🔴 Today we talk about our success story with CERNAVAL: why they contacted GESDITEL ☎, what problems we detected and how we help them optimize their resources to achieve success Be sure to read this article!

Cernaval group, located in the ports of Algeciras and Málaga, is dedicated to offering a large number of high-quality services for the naval repair industry, maintenance, transformation and assistance with clients all over the world.

GESDITEL signs a collaboration agreement with the company in 2022 to take charge of communications in its ports.


Why does Cernaval contact GESDITEL?

In the ports of Malaga and Algeciras, where Cernaval operates, there is no good connection to the internet network to guarantee the correct communications of the company.

They suffered from problems with the voice quality of the calls, they had worked with different operators, but with none of them they got adequate coverage.

Cernaval also needed a secure communications system in the cloud capable of integrating fixed and mobile lines and recording all telephone activity in an online panel.


What needs do we detect?

  • Very poor Internet connection, with very low download speed and very high latency.
  • Very poor call quality.
  • A single voice channel on each port to receive telephone calls.
  • Information on telephone activity, almost zero.
  • No possibility of videoconferencing.
  • No possibility of telecommuting.
  • No telephone virtual assistants.


What solutions do we implement?

GESDITEL implements a network system of optimal quality for its docks and a virtual switchboard for the centralized management of all the company’s headquarters, capable of performing the following functions:

  • Telecommuting

The functions of our virtual switchboard allow them to telecommute from their homes or from anywhere in the world.

  • Integration with mobile lines

We assign a corporate level numbering to each of the existing mobile lines regardless of the operator with which they are contracted, and we assign them advanced virtual switchboard functions.

  • Online agenda

We create online agendas that automatically synchronize contacts with all the terminals, landlines, and mobiles of your virtual switchboards.

  • Simultaneous calls

The system allows you to call all users at the same time, and also continue receiving calls from your customers, which remain in queue until an agent is free.

  • Video chat

We provide a videoconferencing solution in the cloud with which you can hold business meetings with clients and suppliers.

  • Screenshare

They can also share their screens with customers and suppliers to show and modify their designs live.

Our virtual assistant assists Cernaval clients when their office staff has finished their working day, collecting their requests and sending them to the email of the person in charge of assisting them, including audio files and information on the date, time, and the telephone number originating the call for your immediate attention.

  • Firewall

Firewall implementation, whose telemetry securitization is guaranteed, as well as communications to the different departments involved in the different projects.


What is the result?


before cernaval switchboard

  • Impossibility of accessing an internet service to guarantee communications at the docks.
  • No centralized call management or virtual assistance for out of hours communications.



cernaval after

  • Symmetrical and guaranteed Internet connection in licensed band with sufficient bandwidth demanded by Cernaval in the different stages of the projects.
  • Secularization and encryption of relevant data and communications.
  • Optimum call quality.
  • Centralized communications of the offices of different ports.
  • Virtual assistant that registers calls and notifications of incidents outside of office hours.

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Por: Nati CaballeroPublicado el: 16 de agosto de 2022