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🚀 Diputación de Cádiz is another client that trusted GESDITEL as a virtual phone support provider . If you want to know more about this success story, read on!

The Provincial Council of Cadiz streamlines the management of appointments and other services to citizens and municipalities with the virtual telephone assistants of GESDITEL.

Diputación de Cádiz is a Public Body that provides direct services to citizens; as well as technical, economic and technological support to the municipalities of the municipalities of the province of Cadiz, in Andalusia. The Provincial Council of Cadiz is a Public Body that provides direct services to citizens; as well as technical, economic and technological support to the municipalities of the municipalities of the province of Cadiz, in Andalusia.  


Why contact GESDITEL?

The harshness of the Covid-19 pandemic affects all sectors of society, including the public sector.

The responsibility that this Agency assumes with its citizens and its City Councils takes on greater relevance in extreme situations like the one we are currently experiencing.

In its eagerness to maintain the quality of its services (even in periods of mobility limitations), cut management costs and improve response times, the Provincial Council of Cadiz decided to contact GESDITEL to give a new impetus to its data analysis systems of its telephone departments, as well as to offer its citizens automated services that manage to cope with the high volume of requests they face daily.  


How did your Citizen Service and City Councils work in Diputación de Cádiz?

Mainly, Diputación de Cádiz offers direct services to citizens, and also computer and technological support to the City Councils of the whole province.

To date, the telephone service is provided by telephone operators who answer the calls from their physical switchboards located in their municipal offices.  


What needs do we detect?

  • Need to optimize the management of telephone requests.
  • Automation of common processes, such as the management of previous appointments or the opening of incidents.
  • Need to have real-time information available in the cloud.
  • Need for geographic mobility and teleworking.
  • Staff is saturated with requests at peak times.


What solutions do we implement?

After studying the needs it is agreed to implement the following solutions:

  • Call Queue Management Software

Enables telephone operators to telework with their regular telephones. Optimizes the distribution of calls among agents by detecting their availability and distributing calls only to those who are actually available to answer them.

  • Online dashboards with statistical reports.

Generates statistical reports that allow you to detect the times with the highest and lowest number of calls, as well as the performance of the telephone operators.

  • Online dashboards with statistical reports.

Thanks to this data we can work with the client in the activation of customized solutions that increase the effectiveness of the telephone system and its agents.  




  • Virtual callback wizards

Our virtual phone assistants handle calls during peak hours and time slots when staffing is not available. It collects requests from users and administrations and transfers them to the appropriate department to deal with them or, where appropriate, asks the user for their data to be transmitted by mail to the department in charge of dealing with them when there is no saturation.  


identificacion usuarios  

  • Virtual Assistants for Appointment:

We are currently working on providing virtual assistants capable of assigning appointments in the different Diputación agendas, verifying users’ identity documents and offering several available appointment options. After the assignment they send users an SMS confirming the date and time of their appointment.  

cita previa telefonica  

What’s the result?



a ciegas  

  • Could only answer the phone from the offices.
  • No statistical reports.
  • No automated management.
  • No information on the performance of the telephone operators.
  • Very difficult to book appointments in advance at peak times.




  • Compatibility with telecommuting
  • Statistical reports from the web.
  • Virtual assistants for automatic management of previous appointments.
  • Virtual assistants for overflow service during peak hours.

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