Predictive Dialer Manual for Supervisors

In this ✅ Predictive Dialer Manual we will teach you how to use your supervisor account with your call center’s ☎️ predictive dialer. Read on!

Although the software has dozens of options, we are going to focus this Predictive Dialer Manual for supervisors on those options that are most useful and necessary to administer and manage your predictive dialer campaigns.


What terms will appear in the Predictive Dialer Manual?

First of all, we must clarify the following terms:

  • Agent: this is the name given to the “operators” working in your call center.
  • Database: is the xls or csv document with the data of the contacts you want to call.
  • Queues: The predictive dialing software sends the calls of the contacts who have picked up their phone to a “queue” of calls. This queue is responsible for assigning that call to an available agent. The predictive dialing software calculates the number of simultaneous calls to make so that all agents are busy for as long as possible and do not have to stand by while the system dials the call. Typically there is one queue per agent group.
  • Autodialer: each “autodialer” corresponds to a “campaign“. Each “autodialer” is assigned to a queue.


What reports can I get out of the call center?

There are several types of reports that can be obtained from the data recorded by the call center. We will explain below in this Predictive Dialer Manual the essential and most important ones:


How to pull call center queue reports?

This is the report that appears by default when accessing the platform.
From this report you will have access to general information about “call queues” and system elements.


01 dashboard


  • 1- Quick filters: by clicking on these buttons you can apply a quick filter that shortens the results in the time range you prefer (today, yesterday, current month, last month).
  • 5- Filter by queue: allows you to shorten the data you see to a specific queue.
  • 6- View details: Click this button if you want to access more specific filters.

In this case we will continue by pressing the “VIEW DETAILS” button.


02 dashboard


These filters allow us to go into more detail.

  1. Start date/time filter: You can select a more specific date/time range to start the search results.
  2. End date/time filter:Here you choose until when you will extend the filter.
  3. Filter by queue: You can select a specific queue. By default it shows information for all queues.
  4. Button to export results: once you have selected the filters and clicked the “search” button, the system will display the requested information on the screen. If you want, you can export this data by pressing this button.


How to get call center agent reports?

There are several reports that show information about agents, but below, in this Predictive Dialer Manual, we will show you which two are the most useful and how to make the most of the information they provide.


How to get a call center agent history report?

You can access this report by clicking on:

03 historial agentes


  1. “Call Center” tab. A sub-menu with other options will open.
  2. “Agent History” Option.

Once you select this option, the system will show you a new interface from which you will have different filters and options:


04 historial agentes


  1. Simple filter for time range
  2. Advanced filter for time range: if you want a more specific filter you can select the start and end date/time.
  3. Queue filter: by default the information shown is about ALL queues. If you want information about a specific queue you can use this filter.
  4. Filter by agent: it limits the information on the selected agent.
  5. Button to start search. This is the button to press when you have checked the filters you want.
  6. “Clear filters” button. If you press it, the filter is reset to its original values.
  7. Agent information: Displays the information of the selected agents (date and time of login and logout, attended calls……)
  8. Button to export results. Allows you to export the results to a CSV file.


How to get a call center agent pause report?

This report is focused on showing the pause times of the agents.

To get to this report you must click:


05 pausa agentes

  1. “Call Center” tab
  2. “Agent pause list” option.


As in the previous report, the system will display several filters to optimize the search:


06 pausa agentes

We will not explain in detail what each option is for, since they are the same options as those explained in the previous filter.


How to connect and disconnect call center agents?

Sometimes it is possible that an agent does not end the session correctly.

If you close the browser without exiting the queue and close the session, the system will think that it is active and will make calls within the marked schedule, even if there is no other agent.

For this reason we explain how you can connect and disconnect agents from anywhere.

First you must click on:

27 estado agentes


  1. Call Center
  2. Agent Status

Now you will see a listing of all agents in the system and their current status:

28 conectar desconectar agente


  1. Displays the current status of the agent.
  2. Options menu. After pressing this menu the options marked with the number 3 will appear. Each option menu belongs to an agent.
  3. It allows you to connect or disconnect agents according to the needs of the service.


How to get call center campaign reports?

About campaigns (also called dialers) there are two types of reports:

07 informe del marcador


How to get dialer reports from the call center?

You can access these reports by clicking on:

07 informe del marcador


  1. “Auto dialer” Tab.
  2. “Bookmark report” Option.


When you select this option you will see a window where you can apply various filters on the bookmarks or campaigns.

