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✅ Today we tell you about our success story with the company CHOCOLATES TRAPA: why they contacted GESDITEL , what problems we detected and how we helped them to optimize their resources to achieve success. Do not miss this article!

Founded in 1891 by Trappist monks, Chocolates Trapa is one of the best-known chocolate companies in Spain. A pioneering and 100% Spanish company.

Currently, Chocolates Trapa has 150 employees, more than 120 distributors in Spain and a presence in more than 50 countries.

GESDITEL signs in 2022 a collaboration agreement with the company to implement a multiple audio conferencing platform that will facilitate communication between the different areas of the company, as well as its customers and suppliers.


Chocolates Trapa, why did they contact GESDITEL?

The company, Chocolates Trapa, has experienced a great increase in activity in recent years. Today it has 150 employees, more than 120 distributors in Spain and presence in more than 50 countries.

To coordinate all this activity, business and workers, the company Chocolates Trapa saw the need to implement a new system through which to conduct multiple audio conferences in a secure environment.

After carrying out the expansion of its business, the directors of Chocolates Trapa realized that it was necessary to contact a professional company like GESDITEL to manage communications between the multiple areas of the company and its suppliers.


What needs did we detect?

– They did not have the option to make multiple communications through their PBX.

– No options to make quality audio conferences.

– Limitation in the number of simultaneous calls.


What solutions did we implement for Chocolates Trapa?

GESDITEL implements for Chocolates Trapa a multiple audio conferencing platform in the cloud to facilitate and secure corporate conversations and audio conferences.

Now they also have the option, if they wish, to make video conferences.

The GESDITEL platform is accessible, for the administrator and users who wish, from the internet browser, allowing you to connect from any device and from anywhere in the world.

In addition, the software that manages the multiple audio conferencing system, is hosted in the cloud, avoiding having local servers in the company that cause overload on the internet network and, therefore, high latency in video / audio communications and poor quality connections.

The GESDITEL communications system supports the connection of multiple users to the conference room, joining the same through a phone number and pin code that will provide the administrator.

The administrator is the person in charge of scheduling, creating the conference room and inviting participants to the conference room.


How to create a conference room?

You can see below how to create a conference room in the GESDITEL platform.

First of all, once the administrator is inside the GESDITEL online platform, he/she goes to the “CONFERENCE ROOM” tab that he/she will find in the menu on his/her left:

chocolates trapa empresa e1664446476384

By clicking on the button at the top of the screen where you can see “New Room”, a floating window will appear where you can fill in all the important data for the creation of the new conference:

chocolates trapa compania e1664446408821

We would fill in the company data, for example, as follows:

chocolates trapa espana e1664446386287

After creating the room, the administrator will be able to edit its configuration, add people and share it from the platform itself:

chocolates trapa palencia e1664446358793


How does a conference room work?

Participants invited by the administrator to the conference can join in several ways:

A) By calling the phone number assigned to the conference room and typing in their access code.
B) By picking up their phone anywhere in the world after an invitation call from the administrator.
C) By short code dialing (if you are a company employee).

Once a minimum of two participants have connected, the conference can start and will end when all participants have hung up or the administrator closes the room.


What is the result of the implementation of the audio conferencing system?

The incorporation of GESDITEL’s audio conferencing system has meant a before and after in the way of communicating and holding meetings in the company Chocolates Trapa:


poor videoconferencing system

– Impossibility to make quality audio and video conferences.

– Impossibility to hold conferences with more than two or three participants.

– Unable to share files between participants in the conversation.

– Impossibility to make conferences with users outside Spain.



videoconference platform


Thanks to the incorporation of this new conference room system or multiple audio conferences, Chocolates Trapa is benefiting from all these advantages:

– Securization and encryption of relevant data and communications.

– Optimal quality of conference calls and video calls.

– Audio conferencing with unlimited participants for joint meetings with suppliers and employees anywhere in the world (even international access numbers are available).

– Connection to the audio conference from any telephone device without needing to rely on the Internet.

– A single platform to manage common calendars, meetings, and notifications.

– The administrator will have the ability to modify access codes, the number of participants, block and unblock access to the conference, activate or deactivate the organizer’s microphone, etc.

– Specialized technical service that assists the company with any incident or doubt in their videoconferences.

– Cloud-based system that guarantees the maintenance of the conference software without the need to have IT personnel in charge of the company.

– It is not necessary to have a local server in the company to host the videoconferencing platform for it to work optimally.




As you could already see, it doesn’t matter if you are a small, medium or large company… A tool as simple as this can facilitate business with any place in the world and establish close relationships with companies outside Spain without leaving your office.

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Por: Nati CaballeroPublicado el: 13 de octubre de 2022