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GESDITEL is proud to provide national fiber and mobile operator Finetwork with voice trunks for its Sales and Customer Care departments. In this way, Finetwork ensures its most important departments with the maximum stability and quality of the fixed voice services of the so-called “operator of the companies”.

Finetwork is the telecommunications operator in vogue. Created in Spain, this operator has distinguished itself since its inception by betting on Spanish talent and creating advanced digitization solutions that have made it, without a doubt, stand out from the rest of its competitors.

To its groundbreaking tariffs with affordable prices must be added its commitment to technology, offering services that to date are not able to offer any of the “big” operators, such as:

  • Lanzamegas: allows you to share megabytes of your data tariff with other Finetwork line customers.
  • Acumulagigas: saves and accumulates the gigas you do not consume from one month to the next.
  • APP Finetwork: allows you to manage your mobile lines by yourself: enable and disable forwarding, voice mailboxes, data, roaming, etc.

Finetwork bets on Spanish sport as official sponsor of:

  • Spanish Olympic canoeing team (Saúl Cravioto).
  • Spanish Men’s National Soccer Team.
  • Spanish Women’s Soccer Team.
  • Spanish Men’s Basketball National Team.
  • Spanish Women’s Basketball National Team.
  • Spanish National Under-21 Soccer Team.
  • Amanda Sampedro (international women’s soccer player)
  • Sandra Sanchez (Karate World Champion)


Why did Finetwork contact GESDITEL?

At Gesditel we have known Finetwork since its beginnings, when it was a small company already characterized by the undeniable quality of its services.

At the beginning of its expansion strategy, Finetwork was already very clear about its focus on customer satisfaction.

In order to achieve this, they designed their own Call Center system for their Sales and Customer Service departments, which would be responsible for maintaining the highest level of user experience for their customers and provide them with control and stability over all sales and support processes.

In order to implement it, they needed a voice service provider that could provide them with sufficient quality assurance and, at the same time, had outlets through different international Tier 1 carriers.

As none of the major operators offered this service in Spain – they only take calls through their own trunks – Gesditel chose to present a proposal adapted to Finetwork’s needs, scalable enough to allow them to grow rapidly and without compromising the quality of their support and sales services.


What needs do we detect?

Finetwork required a voice trunking provider to execute its expansion project.

The priority in this project had to be data stability and security. The system was required to be self-replicating and to guarantee maximum availability of incoming and outgoing calls.

In terms of security, malicious IP listings had to be blocked and trunk usage had to be limited to the customer’s dedicated IPs.

Finally, the system had to adapt to Finetwork’s needs at all times, and allow for immediate scaling up or down depending on campaigns and workload.


What solutions do we implement?

According to Finetwork’s needs, we chose to provide a SIP TRUNK or IP trunk with the following functions and features:

  • Self-replicating system in different data-centers with automatic balancing.

This system assures Finetwork that its voice trunks (or SIP trunk) will remain active even if there are failures in any of our Data Centers. The system is prepared to balance automatically in case of any possible catastrophe, since we replicate the service in 4 data centers located in 4 different geographical areas in Spain.

Any change in one of the systems is immediately reflected in your backups automatically.

  • Multi-carrier output by several level 1 providers.

We guarantee, in addition to the availability and automatic balancing of the data centers, the total availability of outgoing calls by using 4 different level 1 carriers.

These carriers bring stability to the project and constitute a real security system in the event of a failure in one of our IP voice carriers.

  • Possibility of balancing the incoming phone number.

We agreed with Finetwork to mount your incoming phone numbers on a virtualized system that allows you to divert incoming calls to another location in case of failure or inconvenience in the carrier that delivers your calls to us. In this way we ensure what no operator ensures: an SLA of 99.99%.

  • Security system for unauthorized telephone consumption.

Our SIP trunks have a security function that limits the maximum daily and monthly consumption of outgoing calls.

By setting this parameter correctly, we ensure that, in the event of any security breach or data leak at our client’s offices or at any of our data centers, no additional call charges will be generated for either Finetwork or Gesditel.

  • Call blocking by IP and by country.

To further guarantee our customer’s security, we opted for the inclusion of a security system that blocks attempts to connect to our SIP trunks from certain countries.

We block a list of malicious IPs to which we prevent any connection attempt, including PING, limiting the use of these trunks to our customer’s IP.

  • Scalability

We provide Finetwork with the scalability that your project needs at all times.

When you run campaigns, the number of outgoing and incoming calls multiplies. At these times we increase our capacity to absorb the volume of calls without incident.

At times when not so many resources are required, we reduce our capacity to contain the cost.


What is the result



garantia de rentabilidad




  • Suitable ecosystem for maximum growth
  • SLA’s highest in Spain (99.99%)
  • Safety guaranteed.
  • Scalability to adapt to the circumstances of the moment.
  • Maximum quality in IP Voice.

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