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Today we tell you about our success case with the tourist company Camping Giralda: why they contacted GESDITEL , which problems we detected and how we helped them optimize their resources to achieve success 🚀. Read on!

GESDITEL finalizes the deployment of a wide range of technological services for the tourist company “Camping Giralda”, located on the coast of Isla Cristina, making them one of the first campsites listed as a company 2.0 in Spain.

Throughout the 15 hectares that make up this beautiful tourist area, GESDITEL has deployed an extensive network of wireless access points with a stable data flow, a P2P public address network, a virtual PBX in the cloud for customer service, its own mobile application, several POS for its stores, supermarkets and restaurants, as well as automated information panels.

Camping Giralda stands out for its privileged location on the coast of Isla Cristina, in front of the beach, its wide range of outdoor activities for the whole family, the variety of accommodations and camping areas and its use of technologies to improve the user experience of its visitors.  


Why did Camping Giralda contact GESDITEL?

Camping Giralda decides to further improve its facilities in order to offer its visitors free Internet access virtually anywhere in the campsite.

It is also considering the deployment of a P2P public address network that allows its visitors to be informed of any news and to be alerted in case of an emergency.

To further improve the satisfaction of non-regular visitors, they decide to have their own APP on Android and iOS with which they will offer updated information about their activities, leisure areas to visit inside and outside the campsite, booking times at the pool, information about the restaurant menus, vacation reservations, etc., as well as a touch screen from which they can get much more updated information about the area in several languages.  


How did they work their Customer Service at Camping Giralda?

Camping Giralda used a virtual switchboard of the operator Orange that worked with 4G technology. Due to the location of the campsite, they suffered from problems with the voice quality of the calls.  


Which needs did we detect?

  • Very poor Internet connection, with a very low download speed and very high latency.
  • Only one voice channel to receive phone calls.
  • No information on the number of calls they were missing to manage reservations.
  • No public address system was available.
  • The only way to get information on places to visit, restaurants to eat at, activities to do, etc. was to go to reception and ask.
  • Restaurant and store bills were kept manually.
  • Difficulty to control the capacity at the swimming pool (prior to COVID)
  • Customers do not have free wifi network.


Which solutions do we implement?

Given the needs of Camping Giralda we decided to adopt the following solutions:

  • Virtual IP PBX

We installed our virtual PBX in the cloud. Thanks to this we managed to increase the number of simultaneous calls and install wireless IP phones in areas where previously there was no 4G coverage, also obtaining statistical information on the days and times with the highest number of calls.

  • Guaranteed 100Mb symmetrical circuit with a range of static ips.

Guaranteed Internet access is provided to the customer by means of a radio link that includes a frequency reservation to guarantee the warmth of the contracted service.

  • Installation of a system of wireless Internet access points.

We installed throughout almost the entire 15 hectares of the campground a system of wireless access points that provide campground guests with free Internet connections. The system includes several racks with power amplifier equipment and servers that manage the bandwidth available to each user.

  • P2P public address system.

A P2P public address system is installed consisting of several megaphones distributed at strategic points of the campsite that can be activated from the reception to provide information to users of the campsite about activities, incidents, etc.

  • Informative touch screen:

A touch screen is installed in the reception hall where users can obtain information about the campsite (schedules, activities, menus, rules, etc.) as well as information about Isla Cristina and Huelva (history, places to visit, etc.) in multiple languages.

  • Personalized APP.

From this APP available in the Apple and Google stores users can book vacation periods, get information about activities, places to visit, etc. The app helps visitors to go to different parts of the campsite and to outdoor areas by guiding them via their GPS.

  • Online control panel.

It allows administrators to control all calls made and issued from Camping Giralda, know the time slots with the highest influx of calls, list calls by country, provide multilingual telephone support, etc.  


What’s the result?



. descontrol .  

  • Poor Internet connection
  • Customers without free hotspots.
  • No IP public address system.
  • To book activities you had to go to the counter.
  • A lot of time was spent on giving instructions on places to visit, etc.
  • Hand cashing in stores and restaurant.



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  • Guaranteed high-speed Internet
  • Quality IP Telephony.
  • Wireless hotspots offering free wifi to customers.
  • Automatic management of reservations through personalized APP.
  • Collections through POS with barcode.
  • Powerful P2P public address network.
  • Touch screen with multi-language information.

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Por: Nati CaballeroPublicado el: 21 de marzo de 2022