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ūüöÄ This time, we explain the changes that helped us lead Grupo M√©dico L√≥pez Cano to success ‚ėé. Discover how we carried out the process of optimizing its resources ‚úÖ. Very interesting, don’t miss it!

GESDITEL has become a global telecommunications provider for the López Cano Medical Group.

The commendable management of the staff and its founder Dr. Antonio López Cano, one of the most prestigious international experts in the digestive system, managed to raise this company from just 2 employees to what it is today, in which more than 100 professionals from the medical sector work and which has created 90 jobs in the last 6 years. It currently has 2 large centers in Cadiz.

The first one located in the Astarté Clinic which has a polyclinic, three endoscopy rooms and a rehabilitation area. The other center, the Dr. López Cano Hospital, located on the first floor of the Ramón de Carranza Stadium, has a surgical block with three operating rooms, a fertilization laboratory, 20 hospital beds and the central services of a center of these characteristics.

Grupo Médico López Cano offers its patients 28 different medical specialties with cutting-edge professionals in more than 2,700 square meters of high-level medical facilities.  


Why did López Cano Medical Group contact GESDITEL?

We meet Dr. López Cano at a crucial moment, prior to the opening of the Dr. López Cano Hospital, which will soon become a reference in private medicine in Andalusia. Grupo Médico López Cano is aware that increasing the volume of clients is crucial for its future expectations, but it can become a burden if it is not able to serve them properly.

At that time, the volume of customers was so high that the company could not cope with receiving all the calls and needed tools to increase the ratio of calls handled.  


How did López Cano Medical Group work their Customer Service?

Grupo Médico López Cano opted at the time to hire a company that set up and managed a physical switchboard that connected all of its telephone terminals. This switchboard used both conventional landlines and SIP trunks.

The handsets were so old that they didn’t even have call hangers on the handsets. ¬†


What needs did we detect?

  • Very old and outdated terminals.
  • It is not possible to hang up a call from the handset.
  • Cannot work from home.
  • No information on the percentage of calls answered.
  • Does not have information about calls in queue.
  • Calls are not recorded.
  • Coverage problems in the wireless terminals.
  • They have no way of knowing which professionals are on the phone and which are available.
  • They can’t measure the performance of each telephone operator.
  • Their Internet connection does not have enough throughput to support the full phone load.


What Solutions Did We Implement?

Once the customer’s needs have been analyzed, we install a Voice IP telephone system with the following advanced features: ¬†

  • Guaranteed symmetrical circuits.¬†Two guaranteed symmetrical fiber optic circuits are provided to the customer. These circuits interconnect their offices at Cl√≠nica Astart√© and Hospital Dr. L√≥pez Cano and provide sufficient data flow for their daily work in the cloud and the management of all their telephone calls with perfect quality.


  • Virtual PBX in the cloud with VoIP technology

This system consists of a virtual PBX in the cloud, which allows telephone operators to continue teleworking when conditions require it, and medical professionals to make teleconsultations from any location. It also allows the system to be scaled to suit the needs of the moment without the need for additional installations.  


  • IP telephone terminals

Yealink brand terminals and models T21 and T27 with EXP20 panels, and Gigaset N780 wireless terminals with multi-cell DECT antenna system are installed. These terminals allow our customer to hang up calls from the handset, move between floors without losing coverage with the wireless terminals, detect users who are on a phone call before transferring the call, make multiconferences, and much more… ¬†


  • Software for Contact Center and SAC (Customer Service).

Analyzes and records all telephone activity of our client and measure the performance of their work team. It is also responsible for evenly distributing calls and connecting with our virtual assistant when conditions require it.  


  • Statistical performance reports by agents.

We record in your online dashboard the performance of each of your telephone agents (calls received, percentage of calls attended, waiting times, activity and inactivity schedules, etc.)  


  • Multi-Agent Positions.

Allows your telephone agents to move between locations and rotate their positions without losing their statistics. Each user indicates in the system which telephone terminal he/she is using, and from that moment on the operator’s activity is linked to that terminal. ¬†


What is the result?



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  • Lopez Cano Medical Group was suffering from a very poor phone system and Internet connection that prevented them from serving their patients as they deserved.
  • I was totally unaware of the volume of calls handled and the performance ratios of their telephone agents.
  • Finding a missed call was a real madness and involved a manual review of the invoices after the month was over.




  • Grupo M√©dico L√≥pez Cano enjoys two dedicated symmetrical fiber optic circuits that interconnect their offices and allow them to enjoy optimum quality in their new cloud telephone system.
  • They have a dashboard with real-time information on the activity of each center, as well as reports on the performance of each of their operators.
  • It has been the first medical center in the province to be prepared for teleconsultation and has managed to continue with its activity during the confinement.
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Por: Nati CaballeroPublicado el: 8 de abril de 2022