or service.

Do you want to buy a cheap and secure private database?: The cheapest, easiest and safest way to buy a telemarketing database is by hiring an all-inclusive telemarketing software such as GESDITEL .

GESDITEL’s telemarketing software is a platform that integrates telephone flat rate, automatic dialing, database and verification with Robinson List for companies (among many other functionalities) and all for a fixed monthly fee starting at 鈧29.


What database to buy?

To buy a customer database, we must be clear about the information that will be most relevant to the success of our sales campaigns and the type of customer that the business converts, their tastes, hobbies, age, gender…

It is important to define in advance the type of database we need to avoid wasting budget unnecessarily and wasting time looking for potential customers.

Getting a database with a large volume of data that is not in line with the buyer persona of our company or the product / service we sell can be counterproductive to our business.

We must avoid investing time and resources in convincing the purchase to an audience that does not identify with the profile of your products or services.

Each database that we are interested in acquiring must contain information that is useful for email marketing campaigns, telemarketing campaigns or SMS marketing.

A well-filtered database should basically contain: telephone numbers, email address, province and community where potential clients reside, their gender, profession, social networks and other data, so that the digital marketing agency can plan the marketing strategy.


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Buy Customer Database, safe alternatives

If you are looking to buy a customer database and you are not sure if your source is very reliable, or if you are going to buy a database for telemarketing and they ask for too high a budget for it, you should consider a safer and simpler option such as hire telemarketing software.

The database development and management services offered by telemarketing software will simplify your effort. Leave the creation and uploading of your customer database to the professionals in the software.

A telemarketing software such as GESDITEL’s, will also provide you with other very useful functionalities to carry out sales services by telephone, such as:

– Automation of outgoing calls, being able to choose between different types of autodial: predictive, progressive dialer, dialer, auto dialer or robocall.

– Pre-loading of databases filtered according to the characteristics of individual, professional or business clients.

– Automatic validation of records prior to contacting the potential client: it is certified if the contact is included in the Robinson List database (prior data crossing).

– Detection of answering machines: automatically detects and eliminates contacts with an answering machine, voice mail or any other conversation with robots to optimize agent response times.

– Call recording: the GESDITEL telemarketing platform will save copies of the call recordings in the cloud.

– Spy + Whisper: it also has a real-time listening service so that operators can have the assistance of another agent or supervisor during a call with a potential customer.

– Statistical reports of results: the program will provide us with such data on the results of the campaigns, that it will be very easy for us to make optimizations and improvements aimed at making our telesales campaigns successful.

– Flat call rate: the GESDITEL system also has a flat rate to be able to make massive calls without problems due to line charges at the end of the month.

– Scalable system: it has the advantage of being a scalable system that can add increasingly complex functionalities valuable to our business as it grows.

– All of the above can be obtained for a single price, to have control of telemarketing expenses at all times.

As a last alternative, we will always have the creation of our own database by collecting and recording data from the clients themselves who have become our company.

If you want to know how to create and manage your own database, you can find more information in our article:How to create a customer database for telemarketing?




So far, everything you need to know if you are thinking of buying a private database for your company’s telesales services.

We hope that this article “Buy private databases for telemarketing, is it legal?” It has been useful to clarify all doubts.

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