How to protect personal data

In the following article, find out what Web Call Back is and how it can help you in your business to protect personal data of your customers and delivery staff successfully.

Protecting the personal data of both employees and customers is essential for every company. But especially for those who have delivery personnel and have to contact customers to locate them and make the delivery.

Also, as customers shop online more frequently, solving this issue is essential for all companies that deliver. Therefore, protecting the personal data of customers and their delivery staff is becoming increasingly important.

For that reason, it is a need that has basically arisen in those companies that want their delivery staff to be able to locate customers when they are not at home. But, above all, without having to give out their own telephone number. The idea is that the delivery person can communicate with customers by calling their personal number without the customer’s number being displayed to them. In this way, the customer will see a number that does not correspond to the delivery person’s phone number.

Although, for this, a series of obligations established by the LOPD (Data Protection Act) and by the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation) referring to the protection of the data of individuals.

So, in the following, we are going to explain how the delivery staff of companies can communicate with customers without violating the law on personal data protection and what advantages the implementation of the system provides.  


How to protect personal data in deliveries?

The mechanism is very simple, and to do it successfully, the company just needs to implement a Web Call Back API on its website with an interactive voice response or advanced IVR that allows delivery drivers to communicate directly with customers via the company’s website. The customer, from their cell phone, accesses the company’s website and by simply pressing the “We’ll call you” or “Call me” button the customer is called back by the delivery company.

This is because the system automatically switches to calling the customer’s number by presenting them with a different number than the delivery person’s cell phone number. In this way, the customer can receive answers to their queries or doubts efficiently and immediately, free of charge.

It even allows companies to increase the sales of visitors to the website, protecting the personal data of the delivery person from customers, as well as those of the customers from the company’s delivery personnel.

We must remember that proper compliance with the data protection law in companies is essential, above all, to avoid disciplinary and / or economic sanctions towards the company by customers. Since it tries to ensure the security of the personal data of customers (name, surname, ID card, telephone, email, address, bank details, …), both current and potential.  


What are the advantages of Web Call Back?

The Web Call Back service designed for companies has many similarities with the number service provided by companies for customers to contact it when they need information, contract a service/product, … However, there are notable differences such as:

  • Customer data is already incorporated in the company’s database and, therefore, the company has the customer’s consent to call them when necessary.
  • Provides encrypted and detailed reports of all calls, thus facilitating traceability and analysis to help improve processes.
  • Allows customers to choose how to be contacted (by phone or by email).
  • It is a very efficient and efficient tool to help improve processes.
  • It can be installed on any device and browser without difficulty.
  • Decreases the rate of people who leave the website without interacting with the page.
  • It allows companies to transform visitors into customers, thus increasing the company’s sales.
  • Improves the company’s image by providing an innovative service.
  • Avoid communication of personal data.
  • Communicates directly to the customer with the company’s call center free of charge.
  • Provides an increase in the economic and technological benefits of the company.
  • It provides an increase in the economic and technological benefits of the company.
  • Offers a higher level of security for the personal data of customers and delivery personnel.

While these are notable advantages for any business, some are not unique, as click to call also provides a similar service. The notable difference is that click to call does not require the user to provide their phone number. Therefore, companies can have both communication systems on their website, since they are compatible and complementary.  


protect personal data

If you have found the Web Call Back application interesting for your company because of its operation and/or the advantages you can enjoy by using it, then perhaps you are interested in having one in your business.

Remember that the most outstanding advantage is that it increases the sales of your company through the web. If, on the contrary, you already have one, but you are not enjoying all these advantages, and you are not getting the desired results, do not hesitate, contact us.

We will be happy to assist you and inform you without obligation on how we can help you to optimize and improve your business.

We hope that this article has been very useful for you and that all the visits to your website are transformed into sales, while you can protect the personal data of your employees and your customers.

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Por: Nati CaballeroPublicado el: 21 de abril de 2022