Types of Call Center Phone Dialers

In this article we will explain the Types of Call Center Phone Dialers ☎️ that exist. How do they work? ✅ what are their advantages? Read here everything you need to know!



The telephone dialer is a very useful tool for the call center.

It allows to automatically dial outgoing calls, which facilitates the monitoring of the agents’ workflow. It also allows you to record calls and retrieve valuable information such as their duration, the contact’s phone number, the outcome of the call and other details.

The phone dialer is a great help for the call center because it enables more efficient call tracking, increases sales and improves the quality of customer service.


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Call center phone dialers are very useful tools for companies that need to make mass calls.

They work by automatically dialing potential customers’ phone numbers and connecting them to call center operators or satisfaction surveys. Esto elimina la necesidad de que los operadores marque manualmente cada número y facilita el etiquetado o categorización de cada una de las llamadas, lo que sin duda ahorra mucho tiempo y esfuerzo.

In addition, phone dialers can also track calls, agent activity, pauses, statistical reports….. allowing companies to improve the performance of their marketing campaigns and/or surveys.

If you are considering using a phone dialer for your call center, be sure to research which model will be best for your needs.


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1. Automatic Phone Dialers
2. Semiautomatic Phone Dialers
3. Manual Phone Dialers

Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to select the right dialer for your needs.


What types of telephone dialers are there?

In this section of the article on types of telephone dialers, we will explain in depth the case of progressive and predictive telephone dialers: what they are, what their advantages and disadvantages are and when they are a good option for a company.



What is a progressive dialer?

A progressive telephone dialer is a dialer that automatically dials the next uncalled telephone number when a busy or unavailable number is dialed.

The operator does not have to dial the call, the system does it automatically.

While there are different designs and models of progressive telephone dialers, they all function in a similar manner by automatically dialing available telephone numbers. This feature allows users to dial multiple numbers quickly and optimizes the time of call center operators.


What are the advantages of the progressive phone dialer?

  • It is the most economical of the automatic dialers.
  • They dial phone numbers automatically, operators receive the call directly.
  • Operators do not waste time searching and dialing numbers manually, resulting in increased agent productivity.
  • They are often more accurate than traditional phone dialers, which means you are less likely to dial the wrong number.
  • They can dial thousands or even millions of phone numbers in a day, saving you time and effort.
  • Logs the number of times you dial a given number.
  • Ideal for small call centers.


What are the disadvantages of the progressive dialer?

  • It is the most basic automatic dialer on the market.
  • The call is linked to the agent prior to dialing.
  • As there is no predictive algorithm, operators have to wait while each call is connected, which translates into agent downtime.


When is a progressive dialer a good option for my company?

It is perfect for companies with 20 agents or less, as the system ensures that when someone answers the call, there is always an operator on the other end answering it.



What is a predictive phone dialer?

A predictive phone dialer is a software used in call centers to automatically dial outgoing calls.

The call center predictive dialer follows a set of guidelines to determine which number to dial and when to dial it. These guidelines are based on customer information such as call history, time since last call, customer interest level, average conversation time and other data.

The system shuffles these variables and attempts to predict when an operator will be free. To minimize operator downtime, the system preempts by making calls before the operator becomes free, playing on the seconds it takes for the contact to answer the call and transferring answered calls to one of the agents who has just completed the previous call.

The predictive dialer also has the ability to record calls and hang up automatically if there is no answer, the number is not available or the call is answered by an answering machine.

This tool is very useful for call centers that make large numbers of outbound calls, as it saves time and effort.


What are the advantages of predictive dialers?

  • The automatic telephone dialer takes care of calculating the volume of calls required to achieve the highest productivity.
  • It increases the contact rate and the number of calls that agents can handle.
  • Agents will be in conversation as long as possible, they are immediately connected to the next call once the previous one has ended.
  • Predictive mode is highly recommended for telephone collection services.
  • You can program redial behaviors (e.g. if you pick up voicemail, call back in x min / if no answer in 5 sec, redial in x min).
  • It is very useful for call centers that make large amounts of outgoing calls.


What are the disadvantages of predictive dialers?

  • In small campaigns, with less than 20 agents, the risk of an aggressive prediction algorithm may be an increase in customer dropouts (customers answer, but no agents are available on the other end, and they hang up).


When is a call center predictive dialer a good option for my company?

The predictive dialer is ideal for campaigns that have more than 20 simultaneous agents. The more agents in the team, the better the predictive algorithm will work.



This section of the article on dialer types is dedicated to click-to-call dialers, also known as preview dialers. Read carefully: what they are, what are their advantages and disadvantages and when they are a good option for a company.



What is a click to call dialer?

A click to call dialer is a tool that automatically dials a phone number when a link or button is clicked.

Click to call dialers are also known as preview dialers.


What are the advantages of click to call dialers?

  • Allows users to dial phone numbers quickly and easily with the press of a single button.
  • Agents decide when they are ready to communicate with the potential customer, allowing them to better prepare for each call based on available data.
  • Allows operators to view contact data (scoring, coverage, etc.) BEFORE making the call.
  • Click-to-call dialers allow statistical control of calls, as they are able to track calls, waiting times, etc.


What are the drawbacks of click to call dialers?

  • When there is no data on the lead, the use of click-to-call dialer is not an advantage.
  • It is not the best way to optimize the agents’ time, as the time management is left to them and they may spend more than necessary to study the data of an individual lead before making the call.
  • They are not the best option to manage large volumes of outbound calls, since the optimal management of call times is not controlled by the software, but by the operator who makes the calls.


When is a click to call dialer a good option for my company?

Click to call dialers can be very effective for collection and sales campaigns, or even in complicated customer service cases. They are especially useful when a sale can only be made to certain customer profiles, based on their location or history.

An agent can review the available information before initiating the call and prepare to solve the problem in question.


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Both predictive and progressive dialing offer multiple advantages for companies when making calls. The following are the most relevant ones:

  • Optimization of agent time: predictive dialing allows operators to be talking to a potential customer at all times. It saves agents time in terms of dialing the call and waiting for an answer from the customer on the other end and greatly facilitates the coordination work in the work team.
  • Contact efficiency: one of the features of the automatic telephone dialer in progressive mode is that it excludes from the database fax numbers, customers who have vetoed marketing campaigns, contacts who are not interested or profiles that are not our target audience.
  • Increased sales or service contracting success: thanks to the predictive dialer, we will be able to define the profile of our potential customer and reach more effectively customers more likely to purchase our product / service, increasing sales.



  • For companies with less than 20 agents: progressive dialer.
  • For companies with more than 20 agents: predictive dialer.
  • For companies or departments dedicated to invoice collection, sales follow-up or technical support: click to call dialer.



Although in both cases the agent does not make the call manually, the difference is that in the semi-automatic system the operator takes control of the moment in which the call is made, having enough time to review the file of the next customer to be contacted.



The main difference between progressive and predictive dialers is the time at which they dial the number.

The progressive dialer focuses on providing more personal attention to the potential customer. It ensures that when a user’s number is dialed, there is always an agent on the other end who picks up the phone and answers the call.

Predictive dialer focuses on high call volume and agents are engaged with a customer at all times.

With predictive dialer, calls to prospects are initiated automatically even without an agent available on the other end. This can result in the potential customer abandoning the call before it can be answered.




So far everything you need to know about Call Center Dialer Types.

We hope that all your doubts have been solved in this article: what is predictive dialer?, what is the difference between call center predictive dialer and progressive dialer?, which call dialer is the most convenient for my company?

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