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In this article we talk about case of success with the company Palfinger Marine : what problems we detected and how we carried out the process of optimizing their resources to achieve success . Very interesting, do not miss it!

GESDITEL becomes Internet and unified communications provider for Palfinger Marine at its new headquarters in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz).

The company Palfinger Marine is an international manufacturer of deck equipment, especially marine, offshore and wind cranes, winches, handling equipment, fishing systems and vessels. A subsidiary of the Palfinger Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of cranes and lifting equipment.  


Why did Palfinger contact GESDITEL?

Palfinger moved its headquarters from the Cadiz town of Chipiona to El Puerto de Santa Maria (Cadiz). In the town of El Puerto where it is located, there is no fiber optic coverage available with any operator. It also needs a virtual switchboard service in the cloud that can be integrated with existing mobile lines in the company and that allows them to telework if the conditions so require.  


How did Palfinger manage Customer Service?

Customers were served directly at each location. Each location has a contact telephone number for each of the different departments.  


What needs did we detect?

  • Need for a stable data circuit with guaranteed throughput, as well as a firewall to secure your connections with the headquarters located in the Netherlands.
  • Virtual PBX in the cloud with VoIP technology and the ability to integrate with the company’s existing mobile lines (Movistar and Orange operator lines) and allow short numbering to be assigned to these mobile lines.
  • Possibility of teleworking.
  • Electronic registration of the telephone activity of this headquarter.
  • Customer service outside opening hours.


What Solutions Did We Implement?

  • Guaranteed symmetrical radiolink.

We provide dedicated Internet throughput, with immediate possibility of growth up to 500 Mbps, through a point-to-point radio connection, as well as the installation of appropriate equipment (antennas, poles, routers, firewalls …..)

  • Static ips range

We reserve to our client a range of ips.

We provide Palfinger Marine with our virtual switchboard in the cloud, which allows calls to be managed from this location and from any other location with an Internet connection.

  • Integration with external mobile lines

We integrate each of the mobile lines of any operator within the automation of the virtual PBX and provide them with corporate short numbering to facilitate internal communication.

  • Teleworking.

The cloud-based management and control systems provided by GESDITEL allow Palfinger Marine to work from any location and device with an Internet connection.

  • Online Panel.

Records all telephone activity occurring at Palfinger Marine and allows them to change schedules and locutions, filter call records, upload online agendas, etc.  


What’s the result?


. descontrol  

  • Palfinger Marine had serious problems with the Internet connection at this new location, as well as network security. To this was added the inconvenience of the possibility of assigning short numbering to each of the existing mobile lines in the company, being these of different operators such as Movistar or Orange.
  • Palfinger Marine needed teleworking solutions that could be activated immediately in the event of time restrictions or confinements.



panel online  

  • Palfinger Marine enjoys an Internet connection with guaranteed flow rates, as well as a cloud-based management and control system that allows them to control the company’s telephone activity from anywhere while saving on structural costs.
  • The systems are designed so that, in case of having to activate the teleworking service, the start-up SLA is less than 10 min.

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Por: Nati CaballeroPublicado el: 8 de abril de 2022