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🚀 Here we tell you the secrets of our success story with the company Cor QuímicaThe problems we detected upon our arrival and how we carried out the process of optimizing their resources to achieve success. Read on!

GESDITEL has agreed with Cor Química to become the provider that will manage its Corporate Telecommunications.

Cor Química is a company that manufactures and distributes industrial solvents, with more than 50 years in the markets of Spain and Portugal.

Through the company Iberalcohol, it also manufactures and distributes alcohols for industrial use. Thanks to them Spain and Portugal have been able to have the necessary elements to manufacture hydroalcoholic gels during the hardest phases of the pandemic that is currently ravaging us.  


Why did Cor Química contact GESDITEL?

The main headquarters of Cor Química is located in Valdemoro (Madrid). having serious mobile coverage problems, both in 3G and 4G, with its operator, Vodafone.

At the time they contact GESDITEL the company is in a limit situation due to problems derived in its network infrastructure, which begins to generate a certain degree of dissatisfaction in their customers, internal incommunication and, ultimately, loss of orders by the continuous problems in their communications.  


How did Cor Química used to do their Customer Service?

Cor Química worked with the “One Net Virtual PBX” packaged services offered by Vodafone to all its customers in the business sector. This service consists of several SIM cards that are inserted into desktop phones that have the appearance of “fixed”, but in reality are cell phones.

This service did not work as our customer expected, and as we indicated above had coverage problems, so Cor Química decided to contact GESDITEL to study their casuistry and offer them solutions to their real needs, present and future.  


Which needs did we detect?

  • In the area where they are located there is poor Vodafone network coverage.
  • Due to 3G and 4G coverage the customer suffered micro-cuts during calls, which caused a lousy quality of attention to its customers and suppliers.
  • On occasion, Cor Química’s telephone number was not available.
  • The phones did not display the corporate landline number when calling someone, and instead displayed different mobile numbers on each company’s terminal, causing normal customer confusion.
  • There was no way to call the company’s customers or suppliers.
  • It was not possible to make call recordings.
  • The customer is not entirely happy with Vodafone’s technical support.


Which solutions did we implement?

After studying the client, we chose to use a fairly simple telephone system, based on avirtual IP PBX that includes the following advanced features:

  • Integration of mobile lines from other operators

Due to coverage problems, the customer chooses to have mobile coverage (4G) with several operators depending on the area in which the commercials are moving. This feature allows us to assign short numbering to fixed or mobile lines of any operator, thus maintaining the possibility of transferring calls between fixed and mobile extensions.

  • Automatic operator and interactive menu

This feature allows automatic transfer of calls to the appropriate department. On this occasion we have opted for the most economical option in terms of automatic operator.  This version locutions several options and picks up the option that the user dials with the keypad to transfer the call to the appropriate department.

  • Virtual Assistant LITE version.

This assistant is the most basic that GEDSITEL has in its portfolio. It is responsible for collecting user requests via voice, and sending them by email to the appropriate person or department to process these requests, both at times when Cor Química is not open to the public, as well as at times when its staff is saturated. In addition to sending the virtual version of the LITE version, this assistant is the most basic one that GEDSITEL has in its portfolio. In addition to sending the request send other useful information such as the phone number that originates the call and the date and time of the call.

  • Telework.

The system is set up so that any user can continue to work from home when needed, either by taking the IP phone there or using a softphone.

  • Maintenance and support PRO.

We include an equipment rental service that includes maintenance, upgrades, configuration and remote technical support whenever the customer needs it. To contact our support department, Cor Química simply clicks a button to get in touch directly with your personalized consultant.

  • Online Panel

Using this panel, Cor Química has accurate information, in real time, of all the telephone activity of your business, both fixed and mobile telephony. It has statistics on unanswered calls and the reason, filters to search old calls, access to an online agenda, call history, etc.  


What is the result?


sin cobertura


  • Cor Química “survived” by using mobile lines for its sales and support team. It was suffering from constant coverage problems that caused them in cuts during conversations, poor audio quality and dropped calls.
  • In addition, they had no way to monitor the percentage of calls they were missing.



centarlita virtual

  • Cor Química enjoys a perfect 4G coverage in each of the areas in which it moves, as well as a perfect fixed-mobile integration.
  • The auto attendant and the LITE virtual assistant has managed to relieve its staff of work, and above all, has regained control of its telecommunications thanks to the real-time information provided by its online dashboard.
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Por: Nati CaballeroPublicado el: 19 de abril de 2022