Today we tell you step by step how we developed the resource optimization process of the company ELECNOR until it was considered one of our success stories🤓 Very interesting, don’t miss it!

GESDITEL signs an agreement with ELECNOR that makes it one of its telephone providers in some of its headquarters in Andalusia. ELECNOR is a Spanish Multinational specialized in Energy, Construction and Infrastructure and New Technologies with presence in more than 50 countries and more than 60 years of activity.

The company is listed on the stock exchange and is one of the safest stocks in the stock market.  


Why did Elecnor contact GESDITEL?

The company had problems related to Internet connections in some of its headquarters and works in the area of Andalusia in which they cannot find operators that provide them with fiber optic or stable Internet connections. Through our network of integrators contact our consultants to solve coverage problems and improve your telephony system in some of its headquarters in Andalusia.  


How used Elecnor do the Customer Service work?

To date, the company treats calls at each of its sites with different geographic numbers. Within each office are structured its different departments. To date, they are handled by a telephonist who transfers the calls to the appropriate department. In most of the offices, at least in Andalusia, they have physical switchboards, which ties them enough to telework and manage calls from outside the office.  


Which needs did we detect?

  • Improved Internet connection in some localized locations (Jerez de la Frontera, Huelva, San Martín del Tesorillo…..)
  • Need for communication between sites with short numbering
  • Possibility of teleworking.
  • Shared online scheduling.
  • Online panels to control telephone activity.


Which solutions did we implement?

  • Symmetrical optical fiber

We manage to install fiber optic in areas that previously did not have this technology.

  • Unlimited 4G Internet

We provide 4G connections with unlimited data that allow ELECNOR to connect to the Internet in remote areas where it is not possible to enjoy other technologies.  

  • Symmetrical Satellite Internet

  In some areas people opt for Satellite Internet connections with Unlimited Data. In these areas we install, orient and configure satellite dishes prepared for satellite Internet reception.

We provide a telephone solution in the cloud that allows the unification of offices while maintaining short numbering and offering ELECNOR the possibility of connecting their offices regardless of the area or technology used in each of them.

  • Online Agendas

These agendas are configured directly in the virtual PBX, and are automatically synchronized with the IP terminals of all the offices, allowing ELECNOR to control the telephone numbers of its customers and suppliers, as well as the internal numbering of each employee, facilitating internal communication and improving customer service.

  • Videochat Rooms

We installed a corporate videoconferencing and chat system in the cloud that allows ELECNOR to make presentations and desktop sharing without the need to install software on any of its equipment.

The cloud systems provided by GESDITEL allow ELECNOR, at any of its sites, to continue its work from any location with an Internet connection.  


Which is the result?



internet lento

  • ELECNOR had problems with the slowness of their Internet connection, which barely allowed them to work in some of their offices in Andalusia.
  • The different telephone solutions with different technology made internal communication an odyssey.
  • Each office had its own phone book to control customer calls.




  • ELECNOR enjoys Internet connections with sufficient throughput to work without incidents in the sites with the worst network coverage in Andalusia.
  • ELECNOR also has a virtual system in the cloud to manage its telephone calls, manage and automate its telephone agendas and carry out videoconferences between its employees, customers and suppliers.


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Por: Nati CaballeroPublicado el: 18 de abril de 2022