08 informe marcador


  1. Filter by destination
  2. Filters start and end date/time.
  3. Filter by date/time.
  4. Filter by database.
  5. Filter by call END type.
  6. Filter by queue.
  7. Filter by label (not interested, sold…..)
  8. Statistical graphs on the selected filters.
  9. Data list.
  10. Data export in CSV file.

How to get dialer performance reports from the call center software?

Access these reports from:

09 rendimieno mardador


  1. “Auto dialer” Menu.
  2. Option: “marker performance”

Once inside you can filter by date, scoreboard or database, and access a complete statistical report.

10 rendimiento marcador


How to access call center call logs?

Read carefully this section of the Predictive Dialer Manual to learn how to manage your call center call logs.

To access the call logs you must click on:

11 call records


  1. Call center.
  2. Call records.

This call record has the following options:


12 call records02

  1. Simple time filtering (today, yesterday, etc…)
  2. Advanced filters: source, destination , agent, start and end date……….
  3. Download data in XLS.
  4. Download data in CSV.

How to listen and download calls from the call center software?

If you want to listen to or download calls that have already ended you can do it from the “CALL RECORD”.

If you scroll the bar marked with the number 5 you will see two icons:


13 call records03

  1. Call listening button: if you press it you will be able to listen to this conversation.
  2. Download button. Pressing it downloads the conversation into a local file on your computer.


How to access the databases in the call center software?

Learn everything you need to know about the management and administration of your call center databases in this section of the Predictive Dialer Manual.

To access the database administration area you must click on:

15 cargar base datos


  1. Automatic bookmark
  2. Load database.

Next you will see an interface with information about the existing databases in the system.

16 cargar base datos

  1. Database name
  2. Number of existing contacts
  3. Date of creation.
  4. Date of creation of the database.
  5. Description.
  6. Date of database creation.

How to view the databases of the call center software?

By clicking on the button number 5 (eye icon) you can view the contacts of the selected database.


How to clean the databases of the call center software?

By clicking on button number 6 (eraser icon) you can clear (reset) the information contained in the database (phone numbers dialed, call statuses, etc…).


How to delete data from the call center software databases?

By clicking on button number 7 (trash can icon) the database is completely deleted, along with all contacts and their information. You must be very sure to do this, there is NO RETURN.


How to import databases to the call center software?

The section that we now address in this Predictive Dialer Manual, will teach you how to import databases to your call center.

The option marked with the number 8 allows you to create a database and load it with content by importing a file with phone numbers from your computer.  Clicking on it displays a legend with instructions for uploading.

The document you import must be in CSV or TXT format, and the columns must be separated by DOT AND COMMA.

17 cargar base datos

Read the instructions carefully and click UPLOAD when you are sure that the database you want to import meets the requirements.

18 cargar base datos

In this popup window you must select “semicolon”. Then click on select file and choose the CSV or TXT file that contains the data on your computer. When you do so, click on UPLOAD, and you will see a new window in which you must name the database.

If the first column of your database contains a header, select the specific option so that the first line does not matter.

19 cargar base datos

Once the data is imported, the system will ask you to “match” where you want to import each data.

The system has some “default” fields shown on the right in this image. On the left is a drop-down menu where you can select the name that each field has in your database.

For example, in the screenshot you see, we have matched the data “CONTACT” with the column that in my database file was called “Name”.

Once you have matched all the data you are interested in, click on Import mailing.

WARNING: UNMATCHED data will not be imported.


How to manage the dialers or call center campaigns?

This title of the Predictive Dialer Manual deals with the administration of dialers, also called campaigns.

This option is accessible from:

20 configuracion marcador

  1. Automatic bookmark
  2. Settings

And you will see a window like the following with information about all campaigns and buttons to manage them.

21 configuracion marcador

  1. Active campaigns are shown with a green line next to the campaign name.
  2. Inactive campaigns are shown with a red line.
  3. Button to access the campaign. Allows you to view the campaign data, start or stop the campaign.


How to create a campaign in the call center?

In this section of the Predictive Dialer Manual we will show you how to create a campaign step by step.

You can create a new campaign by pressing button number 6 (ADD).

Predictive Dialer Manual

Under the DETAILS option you must indicate:

  1. A name for the campaign.
  2. Select one of the existing databases.
  3. Select the destination of the call once it is answered. It is usually a queue in which you have agents.
  4. Choose the outbound route. There is usually only one route.
  5. Enter a description, it is not mandatory.
  6. Once you have filled in this information, click on “Save”.


