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Do you know how you can take order status calls from your customers without wasting even 1 minute of your time ⌚️? We tell you all about it below.

As everyone knows, the pharmaceutical sector (pharmacies and parapharmacies) has a constant demand for medical devices. But, currently, that demand has skyrocketed for a number of very specific products that are in high demand by customers.

The problem arises when, at the time of consulting the status of orders, there is no information, causing uncertainty as to whether they will arrive on time or will generate a lack of stock in the establishments.

In these situations, normally, we tend to call the transport company or the distributor so that from their call center they can inform us if our order has been shipped, if it is complete, if there has been any incident, …

But, it can also happen that the phone lines are saturated and can not be answered all incoming calls. To avoid wasted calls, generate discomfort and distrust in customers and provide real-time information on all orders with professionalism are the virtual assistants. Today, they are a great help for all business sectors, but especially for the transport sector.

For that reason, below, we will delve into how the telephone advisor works, what it consists of and what benefits it brings to companies.  


How does a telephone advisor work?

Thanks to the artificial intelligence that virtual assistants possess, they can perform the functions of human equipment to expedite the work in a fully automated way and without human intervention at any time.

It is that artificial intelligence that gives them the ability to interact like humans and not like machines. In this way, the human team can take on more productive and responsible tasks, such as order preparation.

In addition to reporting order status, they also perform social media management, organize travel, send quotes and invoices, create and manage websites, perform Internet data searches and reports, and manage the staff’s schedule.

But, … what does the process of providing order information in an automated way really look like? Suppose a pharmacy (customer) calls the carrier to request information on the current status of its order.

Once the customer has contacted the carrier and via DTMF dialing by voice or text selects the “order status” option, the virtual assistant is triggered and communicates with the customer.

The first thing it will do is identify the customer from the phone receiving the call. If that phone is not registered in the database, then it will proceed to ask directly who it is.

Once identified, the wizard will connect in the Web Service to the business’s order management system and provide actual order information over the phone. In addition, if the customer wishes, the telephone advisor can send that information to the customer by WhatsApp, email or SMS.  


How does the service work with the virtual assistant?

The proper functioning of this service with the virtual assistant is thanks to its ability to communicate with customers through any medium and its text to speech (translates a written conversation into voice) and speech to text (translates a conversation from voice to text) functions.

Get to know in depth all the functions that a virtual assistant provides you with. This is a service designed to help companies increase their productivity while offering a quality, personalized and real-time service.

In addition, let’s remember that the assistant works 7 x 24 hours uninterruptedly, providing its service to inform all customers and without human intervention.

For its implementation, you only need a software in your call center with a interactive voice response or advanced IVR self-service system with the ability to enter the order number and obtain detailed information dynamically in voice synthesis.

In addition, it integrates through a secure Web Service to obtain within the IVR information, in real time, directly from the database.

And, it attends 100% of the calls automatically. On the other hand, it has the intelligent network numbering service that does not force the company to use the prefix of the geographic location in which it is located. That is, the call center from which they serve customers will use a nationwide prefix.

The smart numbers or nomadic numbers most common ones are:

  • 900: The customer makes the call free of charge and it is credited to the company receiving the call.
  • 901: The cost of the call is paid by both parties.
  • 902: The customer pays for the call in full.

  order status  

What advantages does the virtual assistant offer when giving order status information?

Virtual assistants have been created to improve the quality of customer service in the call center of companies.

They are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and perform voice gateways and text gateways to connect with the company’s Web Service to access customers’ order status information.

The correct application of the functions of virtual assistants or telephone advisors allows companies to enjoy great advantages and differentiate themselves from their competition.

But, the main advantages that they offer to the transport sector are:

  • It saves cost and time for the companies.
  • It allows you to employ your human resources in more productive activities.
  • Offers various specialized services.
  • It offers unlimited and uninterrupted information to customers instantly.
  • Provides real-time order status monitoring.
  • Facilitates multiple types of reports.
  • Connection with other electronic devices.
  • Time optimization.
  • Ease of use.
  • Increases customer satisfaction and confidence and generates a positive customer experience.
  • Reduces response time.
  • Offers convenient system management from the cloud.
  • Increases the company’s productivity by relieving the human team of some tasks.
  • Makes your brand more competitive.
  • It improves the performance and productivity of the company due to its low cost and high effectiveness.
  • It allows you to know your customers better by analyzing the interactions they have with the assistant.
  • It allows to launch, implement, promote and follow up a marketing campaign.
  • Reduces the number of missed calls to inquire about orders.
  • Optimizes customer service.
  • Enables the DTMF function to be used in multiple languages.
  • Resolves technical problems.

Perhaps you are interested in having in your company’s call center a virtual assistant who is responsible for informing your customers about the status of orders in real time.

And, of course, to automate it with the Web Service of your company or the management system that you have.

If, on the other hand, you already have one and want to improve it or optimize it to the maximum to enjoy the advantages it offers, do not hesitate to contact us, we will assist you without obligation.

We hope this article has been useful to you, and if it was, please share!

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Por: Nati CaballeroPublicado el: 29 de abril de 2022