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Learn how we helped ‚úÖ our client Okeymas Fitness Club stand out from its competitors ūüöÄ. This success story interests you. Read on!

The sports chain Okeymas Fitness Club and GESDITEL have signed an agreement whereby the telecommunications operator will provide the service of telephone Virtual Assistants for automated information to its members.

Okeymas Fitness Club is one of the leading national sports chains with dozens of gyms and leisure centers.

Their strong technological current makes them stand out from their competitors, being pioneers in the adoption of advanced technological systems to improve the user experience and provide free tools to their members to improve their workouts in a simple and fun way.


Why contact GESDITEL?

In their eagerness to stay on the cutting edge of technological advances, OkeyMas Fitness Club is interested in implementing our well-known Virtual Assistant service. They want to improve the user experience of their members and, after hearing about our telephone virtual assistants, they have decided to implement them in all their centers.

With them they want to automate the information to the member about the activities available in each center, opening hours, information about pending fees, automatic payment management through secure payment gateways, class reservations with reduced capacity, etc.


How did they work their Customer Service at Okeymas Fitness Club?

Until now, each of the centers had its own telephone number and each reception desk had a person who answered phone calls and answered questions.


What needs did we detect?

  • Various telephone systems with different operators.
  • Non-unified communications.
  • Difficulty in setting up a single member service center.
  • Little information to members, the phone always rings, whether they are open or closed.
  • Each center has its own schedules and processes for informing its members.
  • Member attention and information requires personnel in each center.
  • They do not have statistics to evaluate the time slots with the highest number of calls.
  • Collection campaigns are carried out manually.


Which solutions did we implement?

We agreed with our client the installation of a virtual switchboard on which we will implement a virtual assistant service and collection campaigns using call center software:

  • Unification of short numbering between landlines and mobiles

We keep the old telephone numbers in each of the offices, both fixed and mobile numbers.

In addition, we assigned short numbers to each office for internal communication and a new number to centralize the telephone service department in one point.

  • Automatic operator with artificial intelligence:

This system will identify the location of the user making the call and automatically transfer him/her to the nearest location.

  • Virtual assistants for automated information.

Estos asistentes virtuales son capaces de atender llamadas telef√≥nicas, detectar la intenci√≥n de la persona que llama, contactar con el sistema inform√°tico de OK+ y facilitar al usuario la informaci√≥n que necesita. Adem√°s lo hace 7×24 y no requiere de intervenci√≥n humana para funcionar.

  • Recovery campaigns.

Allows Ok+ to load a list to run automatic collection campaigns. The administrator uploads a database, chooses the operators to run the campaign and the system takes care of automatically executing the calls and transferring them to an available operator.

  • Secure payment gateway.

To execute collections in accordance with the new legal regulations, operators transfer calls to a virtual assistant who is responsible for obtaining the user’s bank card details, connecting with the Ok+ computer system to locate the amount pending payment, notifying the bank of the collection and sending an SMS to the customer to inform them that the collection has been successful.

This saves time and effort, and also provides added security.

  • Online Schedules.

Synchronization with all terminals, fixed and mobile, of contacts automatically.

  • Online control panel.

Allows system administrators to control all telephone activity globally through an online panel accessible to system administrators.

  • Statistical reports

We record all the telephone activity of the Ok+ Group in a web environment from which they can analyze the calls issued and received in all centers, schedules with more and less influx of calls, occupation of telephone virtual assistants, etc..  This information helps them to continue developing solutions for the continuous optimization of their resources and the improvement of their customer service system.


What is the result?



a ciegas

  • Different customer service phone numbers according to areas and centers.
  • No statistical information on centers with the highest and lowest call volume, peak hours and most frequently asked questions.
  • Necessity of many staff just to answer the phone and execution of collection campaigns manually.


asistente virtual


  • Unification of customer service numbers in a virtual system.
  • Relevant statistical information for immediate decision making.
  • Virtual assistants for automated user information.
  • Automated collection campaigns.
  • Staff is used for functions that provide added value to users.
  • Less time and fewer resources are needed to serve your users, and security in collections is improved.

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Por: Nati CaballeroPublicado el: 4 de abril de 2022