24 crear marcador

Choose the preferred option from the following:

  1. NX1: dial X calls for each available agent. This is a fixed amount, regardless of response time or campaign results.
  2. Fixed number of calls: always dials the selected number of calls, whether there is only 1 agent, or there are 100.
  3. PREDICTIVE: When this option is selected, the system calculates the number of agents available, and places enough calls to keep all agents busy so that their waiting time until the next call comes in tends to 0. Calls are only transferred to the agent when they have been picked up by a contact from the selected database.

They choose the preferred option from the following:

  • 4- Horizontal line: by selecting this option, the system transfers to the next number of the same contact when the call to the first phone number is not picked up.
  • 5- Vertical line: by selecting this option, the system moves to the next contact when the call is not picked up. On a second round it will go around the secondary numbers.

Finished this configuration, click on “Save” and then on the tab: “Dialing rules”.

25 crear marcador


Choose the option you prefer:

  • 1- Prioritize free records: When you select this option, the system will call the first phone number of the first contact. If it fails to reach him/her, it will automatically call the next contact. If the contact had to be called back it will do it when it has made a first round through all the contacts without calling (you will see why in the following screenshot).
  • 2- Respecting agendas made automatically: this option is the opposite of the first one. When you select it, it will give priority to automatic redials. After making those redials the indicated number of times, it will redial the free contacts (more info. in the next screenshot).
  • 3- Indicates the start and end time of the campaigns each day of the week. If there is any agent available, the system will execute the calls automatically.

After selecting the desired options, click on “Save”, then on the “Redial Rules” tab.

26 crear marcador

  1. Maximum number of attempts per “registration”. Note that a record can have more than one contact number. Ex: if the contact has two phone numbers in the database and you select 4, it will call a maximum of 4 times to this contact, respecting the number of attempts per number that you indicate in point 2.
  2. Number of attempts per number. It is the number of attempts you make to each phone number. For example, if the contact has 3 numbers, it will call X times to each number.
  3. RING time in seconds. This is the time the agent’s phone will ring before the call is transferred to another agent. If the agent has checked the “autoanswer” option his phone will not ring, it will be automatically picked up.
  4. Voicemail box detection: if you check this option the system will detect the most common voicemail boxes and will automatically register them for redialing according to the programming done in the previous point.
  5. Redial time for each option: it indicates the time in which a call will be made to a contact according to the reason for call disconnection.
  6. Redial quantity: indicates the number of times a redial will be made to a contact according to the call disconnection reason.
  7. Once you finish the programming, click on the save button.

Now yes, you have just created a campaign (or dialer).


How to edit a campaign in the call center?

If you want to edit a campaign you can do it by clicking on the icon number 4:

21 configuracion marcador

You will have at your disposal a menu like the “campaign creation” and you can modify any parameter you want (dialing strategy or the database to use …).


How to delete a campaign in the call center?

You can delete a campaign by clicking on the icon number 5. If you click on it, you delete all the data associated with the campaign. WARNING: there is no way back.


How to start or stop a campaign in the call center?

The campaigns have a scheduler that automates the calls in a range of day/time, whenever there is an agent in queue.

This scheduler is very convenient on a day to day basis, but sometimes you may need to stop the campaign for some reason.

You can do this by clicking on icon number 3.

When you do this you will see a window like this:

22 activar descat marcador

  1. You can start or stop the campaign by clicking this button.
  2. From here you can see the status of the campaign, the volume of free contacts, in progress, finished, etc….
  3. In this window you can see the status of the campaign and the dialing of calls. Even if the campaign is active only calls will be made within the indicated schedule, and as long as there is at least one agent in queue.


How to use the Webphone?

In this last section of the Predictive Dialer Manual, we will discuss the Webphone feature.

There are several functions that require you to use the Webphone (or webphone).

We list the main ones and detail how to use each function.


How to access Webphone?

To access the webphone you must click on the “webphone” icon.

14 webphone

Once you click on this icon you will access the selection interface with two available options:

predictive dialer manual

You must select the “Webphone” option.


How to make a call with Webphone?

To make a call just dial the number you want to call and press the green button.



So far we have explained in this Predictive Dialer for Supervisors Manual all the essential functions for call center software management.

If you want to continue learning about predictive dialers, be sure to check our article -> Predictive Dialer Manual for Operators.

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