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If you have a growing company, don’t miss this article, where we will analyze how you should improve your telephone support and what advantages there are to doing so.  Improve your companies locations support. Keep reading!

Every year, more and more companies have seen their productivity increase thanks to the correct control of their business. This has allowed them to expand throughout the national territory, leading to an increase in the number of offices in Spain. That is to say, they have become companies with multi-site services and, therefore, to continue offering a quality telephone service, they have been forced to improve their telephone support of these sites.

A clear example of a company with a single telephone support for multiple locations are travel agencies such as Halcón Viajes. Their location is widely spread throughout Spain, but they have a single call center capable of handling all procedures with the same professionalism and quality as if they were in the office.

As we all know, these types of companies manage all types of travel for your vacation, always meeting your needs and satisfying your expectations. Before, it was very common to make reservations for your vacation in a physical establishment, however, nowadays, customers usually make them by phone, through the APP or the web. It is no longer necessary to have a physical office.

This is because agencies can have a software that is responsible for a correct distribution of calls between the agents of the switchboard intelligently. In such a way that the calls would be received automatically by the departments with which customers want to contact (reservations, information, …). And, all this, without losing the quality of service and reducing waiting times.

This can be done thanks to the DTMF function of the PBX or thanks to the business software. So, let’s take a look at how those companies that are expanding should improve their telephone support, and we will analyze all its advantages.  


How to improve companies locations support?

One of the best tools available to companies in the market is business software, which allows tour operators to intelligently distribute incoming customer calls to the responsible telemarketer. But … how does it manage to centralize the telephone reception? It is thanks to the interactive voice response or advanced IVR system that allows companies to automate the distribution of incoming calls in the call center for a correct management of their services.

For example, suppose a company has 16 departments and wants to have a single queue in each of them, regardless of the number of agents it has. In this case, suppose you have 50 telemarketers among all the services you offer, and you want the calls to be distributed correctly among them.

In this case, the customer will only have to call the agency he wants to contact and, thanks to DTMF dialing, select the department he wants to communicate with. Then, the call will be automatically distributed among the operators of that department to be attended by the one who has the free line or is left unoccupied first.

In this way, we manage to offer a personalized and real-time attention to the customer about the service he is interested in. And all this is thanks to the business tools. The main objective of the software is to provide quality service and offer valuable information to the customer without waiting and without contact. In addition, streamlining the call queues to avoid unattended or missed calls.

For its correct implementation, it is only necessary to have in the company a call center with a software system IVR to manage the different locations.  


What are the advantages of sharing multi-site support in enterprises?

Although it may appear to be a heterogeneous and perhaps somewhat complex telephony architecture, it really is not. It is a transparent solution that allows companies to share the resources available to them throughout the geographic area in which they operate. And, like any other software, it has basic functions that provide great benefits to companies, but it also has more advanced functions such as:

  • Provides global reports
  • It offers a centralized view of the performance of each of the company’s departments.
  • Improves customer service by providing answers to all customer queries.
  • Manages the centralization of national calls without costly integration.
  • Includes free calls between headquarters (extensions, landlines and mobiles of the company).
  • Reduces costs by having a single global telephony service in the company.
  • Redistributes services equally among agents.
  • Increases the productivity of the human team.
  • Offers a better experience to service users.
  • Simplifies maintenance by having a single technical support that controls all the support for all the sites.

  companies locations support


To offer a quality service in each of the sites / departments, you just need a software in your call center that distributes calls intelligently between agents.

In Gesditel we are aware of how important your customers are for your company and that their experience is positive and satisfactory, that’s why we have what you need.

Our goal is for you to achieve your desired success and increase your profitability without a cost overrun.

So, if you are interested in having in your company’s call center a helpdesk software for the automatic distribution of calls between the teleoperators of your offices and enjoy all the advantages it provides, we have what you need (companies locations support).

You only have to contact us, and we will attend you without obligation.

We customize all our services to your needs. We hope you found this article useful and if so, please share!


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