Advantages of integrating your PBX and CRM

CRM Phone System:One way to achieve better results in your company is by integrating your PBX with a CRM . Here’s why and how you can do it very easily. 🤓 Continue reading!

Every day, companies are being forced to be more productive and efficient with their PBX and CRM, due to heavy tax burdens and heavy competition in virtually every industry.

Having an ace up your sleeve that allows you to cut costs and improve your productivity is often the difference between success and failure.

In this article, we will talk about the advantages offered by the integration of your telephony center and your CRM.

We will start by making a brief explanation of what a CRM (user relationship management system) and an ERP (enterprise resource planning system) to be able to differentiate them well and have a better understanding of each in order to get the most out of them.


“It is a computer system in charge in managing production, logistics, inventory, distribution, invoices and accounting.”



“It is a software focused on customer relations that allows to have at any time all the necessary information from customers to satisfy their needs or to perform market research.”

Although, the benefits they provide to companies are very different, both software can be related to each other and integrated, providing an improvement in processes and greater competitiveness. For this reason, CRM and ERP computer systems are the most demanded software by companies to be integrated into call centers.

If you are considering the possibility of having a quality CRM and/or ERP software in your company, Gesditel has it at your disposal.


What are the characteristics of ERP software?

ERP is management software that connects the main functions and departments of the company so that they all work at the same time as if they were a single program. As we saw before in the definition, the head office with ERP software works by modules and includes those of:

  • Manufacturing
  • Human Resources / Payroll
  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Supply Chain
  • Finance and Accounting

These are systems focused on business processes and data exchanges between different departments of the company. It helps businesses reduce production costs and increase their efficiency thanks to KPI analysis and the improvement of interdepartmental processes.

The main advantages offered by this type of software are:

  • Data interoperability
  • Improved and increased communication.
  • Increased data reliability by having a single database.
  • Improves the quality of decision-making.
  • Offers greater efficiency by having a single platform.
  • Reduces training time.
  • Reduces implementation costs.
  • Allows you to invest only in the departments that need it in order to strengthen and improve them.
  • Generates reports and analysis on each process of the company.
  • Improves customer relations.
  • Provides the sales department with relevant information about customers to increase sales.
  • Eliminates unnecessary data and operations.


What features does CRM software have?

CRMs are tools capable of creating databases with the information of your customers, incorporating them into the same platform to optimize the processes in the sales and marketing department. It allows you to serve customers in a personalized way to strengthen their relationship, and design sales strategies tailored to the needs of the company to sell more. Phones with CRM software are designed for:

  • Automate sales processes
  • Collect customer information.
  • Create databases with customer information to analyze for marketing and sales forecasting purposes.
  • Monitoring of the sales department.

As you can see, its main purpose is to improve the company’s business relationships with its customers to increase sales, improve service and experience, and increase profitability. This computer system provides the company with many advantages such as:

  • Collects company interactions with customers to improve future conversations (data management).
  • Customer loyalty (positive customer experience).
  • Strengthens the relationship with consumers by knowing their needs and desires (personalization of services).
  • Groups all the information in a single, easy-to-control platform (process automation).
  • High accessibility to the necessary customer data in real time.
  • Increased customer satisfaction (increase sales).
  • Internal staff satisfaction (increase productivity).
  • Reduces cost.

You can learn more about how a telephone system perfectly integrated with your CRM will increase sales by automating telephone sales prospecting.


crm pbx


What are the advantages of integrating my phone system with my CRM or ERP?

As you may have deduced, having CRM or ERP software is beneficial enough in itself not to take advantage of the benefits they provide, but the effectiveness of these tools triples when we manage to integrate it with your phone system.

Some of the features you will get with this integration are:

  • Automatic opening of the customer’s file on the screen of the person receiving the call
  • Allow calls from the CRM or ERP without having to dial the phone number
  • Automation of massive outbound calls for commercial telephone prospecting.
  • Incorporation of telephone data (time of call, duration, etc.) to the customer intervention records.
  • Automatic recording of calls together with annotations, CRM or ERP
  • Audits of the work performed and of the reception and issuance of calls.
  • Telephone support and technical support metrics.

Thanks to these improvements, many companies manage to become even more efficient and greatly improve their sales and customer service departments, which translates into a substantial increase in customer satisfaction, an improvement in their brand image and, of course, an improvement in their bottom line.

Perhaps you are interested in having a CRM and/or ERP software adapted to the needs of your company in your business call center, which will allow you to increase sales, reduce costs, …

If, on the other hand, you already have one of these systems and want to improve or optimize it to the maximum to enjoy the benefits of integrating a CRM in your PBX, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you without obligation.

We hope this article has been very useful and that your CRM and ERP software are providing you with all the advantages and benefits for which they were designed.

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