Privatizing data with robots in business

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✅ We explain below how to make good use and program the robots that help you optimize the processes in your company. ⛔ Privatize your customer data correctly and avoid problems in the future. 🤖 Keep reading!

In recent years, technology has evolved a lot and the advances that have occurred have allowed us to work with robots in business while maintaining data privacy. In addition, they have greatly facilitated daily work, both in personal life (vacuum cleaner robots) and in professional life (virtual switchboards).

According to Wikipedia: “A robot is a virtual or artificial mechanical entity. In practice, it is an electromechanical system that, by its appearance or its movements, offers the sensation of having a purpose of its own.

Today, we can find robots everywhere. For example, in companies we see them assisting customers (McDonald’s self-ordering panels), in operating rooms (mechanical arms), answering incoming calls (telephone company switchboards), …

On the other hand, this rapid technological evolution has provoked and provokes in some people a certain fear for future jobs. Especially, of those people who are being replaced by machines (in jobs of certain risk or danger). Although, they are more uneasy about the security of our data that is now being handled by robots.

That concern about data privacy in business with robots is also increasing among experts, especially about security from external attacks. It must be said that robots simply carry out orders. Therefore, with good programming, data is more secure than with humans, since the mistakes we make are suppressed.

Companies in the 21st century must address this technological revolution to optimize Contact Center processes thanks to Robot technology, Business Process Automation (BPA) and Artificial Intelligence.

According to Altitude Software: “Robots will coexist in companies with HR teams, who will be able to focus their HR efforts on the business process. HR teams, who will be able to focus their attention on less mechanical and more skilled jobs, leaving the more routine or automatable tasks in the hands of technology, avoiding failures and streamlining processes. In no case will they replace people, it’s all about making their lives easier.


How robots benefit businesses?

Among many other things, they grant us great benefits that greatly facilitate the work of workers and benefit employers:

  • They are very useful when you do not have time and experience in trading with binary options, as they allow us to trade automatically.
  • They offer very high returns, with a high percentage of trades being successful.
  • They are automated software that do not think for themselves, they only analyze data and are not driven by impulses or emotions.
  • They are automated systems capable of operating in the same environment as human beings without integration at the corporate level in contact centers.
  • They provide functionality, automation, interactivity, system integration and cost reduction.
  • They offer a 24×7 service.
  • Reduce time and investment in training.
  • Reduce errors.
  • Increase business productivity by 70% thanks to continuous and measurable improvement.
  • Reduce time and investment in training.
  • Increase data security, since the keys are encrypted and there is no human failure that generates security breaches.
  • Optimize execution times
  • Increase the quality of operations by reducing execution failures.

According to Czech writer Karl Capek: “Robots are fundamental to the economy, because, once assembled and able to work, they substantially reduce the cost of production.”

In GESDITEL we know how to successfully take advantage of advances in robotics and Artificial Intelligence to subsequently offer our customers a service that is fully updated to the times we live in and with excellent protection of the data stored in their databases.

Are you willing to trust robots with the privacy of your business data and reduce production costs?

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Por: Nati CaballeroPublicado el: 16 de mayo de 2022

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