Cisco IP Phone Configuration

cisThe article ✅ Cisco IP Phone Configuration is a basic administrator manual that will show you how to perform advanced settings 🖥️ on Cisco such as: network configuration, extensions, password change…. All the information below!


What are the first steps to make Cisco IP Phone Configuration?

In this manual for configuring Cisco, we will show you how to configure advanced phone features from the admin web panel. But first, there are some preliminary steps to perform from the Cisco handset itself:

  • Connect the phone to the network and make a first charge.
  • We turn on the terminal.
  • Find the IP address of the terminal. We will find the IP address by following the following path:
    • Click on the SETUP &gt button; 9. Network > 2. CurrentIP (*take note of the phone’s IP, e.g.


How to Configure Cisco from the Web Panel?

There are certain advanced features for the Cisco IP Phone that will allow for optimal operation of the handsets in a business environment, such as: configuring extensions, changing passwords, network settings, etc.

Follow the sections below to configure the different sections of the administrator panel of your phone.


What information to request from the Line Provider to Configure Cisco?

Before we start with the web configuration, we must have collected from our line provider the following information:

  1. ID of the extension
  2. PASSWORD of the extension.
  3. SERVER: PROXY, Host…
  4. PORT
  5. REMOTE AGENDA LINK of the Virtual PBX

NOTE: To configure Cisco we must also know the IP address of the terminal that we want to configure and that will give us access to the web panel, but as we indicated in the previous section (What are the first steps to Configure Cisco?), this is a piece of information that we can find in the terminal.


How to access the Cisco IP Phone Administrator Panel?

1. Url: enter the IP of the phone in the browser of your PC (example: and press ENTER on the keyboard.


telefono ip cisco


NOTE: By default, a new Cisco phone does not ask for a password, so pressing ENTER will take you directly to the Web Administration Panel.


How to Assign Password to the Cisco Web Panel?

Once we enter for the first time in the administration panel of a new phone, we will notice that neither username nor password was required. To assign this data, from the admin panel we click on:

1. Admin. Login. (in the upper right corner of the screen)


2. Enter the data requested below:

  • Name
  • Password


assign password cisco


How to change the Password in Cisco?

To change the password in Cisco, we must follow the following path from the admin web panel:

  • ADVANZED: click on the upper right corner of the panel
  • SYSTEM: in the SYSTEM tab, we must change the following parameters:
    1. Admin Password: assign a new password.
    2. Connection Type: DHCP.

NOTE: Click on the “Submit all Changes” button for the changes to be saved.

change cisco password


How to enable NAT on Cisco?

To enable NAT on the phone from the admin web panel, follow the path below:

  • ADVANCED: click in the upper right corner of the screen on the advanzed tab.
  • SIP: go to the SIP tab and scroll down the screen to make the following changes:
    • NAT Support Parameters:
      • Handle VIA received: yes
      • Insert VIA received: yes
      • Handle VIA rport: yes
      • Insert VIA rport: yes

NOTE: Click on the “Submit all Changes” button for the changes to be saved.


activate nat phone ip cisco


How to set the time in Cisco?

In this section of the manual to configure Cisco we will indicate how to set or change the time on the IP phone from the administrator web panel.

Follow the steps below:

  • ADVANZED: click on advanzed, in the upper right corner of our screen.
  • REGIONAL: in the REGIONAL tab, we scroll down to make the following information modifications:
    1. Time Zone: GMT +01:00
    2. Locale: en-US
    3. Ignore DHCP Time Offset: no

NOTE: Click on the “Submit all Changes” button for the changes to be saved.


change ip cisco phone time


How to Configure Extensions in Cisco?

Configuring extensions for our phone will allow us to make outgoing calls with different extension number but from the same line:


cisco extensions


We must indicate that from the web panel, you can configure up to 3 extensions for a terminal, although it is usual to configure only one.

Follow the steps below for a correct configuration of extensions in Cisco IP phone:

    2. Voice
    3. GENERAL > Line Enable > Yes
    4. SIP Port > this information is provided by our line provider
    5. SIP Transport > TCP


Configuring Extensions in Cisco


  1. PROXY and OUTBOUND PROXY: this information is provided by the line provider (same in both cases)
  2. DISPLAY NAME: this information is provided by the line provider and refers to the number assigned to the extension in question
  3. PASSWORD: this information is provided by the line provider.
  4. AUTH ID: same as display name (extension number provided by the line provider)
  5. USER ID: same as extension number provided to us by the line provider.
  6. USER AUTH ID: Yes
  8. USE DNS SRV: Yes

To confirm all changes, click on the “Submit Changes” button.


configure cisco ip phone extensions


NOTE: If we want to configure more extensions for our terminal, we continue configuring the EXT 2, EXT 3 tabs if necessary.


How to Activate Extensions in Cisco?

Once we have configured an extension in cisco (or 2 or 3), we must activate them in the admin panel:

1. we go to the PHONE. tab.

2. If we are only going to use one extension, we put in all the Line Key sections the same:

  • Extension: “1”
  • Share Call Appearance: Private

NOTE: we also have the option to indicate directly in Ext. 2 and Ext. 3 -> Line Enable (NO).

We must not forget to click on the “Submit Changes” button so that the changes are registered.


activate extensions




So far all the necessary basic information that will help you to Configure Cisco IP Phone in admin mode from the web panel.

If you are interested in making a user-level configuration and learn how to manage the basic functions of your Cisco IP Phone, read the article below -> Manual Cisco IP Phone.

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