How to create a call blacklist on your phone?

🤓 Create a call blacklist: Did you know that creating a call blacklist is one of the most effective options to stop receiving calls from annoying strangers? In today’s article, we show you how to create a call blacklist on Android, iOS and fixed. 👉 Don’t stop reading it!  


What is a call blacklist?

A call blacklist is a directory of phone numbers that are automatically and silently blocked. You will be able to access it to remove, add or edit contacts. Calls coming from blocked contacts on our blacklist will never know they have been blocked. When these blocked numbers try to contact us, our phone will not even ring, directly, we will not enter the call.


How to create a call blacklist on cell phones and landlines?

To create a call blacklist and stop being disturbed by unwanted contacts, we must follow the steps below:  


How to create a call blacklist on Android?

To create a blacklist on Android phones:

    • Access the call log
    • Enter the menu
    • Select the call settings option
    • Access the option Block numbers
    • Enter the number we want to block, choose it from the list of recent calls or from the contact book

  Some bring the option to display incoming caller ID and spam protection, allowing you to identify unwanted or fraudulent calls and messages.  


How to create a caller blacklist in iOS?

  • To create a blacklist on iOS phones for unknown numbers:
    • Access the Phone app;
    • Tap the info icon of the phone you want to blacklist.
    • Press Block this contact.
  • To create a blacklist on iOS phones for contacts saved in the phonebook:
    • Go to Settings
    • Select Phone
    • Tap on Lock and Caller ID
    • Tap on Block contact and select the contacts we want to block


How to create a call blacklist on a landline phone?

In the case of landlines to create a blacklist just contact the operator with which we have contracted the service and ask them to block incoming calls from unwanted and annoying numbers and also to block outgoing calls to numbers 800, 803, 806, 807, 900, 901, 902 and 905. The case of 800 and 900 numbers are an exception, because the one who pays is the one who answers the call, not the one who makes it.

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