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The number of customers that a company has greatly influences its profitability, therefore, the main marketing strategy that every company performs is the attraction of new and good customers to buy their products or services.

In marketing, depending on the strategy we are going to use, we can make 3 main distinctions: Online marketing, Offline marketing and Telephone marketing.

Offline marketing is the one we all know in greater depth, since it was the pioneer. We saw it on TV commercials, billboards, bus stop shelters, newspaper and magazine ads on paper, billboards, flayers, …

This means of advertising has been and still is used, although now they include a QR Code that when scanned with a mobile device redirects you to the ad in Online format.

For this reason, we are going to focus in this article on explaining in more depth the Online and Phone marketing strategies.

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What is Online Marketing?

According to Wikipedia, “online marketing or online marketing is the theory and practice of using the Internet to promote the sale of products and services.”

Online or 2.0 or Digital marketing is a combination of each of the new technologies that exist on the Internet. For this, the company must have an online profile, which will generate more visibility, and greater brand awareness and transcendence.

As we saw before, online marketing includes many techniques and, therefore, each of them will have their own strategies. The most important and effective ones are:

  • Online marketing strategies in Social Networks:
    • Create personalized content
    • Offer contests, sweepstakes and special offers on the Internet
    • Online strategies in RRSS combined with offline
    • Online marketing strategies with influencers
    • Strategies with micro-influencers (traffic targeting)


  • SEO positioning strategies:
    • Correctly design the website and take into account the Seo On Page
    • Study the keywords to be positioned
    • Perform a Guest blogging and Linkbuiding strategy


  • Strategies through email marketing:
    • Create a welcome email
    • Create a corporate newsletter
    • Send a discount, an offer


  • Online Advertising Strategies:
    • Create an advertising campaign on Google Ads
    • Create an advertising campaign on Facebook Ads (Social Ads)


When carrying them out, you must have well-defined what your goal is, because depending on what it is, you will have to perform one or another. For example, if you want to:

  • Increase web traffic, you have to carry out a combined strategy of Content Marketing and SEO positioning.
  • Generate conversions, you have to carry out a strategy of SEM (search engine advertising), Social Ads and Inbound Marketing (non-intrusive advertising).
  • Customer loyalty, you have to use email marketing and social networks.


What is Telephone Marketing?

According to Wikipedia, “Telemarketing or Telemarketing is a form of direct marketing in which a consultant uses the telephone or other means of communication to contact potential customers and market products and services.”

It aims to connect with the company’s potential customers through telephone devices to offer them advantages that will increase your company’s sales volume.

Companies that have a Contact Center and carry out Telemarketing strategies and commercial management actions see their effectiveness and profitability increase. The same happens when mass advertising campaigns are carried out in the media, e-mailing or mailing campaigns.

The main advantages that it provides and that, thanks to sales forces, guarantees better customer loyalty and a better return on investment, are:

  • Supplement or substitute to sales visits (saves time and travel cost)
  • Fastness (allows obtaining information on the results instantly)
  • Flexibility (allows changes to be made to solve the problems of non-sales)
  • Interactivity (allows solving any doubts about the product or service offered instantly)
  • Advice and customer service (allows advice on what product or service best meets the customer’s needs instantly)

Do not forget that for any sale to take place, we must capture the customer’s attention. In addition, they must be interested in buying our product or service and if they are not, generate that interest so that they want to buy the product or service or generate that need. And finally, lead them to the closing of the sale.

From GESDITEL we hope this information has been useful for you to know which marketing strategy is best for you to reach more customers and increase profitability.

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