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Insurance company switchboards receive a high volume of calls throughout the day. Like all insurance companies, they have a head office and several branches spread throughout the geographical area in which they operate. But they also have several departments (accident, home, parts, car, health, motorcycle, roadside assistance, …).

So, when they receive calls from customers, they then have to redirect them to the appropriate department. This can be done thanks to the DTMF function of the switchboard or by performing an intelligent distribution of the incoming calls thanks to the business software.

In the past, when we had to contact our insurance company to process a claim, incident or insurance contract, the most common thing to do was to go to the nearest branch office. But, nowadays, we, the customers, carry out most of the procedures by phone or through the company’s APP.

For a correct management of contacts and incidents that they may have, companies require software that is responsible for a correct distribution of incoming calls in the switchboard intelligently. In such a way that the calls would be received automatically by the departments that the customers want to contact and all of them, without losing the quality of service and reducing waiting times.

To achieve this, a business software has been developed capable of performing its basic functions and being complemented with more advanced ones to offer this service. Thus, creating an automated ticket opening system that will pick up the incident over the phone and communicate it to the operator in charge. In addition, it will be available 7 x 24 hours.

This function can be implemented by any company in the insurance sector. So, we will delve into what it consists of and analyze all its advantages for companies and customers.  


What is an incident ticketing software call distribution?

This incident management software or helpdesk software or ticketing software allows insurance companies to intelligently distribute incoming customer calls to the telemarketer responsible for the ticket. But … how is the automation of this service achieved? It is thanks to the interactive voice response or advanced IVR system that allows insurers to automate the distribution of incoming calls in the call center for the correct management of their services.

For example, let’s say a customer has an open incident report (a ticket) with his insurer for a problem at home. In this case, the customer can call the company to inquire about the status of the ticket.

To do so, the customer will only have to call his insurance company and enter his ticket number, which is unique. The call is then automatically distributed among the operators in charge of handling the tickets, and then forwarded to the operator in charge of resolving the incident (ticket).

In this way, the operator will be able to inform the customer in real time of the status of his ticket thanks to the business tools.

The purpose of the software is to help customers to be always informed in a short and concise way, and to speed up the resolution of tickets (incidents) and technical problems.

In addition, it allows the consultant to receive notifications in several ways: telephone (through the forwarding made in the customer service), website, email (through the CRM), …, all this is thanks to the omnicality.

So, for its implementation, it is only necessary to have in the CRM of your company a software with a system IVR to manage incident tickets.  


What are the advantages of automatically distributing trouble ticket calls?

As with all software, this call distribution program has its basic functions built in, but it also has more advanced functions to speed up the resolution of customer tickets and optimize the insurer’s internal communication. In such a way, the most outstanding advantages of the ticketing software are:

  • Service available 7 x 24 hours thanks to the service of on-call advisors for urgent tickets.
  • It allows you to track customer incidents and inform them automatically via email.
  • It integrates seamlessly into the company’s website so that customers can directly contact an operator or assistant without waiting.
  • The ticket information is fully centralized to facilitate the evaluation of the incident situation.
  • Redistributes services evenly among advisors.
  • Improves customer service by providing answers to all customer queries.
  • Sends reminders to advisors’ CRM about customer inquiries.
  • It has an electronic agenda where you can write down the information you need to communicate to your customers to keep them satisfied at all times.
  • Provides reports and statistics for a better tracking of tickets.
  • Offers a global view of the company’s incidents.
  • Automatic responses can be sent for the most common queries.
  • It allows classifying incidents as new, in progress, closed, cancelled, …
  • It increases the productivity of the human team.
  • ….

  call distribution

If you want to offer a better quality ticketing service to your company, what you need is an incident management software. We are aware of how important it is to maintain good communication with your customers and provide them with real-time information whenever they need it.

For that reason, Gesditel is your company. We are always thinking about the best way to help you achieve your goals, build customer loyalty, attract customers and increase your productivity.

So, if you are interested in having in your company’s call center a helpdesk software for the automatic distribution of your customers’ ticket calls and enjoy all the advantages it provides, we have what you need. You only have to contact us and we will attend you without obligation.

Our services are fully customized to your needs. We hope this article has been useful to you and if it was, please share!

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