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Mataró City Council has improved citizen service in its territory since it hired the Virtual Assistant service for the management of GESDITEL’s telephone Appointments. 🤓 We tell you below more details of this success story! 🚀

GESDITEL’s Virtual Assistant service has enabled this City Council to improve citizen service, extend customer service hours and optimize the tasks of the human staff that previously performed telephone service tasks.

GESDITEL’s virtual assistants allow to verify the user’s identity, checking the veracity of their identity document (DNI, CIF, Passport or NIE).

Offer, book and edit appointments for each of the agendas of the City Council of Mataró. Nearly a quarter of a million citizens benefit from this innovative 7×24 citizen assistance service without the need for human intervention in the process.  


Why did Mataró City Council contact GESDITEL?

The Mataró City Council needed technological support to automate the assignment of appointments without personal contact.

Because the GESDITEL virtual assistant service is already well known among public administrations, they themselves invited us to participate in the selection process to offer the virtual assistance service.

Finally, GESDITEL’s proposal was the most favorable, and so we became official suppliers of Mataró City Council.  


How did your Citizen Service and City Councils work in Mataró City Council?

Until the provision of GESDITEL’s virtual assistant and pre-appointment management service, Mataró City Council employed several people for citizen telephone attention and manual pre-appointment assignment in its computer systems.  


What needs did we detect?

  • Appointment management in a reliable way and without human contact.
  • Extension of telephone service hours.
  • Improved waiting times for appointment booking.
  • Limit human contact and avoid overcrowding.
  • Availability of a control system to control the number of appointments.
  • To have full control over the appointment system.
  • Assistance to citizens in Spanish and Catalan.


What Solutions Do We Implement?

After analyzing the volume of calls received, and calculating the time required for a virtual assistant to book an appointment at Mataró City Council (in this case, the average is 1.5 minutes), we opted for the following solution:

  • Call queue management software:

The software is responsible for managing the response times of incoming calls in the system. This call queue management software, minimizes the response times of the 8 virtual assistants and to keep users on hold when more than 8 calls concur.

  • Virtual assistants for telephone appointment management:

Each attendant is capable of handling a simultaneous call and ending it with a booked appointment. Once the call is taken, the attendant is free to take the next call in less than 1 sg.

  • Integration with 76 different agendas:

We integrate our attendants with 76 different agendas hanging from 7 geographic locations. To maximize the cost-effectiveness of the virtual assistants, all of them are capable of managing appointments in the agendas.

  • Text to Speech feature:

The Text to Speech feature allows you to translate the text that the Town Hall appointment booking system presents on screen into speech.

This functionality is very useful to avoid having to modify the assistants when changing data in some of the agendas (address, name, etc.). The virtual assistant will simply read what is written in the agenda and without requiring any modification.

  • Tone detection function by DTMF (dialing numbers on the telephone keypad):

To facilitate the user experience on this system, DTMF tone detection is agreed upon. By using this feature, the user will be able to send commands with the keypad of his phone instead of by voice.

This system is programmed in this way because of the difficulty in many cases of transcribing the names or surnames of users. With it, the assistant offers options and the user decides with their keypad.

  • Verification of different types of identity documents: DNI, passport, CIF, NIF:

Wizards offer several options for identification: DNI, passport, CIF or NIF. Once the ID document is entered, without handwriting, the wizard verifies the veracity of the same and goes to the next phase to make the reservation, reassignment or appointment editing.

  • Citizen assistance in Spanish and Catalan at Mataró City Council:

GESDITEL’s virtual assistants are able to offer service to the user in more than 70 different languages. On this occasion, we were asked to configure the system for public attention in Spanish and Catalan.

The system allows the citizen to choose the desired language for communication and from there, the requirements will be identified, and the requested information will be returned in the predetermined language.

  • Integration with the Appointment system used by Mataró City Council:

The GESDITEL wizards consult the previous appointments available in the software that Mataró City Council normally uses and offers several options to the user.

Our assistant adapts to the needs of Mataró City Council, and not the other way around. There is no need to change software.

  • Assignment of appointments and communication to users of place, date and time of attendance:

Once the appointment is made, the wizard asks the user for a contact phone number to send by SMS the appointment confirmation and all the necessary details.

  • Statistical information on the performance of virtual assistants and call concurrence.

We provide Mataró City Council with an online platform where they can consult statistics on the performance of virtual assistants and call concurrency of their departments.

This system provides detailed information on total volume of calls received, calls per hour, calls per day of the week, calls handled by each of the assistants, etc.

This platform verifies the correct operation of the service in real time.  

What is the result?



mataro city council


  • Telephones manned by Mataró City Council staff.
  • High personnel costs.
  • High telephone waiting times.
  • Appointment booking timetable limited to office hours.
  • Lack of statistical control of the appointment process.



ajuntament de mataro  

  • Automated pre-appointments
  • Structural staffing cost savings.
  • Human staff focused on more optimal tasks.
  • Expansion of working hours to 7×24.
  • Practically zero waiting times.
  • Real-time statistical information.

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Por: Nati CaballeroPublicado el: 25 de mayo de 2022