Unify work and avoid missed calls

This time we tell you how to unify work between employees who attend in the company in person and those who perform teleworking so that all attend to the requirements of customers without noticing differences. Read on! 🤓

Before the healthcare crisis it was a very small percentage of people who were teleworking instead of being in offices, stores, hospitals, …

But everything has changed to a great extent. Now there are many companies that after a positive experience with their workers who performed telecommuting, have decided to further enhance teleworking.

In this way, they leave in the offices or stores the indispensable staff for customer service, always avoiding having missed calls. Even if the company has workers performing their work in different modalities (face-to-face or remote), the work is the same.

Therefore, everything must be perfectly coordinated and unified so that no incidents arise. And, in addition, the quality of the service provided to customers does not worsen. A clear example of lack of coordination and lack of unity between workers and stores or branches would be the increase in the number of missed calls.

You should always keep in mind that the quality of the service provided is what generates a positive or negative customer experience. And that this is then used by customers to value our brand, product and service, impacting the brand image of the company.

When all these values are positive is when we increase the profitability of the company thanks to proper management and customer service. In the case of hospitals, clinics or private medical centers, at first glance, it seems almost impossible to provide tele-assistance quality healthcare.

But it is not so, there are many private healthcare companies that have implemented this system to attend their patients via telephone or video call.

A clear example that we all know from their advertising on television is Sanitas.

So, next, we will delve into how to unify the work to avoid losses of any kind, studying what it consists of and analyzing all the benefits they offer to companies and customers.  


How to unify the work to avoid losses?

It is a service that allows public or private companies, regardless of their size, to avoid missed calls and, therefore, a bad brand image.

Remember that if a customer repeatedly calls a store, office, clinic, … and in none of the occasions he gets to be attended or call him back, he is giving a negative image of the company.

Customers will understand that this situation is due to work overload and/or lack of staff. Therefore, they will think that the service they will receive will not be of quality.

To avoid these situations and/or to solve them in case you have not taken measures in advance, there are the virtual assistants.

These are telephone advisors who are responsible for handling all incoming calls in order to ensure that all customers are attended to by him or by a worker. In the case of attention by a worker, it will be because the attendant will have diverted the call from the headquarters or branch that is overflowing and diverted it to another where the flow of call traffic is less.

With this measure, in addition to the attention of all calls to avoid having missed calls, the following is achieved:

  • Avoid overflowing of telephone lines.
  • Availability of voicemail so that customers can leave a message indicating the first store they have unsuccessfully tried to contact for a call back.
  • Visibility of missed calls through very simple mechanisms that allow for callbacks.
  • Improve the quality of telephone reception service.
  • Unify the company’s resources to manage calls.
  • Interact the entire company with the same CRM for a correct visualization and management of orders and product stock (in case of clothing stores for example).
  • Solve call peaks during peak periods.
  • Increase the ROI quickly for each store.


What are the benefits of unifying the work?

You’ve probably already imagined many of the benefits from reading the article. But, even so, let’s explain them so that everyone knows them.

The main and most prominent one is the reduction of missed calls from customers, which leads to an increase in customer satisfaction and customer experience. And this, in turn, leads to a decrease in the company’s financial losses, so revenues will be significantly increased.

For example, suppose our company is a private clinic with several locations in the same province. In this case, one of our clients is trying to contact us to receive rehabilitation sessions.

If the client does not manage to contact us, we will be losing money by not being able to offer the service. Whereas, with the virtual assistant, the client will be professionally attended to by one of the locations.

And, thanks to the fact that they are all connected to the same CRM, the worker will be able to assign the appointment for treatment in the location that best suits the client by proximity or by proximity of the date offered.

As we can see, it is a clear example of how we would have lost revenue by not answering the call and how with the assistant that has not happened, and the customer has been very satisfied.

In addition to this multiple benefit by the simple incorporation of a virtual assistant to the system, others are obtained as:

  • Favors business reactivity. This is because the assistant alone is able to manage calls and assign appointments to customers. In addition, thanks to its artificial intelligence it is able to answer the most frequently asked questions without the need for human personnel.
  • Guarantees high customer satisfaction by being attended to when they have called the first time without having to try repeatedly.
  • They are active 7×24 hours to answer calls.
  • It is an added value to the company compared to its competitors when managing customer service both in switchboards and in call center of any company.

  missed calls

If you have just reactivated your company and the call queues are endless so that your staff is not able to handle them all and it can affect the brand image of your company, this article will have been useful for you.

At Gesditel we are aware of all the changes you have had to make and what it has meant for you.

So, if you are interested in having in your company a virtual assistant who is responsible for handling all incoming calls to avoid economic losses and provide the highest quality of service as always, we have what you need. We offer fully customized services according to your needs.

Do not hesitate, contact us, we will attend you without obligation.

We hope this article has been useful to you and if it was, please share it!

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