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In this call center training we will talk about the telemarketers in your company as a key to increase your telephone sales. ☝️ How to optimize their performance and make them successfully perform all their functions? 🤓 Read the article below!!!

Just like any company in any industry, companies that own a call center want to have tele-operators with the best training.Why? Because these telemarketers or agents are the internal face of the company and the treatment they offer to the customer will be essential for the sale to occur or not and for the customer to be satisfied or not with the service and attention received.

For this reason more and more companies are devoting a large part of their resources to prepare their telemarketers to offer a personalized service in real time to their customers. Before anything else, we must address other issues such as: what is a telemarketer, what is a call center?  


Telemarketer or telephone agent This is the person in charge of sending and receiving telephone calls from customers when they request information about the company’s products and/or services.
Call center It is a call center where agents receive and place calls from and/or to clients, partners, …

Once we have defined the two concepts we are going to work with, we will start by explaining what are the attitudes that good telemarketers should have in a call center. We will provide you with the basic functions and, also, some tips so that your company’s telemarketers can improve their training.

If you think you already have a switchboard or call center with well-trained telemarketers and that they can’t improve any further, you may be interested in knowing what obligations you have regarding the new RGPD and LGPD regulations.  


Is it essential to carry out a call center training for telemarketers?

The training of call center staff is an essential part for the proper functioning of the company and to offer the best possible service to customers and users. Telemarketers are not simply employees who follow a call script/protocol when receiving or making calls, they are in charge of representing the company and creating the future reputation of the company.

Good telemarketers are not just employees who follow a call script/protocol when receiving or making calls. Good telemarketers must have characteristics and skills that will enable them to be more productive and successfully perform the functions they must perform, which we will discuss below. The characteristics and skills are:

  • Empathy and kindness. They must be able to put themselves in the customer’s shoes in order to understand their problems and, thus, provide them with the best solution.
  • Communication skills. They must have a great communicative ability to express the information or the process to the client in an understandable way.
  • Tembleness. The ability to calm the customer and not get upset when the customer is angry is essential to be able to help the customer.
  • Self-control and patience. Ability to solve all the users’ problems.
  • Positive attitude. Offering them a positive treatment will help you to put the customer on track towards your goal.
  • Management capacity. To be able to work with several different channels at the same time.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • To be motivated.
  • Have a commercial attitude.
  • Ability to learn.
  • Ability to listen to the customer.
  • Have knowledge and handle ICT.


What are the functions of telemarketers?

The most outstanding and important functions to be performed by the telemarketers of a call center or any company in general that has a technical support service are:

  • Capturing new customers.
  • Retention of existing customers.
  • Retention of new customers.
  • Resolve customer issues.
  • Offer technological support or resolve complex incidents (specialized telemarketers).
  • Update the databases.
  • Monitoring and follow-up of customers.
  • Attend to complaints and claims made by customers.
  • To carry out telemarketing campaigns to offer the company’s products and/or services.
  • To promote the company’s products and/or services.
  • Make appointments with the customer.
  • Greeting customers with courtesy and politeness.
  • Solve customer questions and concerns.
  • Answering customer emails.
  • Supporting the rest of the administrative tasks.
  • Meeting customer/user needs.
  • Support advertising campaigns.


Do you need to improve the training of your telemarketers?

If you have come this far, it is because you need help with your telemarketers so that their training is the best for working in your call center. Don’t worry, at Gesditel we will give you some very useful tips that will make your telemarketers better than they already were and you will see your company’s sales increase.  

  • Work on your oral expression to be convincing and your telephone smile to convey to the customer the feeling that you are willing to listen to him/her.
  • Cultivate languages, they are essential for working with all types of customers. Adopting the customer’s language is a very positive sign of empathy.
  • Have patience. It is important that the user is relaxed and has time to listen.
  • Analyze customer reviews. Take customer evaluations regarding the treatment received as a self-criticism to improve.
  • Lose your fear of the telephone. It is achieved with practice.
  • Adapt each call to the customer.
  • Know how to listen. If we are not attentive to what the customer is telling us, we will not be able to obtain the important data to help him/her.
  • Do not personalize calls. The customers you catch angry is not because of you, and the telemarketer’s mission is to calm them down and solve their doubts or incidents.
  • Do not be a robot. Customers want to be listened to and understood, not to talk to an automatic recorder.
  • Do not lie. Don’t promise customers on the phone things you can’t deliver.
  • Share ideas. If you have ideas that can help with better call handling share them with superiors.


If your call center telemarketers are able to put all these tips into practice and possess the attitudes and skills mentioned above, they will be able to perform all their duties without difficulty and, they will be….. THE BEST TELEMARKETERS. But, … remember that it is essential to have tools that allow you to detect which are the points to be strengthened, such as:

  • Real-time and ex-post auditing systems.
  • Reports of the activity of each operator to be able to strengthen the weak points of each one.
  • To show the operator on his screen the customer’s preference.
  • To work on telephone service protocols to reduce times (effective communication) and increase the profitability of the staff.


At Gesditel, we are always thinking about the best way to help you with your company, either with technical support, tools to improve the management of your business, with the control of the company, the appropriate software for teleworking, etc. In this case we wanted to focus on helping you to get the most out of your teleworkers. Remember that they are the image of your company and the key to increase sales and satisfy your customers.

If you are interested in improving your call center we have all the tools you need to achieve it at your disposal. In addition, you can also enjoy the tools to build customer loyalty, you will have the software to perform teleworking in these times of coronavirus, you can make a telemarketing campaign, … do not hesitate and contact us, we will assist you without obligation.

We also have at your disposal the obligations to improve customer service to comply with the RGPD and what you should do to improve your SAC and your CAU, and of course, how to attract new customers. We look forward to hearing from you.

We hope we have been very useful and that you manage to improve the training of your call center operators. It is essential to always optimize to the maximum all the resources at your disposal in order to increase the profitability of your company at a low cost.

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